The Filibuster Gets the Lib-Dem Race Card Play

So the Democrats will be playing the race card against the GOP on the Senate filibuster rule, threatening to call Republicans “racist” if they oppose the old custom’s elimination.  What a surprise.  The Democrats play the race card against everyone and everything that stand in their way on any issue, no matter how hypocritical it is for them, i.e., the political group with the most racist record of any major party in American history.  Recall slavery, the Confederacy, segregation, Jim Crow, eugenics, Bull Connor, and the Ku Klux Klan, just to name a few Democrat distinctions. 

Of course, today’s Democrats fully expect their shameless, race-mongering posture to succeed, for two main reasons:  (1) They know their liberal Democrat media accomplices won’t call them on it, and (2) they think the racial minority target of their propaganda is too stupid to see through the hoax.  (This is actually a demonstration of reflexive but disguised lib-Dem racism, perhaps the most common residual racism variant remaining in contemporary America.) 

Okay, add another reason for Democrat overconfidence: chronic Republican meekness in the face of political bullying.  It is remarkable indeed how often lib-Dems get more mileage out of lying than conservatives and Republicans get from telling the truth. 

So, those who favor a public policy process resistant to the infection of propaganda can hope national Republicans find a way to do better this time, or a filibuster-less U.S. Senate furthers the radical Democrat aim of a one-party leftist dictatorship imposed on America via court-packing, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood, etc.  A permanent socialist dictatorship, that is, as millions more illegals gain the franchise as reliable Dem voters.  (Note, for emphasis, the nature and consequences of every leftist dictatorship in world history, and what that portends for us.)  Therefore, some public communication suggestions for the flat-footed, ham-handed, and spine-challenged Republicans at this make-or-break juncture for America’s future as a free country: 

First, you can jiu-jitsu the lib-Dems decisively and easily by emphasizing the racism aspect of the filibuster issue even more than they do, but in reverse.  How so?  Try the following, for a refreshing change. 

• Remind Americans, especially the minority population, how the Dems, unlike current Republicans, really did use the filibuster for racist reasons during the civil rights era.  (That the Democrats had a KKK alumnus as their Senate leader as recently as Robert Byrd is a fact that needs to be trumpeted much more.  No one ever said the Repubs are good at political marketing.) 

• Remind minority voters how lib-Dems are insulting their intelligence on the closely related matter of HR1, the “vote-stealing” legislation initiative, for which eliminating the Senate filibuster is the key to the kingdom.  Specifically, in saturation TV and Web video, run footage showing prominent Democrats claiming, in effect, that U.S. minorities are too unsophisticated to have the I.D. credentials necessary for voting!  (The minority audience will surprise the lib-Dem plantation masters by accurately translating the “unsophisticated” insult for themselves.) 

• While we are at it, while we are hoisting lib-Dems on their own racism petard, speak the truth they fear most, to wit:  What would happen to Democrats if the entire black underclass suddenly became wealthy?  They would never win another election, that’s what -- and Democrat political strategists know it.  This is why we should suspect that the Democrat Party intentionally sabotages black opportunity.  Democrats need a perpetually dependent underclass of disaffected voters.  (This cynical political motive also accounts for the Democrat infatuation with recruiting more illegal aliens into the country.) 

• One more point deserves to be aired because it could resonate with a broad audience:  Aren’t we tired of how the Democrats slander our country as racist?  And where did this “white supremacist” trope come from all of a sudden?  (It came from Democrat focus groups which revealed the old “racist” smear getting stale from overuse.)  The United States is far from a racist nation, as international Pew poll results verify -- not to mention the double election of one Barack Obama.  Anti-minority racism has actually become not only passé but the most socially unacceptable trait in American society.  To be called a racist is now worse than being called a murderer.  Real white nationalists and supremacists are a numerically insignificant fringe group in the U.S.  Lib-Dems, however, need to stoke the largely mythical perception of present-day American racism because they believe they derive power from it. 

This latest resurrection of the Democrats’ most vile sophistry, however, is a ripe occasion to meet it head on, and to quash it once and for all.  It is past time for the feckless GOP to stand up to the schoolyard bully.  “Go ahead, lib-Dems, bring it on” should be the attitude for Senate and other national Republicans.  Unfortunately, if they have the stomach to use this bolder approach and the IQ points to perceive the opportunity, it will be a first. 

Otherwise, if Republicans continue as the lib-Dem punching bag, say farewell to the United States of America -- and not just the United States “as we know it.”  How long do you think it will take for our radical new rulers to shred the Constitution, dynamite Mount Rushmore, and change the very name of the country they have always hated?  What a desperate position for our nation to be in:  Our last line of defense against the long-dreaded socialist takeover of America and a future of leftist tyranny is this present crop of Republicans -- and an erratic Democrat named Joe Manchin whose wife has now been put on the payroll of his party’s machine.  The lib-Dem scheme seems to be working.  Heaven help our country. 

The author is a long-time registered Democrat, and occasional registered Republican -- intermittently, never simultaneously -- which should dispatch any erroneous impression of partisanship. 

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