The Puppy Dog Media

This is not going to be the article that one might think it is from the title. This is not yet another article in a long line of articles pointing out that the mainstream media are in the back pocket of the progressive Democrat party.

We can point out a few recent illustrations of that if you’d like, just to keep things current and fresh, to give everyone some new incidents to draw upon should your barely-aware progressive acquaintances protest your contention that the mainstream media treat President Trump and conservatives differently than “President” Biden and the leftists:

  • Project Veritas exposed CNN's lies and anti-Trump bias.
  • The fake BLM storyline of police violence against blacks
  • The mainstream media’s refusal to cover or even acknowledge the entire Hunter Biden corruption/pay-to-play fandango.

There are countless more examples and it certainly isn’t necessary to list here all the lies and misleading statements with which the leftist media are daily trying to shape the news coverage. Their corruption and double standards are real, irrefutably demonstrable, and incredibly influential on the casually attentive swing voters who are so central to determining close elections.

Note that, in recent years, the term “liberal (or mainstream) media” has come to mean far more than just the traditional print and broadcast outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, etc. A few years ago, it expanded to include the website affiliates of those sources and now, undeniably, it also includes the most popular and oft-used social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This is common knowledge, and it’s disastrous for conservatives. More and more every day, the communication landscape is stacked in a lopsided manner in favor of the radical progressive viewpoint.

The question is, of course, can anything be done about it?

No, at least not the way conservatives and Republican politicians are currently reacting. The way things are now, every day the progressives take their best shots against conservatives and let loose with salvo after salvo, no matter how outrageous or fantastical. They lie about Republican policies. They twist things wildly out of context. They espouse hypocritical opinions with double standards and revisionist history so over the top it would even shame a 12-year-old making excuses after being caught cheating on their weekly arithmetic quiz:

  • Packing the Supreme Court
  • Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico
  • Clamping down on free speech and constitutional gun rights for law-abiding citizens
  • Branding conservative protests as “insurrection” while labeling BLM riots as the “Peaceful exercise of constitutional First Amendment rights”

And progressives always get away with it because they know the leftist media have their back. Every time.

Conservatives and Republican politicians are reduced to reacting after the fact, with whiney, feckless pathetic responses that amount to nothing more than variants of the “See? The left media are bad, unfair and biased” theme.

What conservatives need to do is come up with an aggressive preventative strategy, not a lock-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-has-escaped reactionary approach. Conservatives are getting killed in the media public square and if it doesn’t change, their electoral future is doomed.

The key is behavior modification. No entity changes its behavior on its own. No one—not dogs or children or employees or news people—ever changes his behavior without a punishment/reward system in place. Change only occurs in the face of external stimuli, both positive and negative.

This is the theory of puppy training: When the puppy pees on the carpet and gets smacked across the snoot with a rolled-up magazine, it soon learns that that’s bad behavior, something to stop doing immediately. Likewise, when the puppy goes outside and gets a treat, it learns, “Hey, this is good. I’ll do this again.”

Where is the conservatives’ rolled-up magazine to smack across the snoot of the liberal media and get them to be gun shy about doing that again? What penalty can the conservative side extract from the leftist media? As things are now, absent a penalty, there is no reason the media will ever change their ways. Simply pointing out after the fact, “Aha! You did it again!” will not elicit any new behavior from them. Obviously.

A big part of the problem is that conservatives don’t even think in terms of proactively monitoring and punishing bad progressive media behavior. Instead, they simply wait to be treated like a punching bag and then whine about it afterward—to the same progressive media that tortured them in the first place.

President Trump had a clue. He took the fight to them and pre-emptively called them out, continually. But without the support and effective action of the entire conservative movement reinforcing his efforts, the one-way anti-conservative/Republican treatment got even worse, not better.

Conservatives need to get creative and aggressive. Perhaps they could do a regular “Week’s Worst Offenders” report. Utilize every available media outlet: online, social sites, traditional print and broadcast, press conferences, even occasional floor speeches during Congressional hours. Everything. An “all of the above” strategy, relentless, continuous, impossible to ignore or dismiss.

And…make it personal. Highlight and call out the outrageous, blatantly false utterances of the Jim Acostas, Trevor Noahs, Jimmy Kimmels, Don Lemons, and Jake Tappers of the world. Turn their bleatings into a well-publicized hit parade of lies, distortions, and totally unprofessional behavior.

Create the Don Lemon Hour, The Acosta Report, Cuomo’s Contradictions, Tapper’s Tales, The Maddow Chronicles. Personalize it. Embarrass them. Exact a penalty, make it personally humiliating. They’ll howl, but they’ll hate it. And because of their ultra-thin skin, they may even change their behavior to some extent.

It’s worth a try because right now conservatives are doing nothing. Progressives attack conservatives personally now as a matter of routine practice and conservatives just take it and smile, or weakly utter, “Not really true.”

The difference if conservatives attack the progressives would be that the conservatives would be verifiably telling the truth. The truth about Biden’s border policies, the truth about the new Georgia voting law, the truth about CNN’s lies during the 2020 campaign -- these are facts that the general public doesn’t know and that Progressives would be horrified about if they became common knowledge.

There are conservative operatives whom I’d hope are smarter than I am, and they could and should come up with an aggressive approach to preemptively combat liberal media bias.

The progressives have put together a formidable electoral juggernaut, no question. It’s a three-headed dragon that threatens the very core of our two-party system:

  • Unrestricted illegal immigration that will change the country’s voting demographic permanently within 5-10 years if left unchecked
  • Voting fraud that rigs elections in their favor
  • Total control of the media narrative to their advantage with vote-determining swing voters

Each of these needs to be dealt with quickly, forcefully, and imaginatively. The media narrative is just one of those three heads, but it needs to be cut off because it directly feeds the other two.

IMAGE: Scolded puppy by AnnaliseArt from Pixabay.

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