The America of Snobs, Schmucks, and Scum

In the latest racist killing of an innocent Black man the evil racist white supremacist cop in question made a mistake, and drew and fired her gun when she had meant to draw and fire her taser.

How racist of her.

But I wonder why our municipal police go around festooned with all manner of lethal weapons, from actual guns to tasers to pepper sprays to good old All-American nightsticks. With all those options, it’s easy to make a mistake.

OMG! I just realized! Like, how racist can you get! Nightstick: means stick for use in the dark of night! Dark, as in Black! OMG! Almost as bad as “niggardly.”

See, back in the day I was a glider pilot, and before that, at university in England, a Chipmunk pilot with the Leeds University Air Squadron. One of the Big Things in flying, then and now, is that you train, you practice for emergencies.

You may have read about airborne emergencies in the aftermath of the Ditching in the Hudson so masterfully carried out by Captain Sully Sullenberger. Some training expert said that when there’s an emergency in the air it’s amazing: the crew all execute on their training.

And that was my experience on the two times that it looked like I was too low to glide back to home base. I executed on my land-out training flawlessly, as St. Rush would say back in the day.

But what if you are a poor schmuck of a cop with 22 1/3 lethal weapons festooned all about you, and a whole encyclopedia of municipal regulations backed up by state law backed up by federal law, backed up by whatever the Supreme Court decides because it’s Wednesday?

Yeah. Chances are that some poor Schmuck of a cop will make a mistake as she rapidly cycles through that 22-foot decision tree that governs the use of lethal force in her jurisdiction.

But think of the beauty of all this. By putting the cop in a no-win situation, it presents a never-ending opportunity for some Snob of a “shimmering, glowing star in the [political] firmament” to look good on TV by second-guessing the poor Schmuck on the ground and playing the race card.

I am reading The Fourth Turning right now, five years after my daughter recommended it. And the authors William Strauss and Neil Howe unwittingly point to America’s Big Problem: ruling class Snobs that won’t just shut up and go away but have to be continually digging up the American garden to plant the latest fashionable plant from the local nursery. Problem is that each succeeding generation of ruler Snobs has to blame the previous Snobs for all the government mistakes, so they can implement more stupid Snobby programs to fix the problems created by the previous crop of stupid Snob programs and Snobby cultural fashions.

So you get an America in which the upper crust is endlessly passing stupid laws, its young sprouts endlessly “advocating” for helpless victims. And then when things go wrong it would all be the fault of some systemic racist Schmuck on the front line trying to deal with the drug-crazed losers passing counterfeit money.

And it all fits with Charles Murray’s Coming Apart. The top 25 percent of educated-class Snobs are doin’ fine. The 50 percent of middle-class Schmucks try to avoid getting in the way of the Snobs’ private jets. The bottom 35 percent, the losers and real victims of the heroic upper-class Snobs, are just trying to live a day at a time in the ruling-class-created chaos.

You can see why our rulers need BLM and Antifa and cancel culture and complicated rules to keep the Schmucks cowed and one misstep away from oblivion. Otherwise the Schmucks might get ideas above their station. And you certainly wouldn’t want the BLMers and Antifas ever to get the idea that their problem isn’t the white supremacist Schmucks but ruling class Snobs and their serial stupidity and conceit.

Wait! I just invented another Three Layers theory! On the top are the Snobs of the educated class. In the middle are the Schmucks, the ordinary middle class that the Snobs blame for everything. But whatabout the poor folk on the bottom? Losers won’t do, because we need a bit of alliteration here. I’d better look at Nancy Isenberg’s White Trash for a convenient pejorative, because back in the day, respectable people had all kinds of useful pejoratives to describe the lower orders. Squatters? Swamp people? Ah yes. On the bottom are the Scum, reduced to that unfortunate state by the conceits, the crimes, and the errors of the Snobs. But the Snobs know it’s all the fault of the Schmucks, because white supremacy.

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