Deception Wearing the Mask of Truth

For Joe Biden/Kamala Harris devotees, the 2020 ubiquitous election lawn signs in my neighborhood read “Truth Hope Decency.”  While most of these moralizing bromides did not survive the winter, some are still implanted, reminders of how cheap political speech was soon enough self-repudiated.

Exhorting “Decency” was the refrain decrying President Donald Trump’s occasional crude and coarse cloudbursts, usually unfiltered via Twitter. Yet the substance of decency has eluded Joe Biden and his Democrat handlers, ushering instead a new era of grotesque depravities, where at the top Biden/Harris have endorsed, supported, and invited the unrestrained abject horror of drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and human trafficking via a deliberately porous open southern border, resettling unaccompanied children all across America.

Illegal alien sex and child trafficking continue with impunity under Biden’s open borders policy while a surge in overdose deaths from methamphetamine and oxycontin laced with fentanyl -- all managed by Mexican cartels given sanctuary by Joe Biden -- merits a VP Kamala Harris response that “climate change is the root provocation for the border challenges, and Mexico should plant more trees.”

Decency? No, neither stupidity nor incompetence; instead, an abomination and disinformation by design.

And why is the Biden/Harris regime, obsessed by race and cultural Marxism, aligned with BLM, and the fraudulent 1619 project -- where modern-day slavery and indentured servitude, from the Mexican cartels to South Sudan to Communist Chinese subjugation of the Uyghurs, elicits nary a peep?

Where is “working class/lunch bucket union guy” Joe, whose executive orders and indifference have destroyed thousands of union jobs from pipelines to rare earth mining, induced Weimar Republic-style inflation on food, building supplies, and gasoline -- all taxes on regular Joes and Marys? While Joe’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tells motorists facing 1979-like gas shortages, “well if you drove an electric car gas shortages wouldn’t matter,” and his Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg touts riding a bicycle to work, accompanied by two black GMC Tahoe SUVs.

Working class Joe is seeing gas prices at the pump from less than $2.00 a gallon to over $3.00 a gallon in 100 days. Nice job, Joe, in knee-capping your favorite constituents. Imagine if working class deplorables were loathed and ignored.

How is it not indecent that the Biden administration denies fundamental biology while insisting that boys whose affliction with the mental illness of gender dysphoria should play in girls’ sports?  Or that Joe Biden’s appointee as Assistant Secretary of HHS is transgender Dr. Rachel Levine, formerly Dr. Richard Levine, who fathered four children, now an open advocate of chemical castration and genital mutilation for children, who instead need psychiatric counseling for gender confusion. How is this decent or moral?

Or the monstrous assertion -- coming from Joe Biden himself, and his US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi-- that all white people are racists, accompanied by abject nonsense that white supremacy is the greatest threat to the nation. And that 75 million Trump voters are domestic terrorists. This now passes as decency?

Or the required re-education -- Soviet/Mao style propaganda -- about critical race theory, where everyone should hate one another while the US Constitution deserves to be sent to the bonfire, and where monuments to Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses Grant, and the Rochester, NY home of Frederick Douglass, deserve to be trashed.  This is decency?

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Why has a US Air Force/Space Force commander been fired for denouncing Marxism as a training requirement, while Biden’s DOJ refuses to identify the killer of an unarmed citizen at the hands of the US Capitol Police?  Or the FBI 6:00 am raid -- invading the home of a wholly law-abiding innocent couple in Alaska -- seeking Nancy Pelosi’s lost laptop using a phony search warrant.  Or insisting the January 6 trespass into the US Capitol was an armed insurrection when no weapons were found or confiscated?

Oh, perhaps a minor nit, but insulting just the same, Kamala Harris shaking the hand of South Korean president Moon Jae-In, then immediately wiping her hand on her pantsuit.  Or Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s capitulation to Chinese diplomats trashing the US on American soil. What a disgrace!

Indecent and immoral, or virtuous and noble?

And so, where does immoral/indecent cross over into the realm of dishonesty?

Dishonesty begins with Joe Biden reversing course during the campaign, insisting he wouldn’t get rid of fossil fuels, especially fracking of natural gas, notably in Pennsylvania. Of course, on day one president Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline eliminating some 11,000 union jobs overnight.

Meanwhile, Biden removed sanctions against the Russian natural gas pipeline to Germany. How is closing the XL Keystone pipeline following climate science, but encouraging the Russian pipeline is instead a diplomatic accommodation having no effect on climate?

Dishonesty is Biden/Harris asserting that Trump administration had no Covid-19 vaccine plan, despite Trump’s authorization of operation Warp Speed, including the federal government pre-purchasing 190 million doses from Pfizer, and vaccinations starting in late November. How did Biden/Harris get vaccinated in December if there was no program and no plan? Or were Biden/Harris jabbed with an empty needle and vial?

More dishonesty about structural racism, tax hikes, Covid pandemic relief legislation, voting rights, the Chinese Communist Party having no role in Covid 19, Hunter Biden, the Green New Deal, infrastructure, and unity.

Remember the campaign exhortations about facts, data, and evidence: follow the science? Once inaugurated, the new administration has had none of it.

Where is the science behind mask wearing and lockdown restrictions? There isn’t any unless one counts political science. In fact, studies from MIT and the University of Louisville among others, have conclusively shown mask wearing has had no effect on Covid 19 cases, hospitalizations, or death rates. The CDC advisories, often led by Dr Anthony Fauci, who changes his guidance regularly, and now found to have perjured himself testifying before the US Senate, pushed data to the side, relying on political posturing, and untested presumptions.

On Good Morning America recently, Fauci admitted mask wearing was useless, good for theatrics and optics, but not much else.

Follow the Science?

The CDC guidance on more obfuscating rules and delaying tactics for re-opening public classroom in-school teaching was written -- word-for-word -- by the American Federation of Teachers. Even Randi Weingarten, the AFT union president, admitted she was astonished that the CDC accepted the AFT school re-opening conditions without a single edit, and without any reference to scientific evidence, for example, that children are not vectors of Covid-19.

Election campaign lawn signs can easily be forgotten, discarded into the nearest dumpster. Biden/Harris acolytes, erstwhile subscribers to Truth Hope Decency might rediscover the virtues of recycling those election lawn signs to carry more extant messages -- dishonesty, disinformation, and deception.

But don’t bet on it.

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