The Democratic Party is Now America’s Extremist Party

Millions of Americans know.  Daily, others are coming to grips with the reality.  But fear pervades the nation, so many people stay quiet.  They stay quiet hoping destruction isn’t visited upon them. 

Time to end the fear.  Here’s the ugly fact that must be confronted: The Democratic Party is now an extremist organ waging a fierce cold civil war to seize power and eviscerate America as founded and upend and erase its exceptional culture. 

The party is saturated with Marxist sensibilities, ideas, and motivations.  Marxism is alien and hostile.  It’s fundamentally anti-American.  Its worldview, strategies, and tactics are furnished in an endless stream by radical leftist academics, who have dominated our colleges and universities for decades now.

But the Democrats' destination isn’t necessarily a Marxist state, not in its purest form.  It could be corporatism or fascism or variations.  Let’s hope we thwart Democrats’ aspirations so we never know.                  

As of the 2020 elections, Democrats have abandoned the middle ground.  They’ve been moving steadily left throughout the 2000s.  The Republican and Democrat parties traditionally sought to govern from the middle, a little right or a little left.  But the middle has ceased to serve the Democrats’ aims.   

In fact, Democrats see themselves as engaged in a civil war with one-party rule as the goal.  No?  Read Democrat apologists Peter Leyden’s and Ruy Teixeira’s article, “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War.”  For Leyden and Teixeira, it’s a zero-sum game.    

From Medium, January 19, 2018:

The best way to understand politics in America today is to reframe it as closer to civil war. Just the phrase “civil war” is harsh, and many people may cringe. It brings up images of guns and death, the bodies of Union and Confederate soldiers.

America today is nowhere near that level of conflict or at risk of such violence. However, America today does exhibit some of the core elements that move a society from what normally is the process of working out political differences toward the slippery slope of civil war. We’ve seen it in many societies in many previous historical eras, including what happened in the United States in 1860.

Leyden’s and Teixeira’s ideal: California, which they laud as a one-party state and a model for the nation.  California, which achieved Democrat control by importing illegals, driving out middle- and working-class Californians with oppressive taxes and high costs for everything -- notably housing and energy -- and universal balloting, which is ripe for abuses and fraud.  Homelessness and crime are endemic in the once Golden State.         

Pick up a copy of the Communist Manifesto to understand the Democrats’ playbook.  It’s a short read.  What’s a critical prerequisite for Marx’s and Engel’s communist utopia?  Destruction.  The old order must be ripped up from its roots.  Opposition must be mercilessly crushed. 

What have we witnessed from Trump’s candidacy in 2015 forward?

An unremitting four-year assault on Trump and his presidency.  Ceaseless attempts to subvert his administration through the weaponized use of law, from Robert Mueller to two sham impeachments.    

Last year, though draconian shutdowns -- particularly harsh in blue states; ask Michiganders -- with accompanying trampling of constitutional rights.  Imposition of masks to exact subservience.  The destruction of small businesses and jobs.  Restrictions on church attendance, while strip clubs, abortion mills, and pot emporiums thrived.  Much of this permitted to undermine the Trump presidency and scuttle Trump’s chances at reelection.  And the clear election fixes in key battleground states to ensure that Trump lost.

Passivity toward or encouragement of violence and riots in blue cities in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.  Licenses granted to expressly militant, anti-American groups, BLM and Antifa, in Democrat jurisdictions to incite violence and cause mayhem.  Calls to defund or even abolish police.  The general collapse of law and order in blue cities, Portland being an ongoing example.        

Through the intensifying, caustic narrative that the United States suffers from “systemic racism.”  Through the emerging calls for remedies, namely, reverse racism and reparations -- retributions all -- for the unpardonable sin of being born white – at least, nonaffluent, nonprogressive white.  800,000 casualties in a hot civil war to end Democrat-backed slavery and a civil rights movement to end Democrat-imposed apartheid (Jim Crow), of no account. 

All lives no longer matter to Democrats, who have found a new expression for virulent racism, which is their legacy.        

Through the border crisis, which really isn’t a crisis for Democrats.  The surge of illegals entering the country is a means to an end.  America is to be forever changed -- transformed by new underclass populations that have no loyalty to the American experience, who are fresh shock troops that can help “deconstruct” local communities, and who will be paid off with taxpayer-funded government largesse. 

Through the Biden administration’s government by executive orders -- orders via fiat to impose elements of the Democrats’ statist agenda.  And that agenda?

Let’s highlight H.R. 1 (elections “reform”), which is flagrantly anti honest elections, brazenly designed to lock in Democrats’ control of the federal government in perpetuity.  Then let’s go to the Green New Deal, which would drain away the nation’s economic lifeblood by attacking the conventional energy industry.  Radical environmentalism is a cult among Democrats.  Read daily the New York Times.  It catalogues its side’s zealotry, a zealotry that alone would collapse the nation if given free rein.   

What about the less known but disastrous aim of urbanizing the suburbs?  Why should cities alone suffer under Democrat rule?    

Then there’s Big Tech’s and Corporate America’s bold collusion with Democrats.  No idealism is involved.  Perhaps some fear, but it’s mostly cold calculation.  It’s about money and power and corporate brass believing that siding with Democrats is the ticket to more of both. 

Be it Microsoft or Twitter or Coca Cola or Delta or Major League Baseball, the line isn’t just blurring between the public and private sectors, it’s being erased.  Attacks on 1st Amendment rights and fair elections and cancel culture are coordinated, informally for now.  Are social credit scores for individuals -- a behavior control tool -- far off

The amalgam of a political party, government, and large corporations should chill liberty-loving Americans to their bones.           

Capping things off, Democrats are on the frontlines in the long war on American culture, mores, and values.  Democrats are exhibiting an emboldened contempt for what most Americans hold dear: family, faith, and flag.  Militant atheism -- unbridled hate for God and religion -- grows unabashedly among Democrats.   

Paul Kengor, in his excellent study of Karl Marx (The Devil and Karl Marx), cited the late Bishop Fulton Sheen, who quoted Marx: “Communism begins where atheism begins.”

Unfettered abortion (unmitigated infanticide) is increasingly matter-of-factly championed.  And the oddball notion that one’s sex is malleable and chosen is being forced on Americans who know better.  Males can claim to be females and access gym showers, restrooms, and compete with -- and often beat -- female athletes in contests.      

Tobacco is bad, but pot and illicit drugs are recreational. 

In pure Orwellian fashion, language is being perverted to try to dupe us that dishonest elections are fair, illegals are simply noncitizens and migrants, and riots are peaceful protests.

The 2020s is the decade where America’s fate is decided.  Will we be free or unfree?  A republic or some form of tyranny?  Will Democrats win the civil war they’ve started?  Or will decent, God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans of every stripe coalesce and vanquish the Democrats and end the greatest threat ever to the nation? 

We win this war by first accepting who the Democrats have become and the initiatives they’ve launched to destroy our country.  We defeat them, and then we never let this threat rise again.    

J. Robert Smith can be found on Parler @JRobertSmith and at Gab, again @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.                         

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