Dr. Strawman, Or How I Learned To Stop Loving The FBI And Start Worrying

For those of you old enough to remember, one of ABC’s most popular television series of all time was The FBI, starring Efram Zimbalist, Jr., which showed 241 episodes from 1965 to 1974. Then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover served as a consultant to the series until his death in 1972. Hoover’s second-in-command Clyde Tolson vetted every draft episode of the series, and even vetted the actors playing FBI agents and other characters so that “no Communists, subversives or criminals” were associated with the show.

Millions of Americans sat riveted as Inspector Louis Erskine (Zimbalist) and his fellow FBI agents tracked down America’s most dangerous criminals and fugitives. At each episode’s end, Zimbalist hosted a “Most Wanted” bit, profiling actual FBI Most Wanted Criminals. The FBI even aired one on April 28, 1968, as the FBI investigated James Earl Ray following MLK’s assassination.

America’s love for our then-Knights in Shining Armor FBI extended beyond that TV series. Who in America does not know who the real Melvin Purvis, G-Man or fictional Clarice Starling are? I never considered a career in the FBI, but I read every book I could find on the subject.

I was especially intrigued by the technical methods the FBI incorporated to bring down John Gotti and former Boston Underboss Genarro “Gerry” Anguilo on RICO charges. The FBI used sophisticated bugging techniques that followed years of failure in trying to place surveillance devices in areas the mobs tightly controlled.

My respect for the FBI goes far beyond watching TV shows or reading about their successes. From 2012 to 2017, I worked for a major defense contractor that produced and serviced tactical communications systems and concealment devices for hundreds of federal, state, and local LEOS, including the FBI, DEA, ATF and the Secret Service.

My overarching point is that, until recently, I both revered and have been fascinated by the bravery, technical prowess, and clever talents for deception one sees in the rough men and women of the FBI who work tirelessly to capture the worst criminals in America and neutralize terrorist threats. That reverence is now dwindling at an accelerating pace given current events. Radical left-wing Democrats in the White House and Congress are rapidly steering the DoJ and FBI away from their core missions of law enforcement to conducting politically motivated investigations more worthy of the KGB and the Stasi, using the pretext of the Capitol riots as an American Reichstag Fire.

Don’t take my word for it. If you search for Antifa at the FBI’s website, you get one result! Now check out the MOST WANTED/CAPITOL VIOLENCE page header. It goes on endlessly. Page after page of images captured of anyone in the Capitol on January 6th. FBI Director Wray insists that the FBI did not use geotracking to locate anyone to the right of Mao who was in the Capitol that day. Having worked in Telecom for twenty years, and having been involved in the incorporation of the Enhanced 911 Systems that allow police to use cell towers and GPS to track emergency cellphone calls to their exact location, I know Wray is lying. How else did he get the information in any legal fashion?

I can stand politicians lying to me. I’ve witnessed that my entire life. But for the Director of the FBI to lie to the American people in such a low fashion, one more characteristic of John Brennan and James Clapper is a bridge too far. Add to that the embarrassing raid on Marylin Hueper in Alaska based on a selfie. That’s not an investigation unless they have evidence I don’t know about. It was a politically motivated botch that completely disrupted the lives of two innocent Americans. Conversely, DoJ and the FBI seem determined to whitewash, equivocate, and dismiss any concerns about Antifa and BLM, whose members have caused over two billion dollars in damage and destroyed countless businesses and lives.

Yet AG Merrick Garland stated on Wednesday that white supremacy is the top domestic terror threat. Not Islamic jihadism or left-wing mayhem and murder. White supremacists, in particular those involving racial bias and anti-government sentiment. AG Garland also stated that the definitions of said domestic terrorists must by its nature be overly broad, which indeed it must be since racialist “experts” go so far as to attribute the success of Asian college students to white supremacy. This is the same kind of broad national security canard the ChiComs are using to commit genocide of the Uighurs, and which Stalin had used to rid the Soviet Union of millions of counterrevolutionaries.

I don’t know where this is all going, but with each day that passes I am growing more deeply concerned that the FBI in general, and DoJ in particular, are abdicating their sworn duties to enforce the law in order to pursue purely political objectives. It’s very dangerous place to be, being perceived by a large swath of the population that federal LEO agencies are not only derelict in their duty to protect the public but are being directed against them personally for no good legal reason.

I conclude this opinion piece with a warning to the DoJ, FBI and all LEOs nationwide, most of whom I still respect and support with every fiber of my being. The warning is not from myself, but from American history. Most of you have seen the viral video of Plano, Texas, cops standing by while Antifa and BLM agitators block an intersection and disrupt civil order. The only man to be charged in that event was a rather large fellow who stepped out of his truck and confronted the Marxist morons like the cops should have. That is not justice, and it is only one similar incident of many.

What our history tells us in this regard is this: Where law enforcement leaves a void, criminality, and chaos fill it until vigilantism rears its ugly head. From the pre-Revolutionary War South Carolina backcountry to Gold Rush San Francisco to Bannack, Montana to Bernie Goetz, when citizens feel that law enforcement is abandoning them to the wolves, leaving them with no real avenues of redress for heinous wrongs committed against them, they take the law into their own hands. In those moments in history, what the marauding cutthroats discovered murderous vigilantes violently dispatched them from this life, is that the police are there not only to protect citizens from the criminals, but to protect criminals from the citizens.

Words to the wise. This sickening and infuriating injustice cannot and will not stand for long. Every social crisis of this nature reaches a breaking point. I say all of what I have said as a six-year Navy Veteran who has honorably served and deeply loves my country, my fellow Americans, and LEOs nationwide, many of whom I know personally and have supported materially and technically. The path this nation is going down in these respects will not end well, and I fear for those dedicated FBI agents and LEOs nationwide who would be on the front lines of such a bloody national Apocalypse Now.

IMAGE: The FBI television show. YouTube screengrab.

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