Vaccination Shamers, Please Check Yourselves

One of the most perplexing things happening in this country has to be how millions of people who hated Donald J. Trump with every fiber of their being trusts him on this one thing: the vaccine!  I mean, it may make sense if the vaccinated population were selling their soul to the devil (according to Trump haters) to defeat death itself.  But they aren’t. 

This author has been a nurse over 40 years and have never seen such blind faith or exuberance in experimenting with a serum/vaccine.  I suppose in the 1980s if  President Reagan had suddenly announced that a vaccine for AIDS had been developed in warp speed our society might have seen some semblance of today’s blind acceptance.  I suppose the perfectly healthy that had little if no chance of contracting the AIDS virus would blindly inject a miracle serum into their God given body if they were told by the government, media, and scientists they must do this for society’s sake.  But, without the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like the results would not be quite the same.

Our society has entered a very slippery slope creating classes of Vaccinated Population (VP) versus Unvaccinated Population (UVP). For example, consider this text below sent to a woman from her mother.  This UVP woman had booked a flight cross country to visit her family.  This text clearly had the intent of shaming the UVP daughter.  The words get to the heart of the dilemma that faces our society today between the VPs and UVPs. This is the text in part:

Half of our county has had the vaccine! If you do decide to have the vaccine you could advertise that you have it and jobs would be available more readily!  All children have to have so many vaccines to attend school! Measles, mumps, whooping cough, scarlet fever, polio- and many more!!  If we had not had these awesome sciences founded Vaccines-how would our world survive!?  Like Riley says-what would you rather do-wear a mask or a ventilator?  She had the virus and has now had the vaccines also!  I would hope that you would get the vaccine just to protect others-like your Mom!!  Your nieces/nephews/and their children? And your old clients who you love dearly! But-you have chosen an avenue that is not a protective tool for the rest of us- and we are still being careful- bring a thermometer so you can check daily... and protect yourself with good masks and visit outside if possible.  I believe in science!! I just got home from volunteering at the pink ladies- all have been vaccinated and still wear our masks!!

Do you see the slippery slope of UVP shaming?  One can’t help but think of Rand Paul and his very valid questions to Anthony Fauci about continuing to require masks after vaccination. Do the vaccines work or not?  By the way, where is Pfizer and Moderna?  If their vaccines are so effective (compared to the children’s plethora of vaccines in the VP mom’s text) why aren’t they screaming at the scientists to let my people go?  

This poor mom is so confused that she is basically saying look at all the responsible VP that took the vaccine to protect society, and we still live like lepers. Well, don’t blame that on the UVP. Oh, and your only choices are to wear a mask or wear a ventilator.  You see, the UVP shamers won’t include statistics that doesn’t fit their narrative.  A recent report cites the survival rates for COVID-19 are 99% and above for 64-year-olds and younger.  Over 65-year-olds have a 91% survival rate. So, VP mom, there is some middle ground there. 

The UVP have put their critical thinking skills to work.  They have legitimate questions about vaccines and vaccine passports. It is good to question an emergency serum labeled vaccine, when the FDA has not given full approval or licensing. Questions like, what is the mRNA and what is it doing to my body, exactly?  What are the long-term adverse effects or even the short-term adverse effects? In fact, the CDC and FDA have questioned the validity of their very own VAERS reporting system through a disclaimer. Of course, critical thinkers are going to ask questions and take on a wait-and-see attitude.  This is a global experiment with the vaccines, and the UVP are the control group, and the VP are the experiment group.  Let’s see how this all works out.  

Lastly, for Christians who believe wholeheartedly in the Bible, which includes the book of Revelation, the UVP are not going to engage in the slippery slope vaccine passports might take them.  Think of it as a rich, handsome, too good to be true person asking you for a date.  But you know this person is not good for you. Your choices are to say no, why even get started, I know where it is going.  Yes, I can always break it off if anything crosses a line. Or, I am all in with this whoever it takes me.  The talk of passports, especially with digital in the phrase, just won’t fly.  

Every UVP should have the freedom to live his life free of the vaccination restrictions being placed upon him. But rest assured that dark powers will be working overtime in pressuring the UVP by shaming, withholding, and any other means dragging them into the VP world. 

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