Biden and the Dems' Situational Racsim

The party of “diversity” and “tolerance” is becoming almost as intolerant of Jews and of the Jewish state as the KKK. This is perhaps not coincidental, given that many prominent Democrats were actually in the KKK -- including Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, whom the Woke one eulogized when he passed.

And let’s not forget the current Democrat governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam -- who styled himself the “Coonman” in college -- and had his picture taken in a KKK outfit (or a Michael Jackson outfit; he’s never admitted publicly which of the two was him).

Enter next-generation Democratic Kluxers like Ilhan Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who calls Israel a "terrorist state," and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who accused Israel of "human rights violations" in a recent tweet regarding its attempt to defend its humans against violations of their lives.

Omar has also accused Jewish Americans of being loyal to Israel first and of money-grubbing and has compared the boycotting of Israel to the boycotting of Nazi Germany in the 1930s

Tlaib has been under fire for suggesting that Israel cease to exist altogether. 

There is also Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, leader of this "squad" of anti-Semites, who has styled Israel an “Apartheid state” for fighting back against the recent attacks upon it by terrorist bands, including the Hamas, which has been occupying (and terrorizing) the Gaza strip adjacent to Israel, along the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the past two weeks, Hamas and Islamic Jihad -- another radical group almost as radical as AOC and the New Anti-Semites of the Democrat Party -- have been lobbing mortar shells and rockets at Israel, resulting in at least 12 deaths and some 324 injuries on the Israeli side.

Some of the rockets hit a school, others a hospital. A school bus was also hit. Some twelve innocent civilians were killed, among them a six-year-old child.

When Israel shoots back, it sometimes hits civilians, too -- just as Hamas intended. By launching attacks from civilian areas Hamas leaves Israel the choice to let the attacks continue and let its people die or look bad for fighting back.

Hamas has successfully used the threat of more such attacks to blackmail the Israeli government into acceding to an uneasy -- and almost certainly temporary -- ceasefire.

Interestingly, we don't negotiate with terrorists.

But Democrats expect Israel to.

If not, it's "racist."

Squad members have characterized Israel’s defensive response to the attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad; they put forward a resolution to deny the Jewish state further military aid unless it bows to the demands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. 

Self-defense is generally considered to be a foundational human right, without which other rights are meaningless.

But when it comes to Israel...

Jihad Squad. Mission Accomplished. 

It’s of a piece with Democrats siding with the “mostly peaceful” protestors of last summer (and perhaps again, this coming summer). Who were merely expressing their sympathy for people like George Floyd... by burning and looting the businesses of people who had nothing to do with what happened to him.

Theirs is a situationally convenient racism. It applies only when it works -- for the Democrats. Like the "mask" worn sometimes by the Woke One and his head priest, Dr. Fauci -- depending on the politics of the situation.

Similarly, the president selected has been serially situationally racist -- as for example when his kids faced having to attend "racial jungle" schools back in the day. Under the rug, please. Let's not talk about that anymore. Urged by the same people who never stop talking about political opponents' racial gaffes, no matter how long ago.

Biden didn't care much about the "predators" -- two guesses who he meant by that -- he sought to come down hard on when he was agitating for "tough on crime" laws back in the '90s.

Uncle Joe has been around a long time -- just not long enough to remember. Or rather, he wants everyone else to forget.

Meanwhile, the barrages go on. Of open hostility of one of America's two major political parties to the state of Israel. The party that almost completely controls the federal government. It's so alarming even lifelong Democrats like attorney Alan Dershowitz are publicly stating what has become all-too-obvious.

In a recent interview with Newsmax, he described Ocasio-Cortez's recent comments and actions as "purely anti-Semitic," pointing out that Israel is the "only non-Apartheid state in the Middle East," citing Jordan's "not permitting Jews to buy property," Saudi Arabia "separating people according to religion," adding that "there is nothing Israel could ever do that's right for her and there's nothing Israel's enemies can ever do that's wrong for her."

Dershowitz is right about that but stops short of mentioning the much deeper wrong -- the silent complicity of the leadership of the Democrat Party, especially that of the president -- who has yet to call out the Squad and other racist Democrats such as Bernie Sanders (though Jewish himself, Sanders seems to hate the Jewish state almost as much the terrorists lobbing rockets at it from behind a human shield of situationally convenient civilians).

Ironically, the former president --  a steadfast supporter of Israel -- has been silenced by the Big Tech allies of the Israel-haters within the Democrat Party, who've justified their curb stomping of his right to speak in defense of Israel, citing his "hateful" speech.

The halting effrontery of this is matched only by the incandescent cognitive dissonance. But then, Democrats have always been known for putting expedience over principles. They want diversity -- when it suits.

Are racist, when it works.

And we're not supposed to notice.

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