Trump You

Just a quick message from the Patriots to the Progressives...

* For those who said last summer's deadly, violent, and felonious actions in our cities were "mostly nonviolent" exercises of free speech and democracy and at the same time called January 6 an insurrection by extremists who committed treason and sedition...Trump you.

* For those that think we will allow for Biden and the Progressives to cancel God, cancel  Sunday morning worship, and legislate the Bible as hate speech...Trump you.

* For those that think we will allow Progressive government to deny Second Amendment rights, create a shortage of ammo, make hunting rifles illegal, and take guns away from Trump states while allowing them to remain in Progressive cities...Trump you. 

* For those who thought it unconstitutional and unseemly to put military troops on our borders to prevent illegal immigration during the last four years but somehow believe it's noble to use the military to protect, house, and transport these illegal aliens on military bases...Trump you. 

* To Major League Baseball, whose managers think it's somehow wrong to write legislation to protect voter integrity, to make sure elections aren't stolen, and to make sure Americans trust in the results of our national elections, and thus moved the All-Star Game out of Atlanta while the commissioner of MLB keeps his membership at The Masters — and by the way, it appears MLB is in negotiations for billions in revenue with the communist Chinese government (who puts its own people in internment camps)...Trump you.

* To the NBA that has gone all "woke" on systematic racism and social justice, while at the same time the officials and players have billion-dollar deals with the Chinese government (who has made slaves of its own people)...Trump you.

* To the Progressive media that lied, deceived, and created faux news against President Trump for six years, but now continuously covers up, ignores, and cancels negative news about the Biden administration...Trump you.

* For those in the Progressive media who never gave the Trump family a moment of peace and continually lied about the Trump family, and who are now covering up the multitude of reported felonies committed by Hunter Biden...Trump you.

* To those in the Progressive media who lied for years about President Trump being a spy, dupe, and puppet of the Russian Putin government but now totally ignore the probable blackmail information that the Chinese government has on Biden, Hunter, and the Biden family...Trump you.

* To CNN, which has lied, deceived, and created faux narratives about Florida's governor DeSantis but continues to block for and propagandize false positive information about New York's Cuomo and California's Newsom...Trump you.

* To Nancy Pelosi, who thought it unconstitutional to use our military to put down the murderous insurrections last summer by the likes of Antifa and BLM but now still to this day uses the military to surround the People's House — the Capitol Building — for her own protection and convenience...Trump you.

* To the folks who wear "My Body My Choice" shirts in their support of abortions at any time, any place, and during any part of the pregnancy but mock and ridicule people who say  "My Body My Choice" when it comes to them refusing the COVID vaccine...Trump you.

* To the American Civil Liberties Union, who in our history stood up for free speech, open expression, and varied opinions and discourse (especially where it's controversial), but now the ACLU says nothing, absolutely nothing when it comes to our cancel culture, our burning books, muted free speech, destroyed careers, and our indoctrination of politically correct Orwellian speech...a big Trump you.  You guys in the ACLU should know better, and you have failed wickedly. 

* To the "woke" community that now says wanting a "colorblind" society and that somehow quoting the exact words from Dr Martin Luther King is now racist...Trump you.

* To the Progressives who want to raise taxes on red-state citizens to make up revenue to cover the failures and waste of blue-state leadership...Trump you.

* To the globalists who believe that it is simultaneously possible for America to be a welfare state and a borderless nation that survives (which has never happened in human history, ever)...Trump you.

* To the FBI/CIA/NSA leadership in D.C. that proved the last four years that you are no longer neutral, you are a part of the Deep State, and we can no longer fully trust you...Trump you.  What leadership in the agencies are now doing would make J. Edgar Hoover blush. 

* To the leadership of the U.S. military establishment in D.C. — not the soldiers, but the political class in leadership — who did not support your commander in chief and undercut and sabotaged his efforts every chance you got the last four years...Trump you.

* To the U.S. Supreme Court who refused to hear any and all legitimate evidence with regard to obvious voter fraud, voter integrity, and voter abnormalities of the 2020 election, because of cowardness or crookedness or compromising behavior...Trump you.

* To the political leadership of our cities that told our police officers to "stand down" while our cities burned, people were killed, and voters were intimidated, much like Kristallnacht in Germany of the early 1930s...Trump you.

* To the Big Tech oligarchs who have made billions of dollars off the American people and American working class and now censure the populists' opinions, points of view, and speech without a moments thought of the Constitution...Trump you.

* To the university presidents that are now allowing for race-based dorms, classes, fraternities, and even race-based graduation ceremonies...Trump you.

* To Fauci and the rest of the Deep State experts who have given President Trump no credit and no accolades for "Operation Warp Speed" in getting the China virus vaccine created in record time...Trump you. 

* To the RINO leadership of politicians, consultants, and Deep State turncoats, we will never go back to the Romneys and McCains.  Trump you.

* And finally, to the Progressives who think we are going to allow you to steal, cheat,  and bully your way into winning the off-year elections of 2022 and the presidential election of 2024...never again, and Trump you.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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