Strike Out Major League Baseball

Woke pro baseball, strike one.  A cowardly MLB commissioner, strike two.  Corporate sanctimony, strike three.  Major League Baseball pulling the 2021 All-Star game and this year’s amateur draft from Atlanta is batter out, game over.   

As a lifelong baseball fan, I take no pleasure in declaring that I won’t spend another penny on the Grand Old Game this season.  And that might turn into many seasons.  The MLB is against Georgia’s sensible election reforms.  Election reforms that better ensure honest, fairer contests are critically more important than my pleasure.  They should be more important than yours. 

Over the weekend, President Trump called for boycotts.  As usual, Trump hit the nail on the head.  Per Fox News, April 3:

Trump asserted that MLB’s leadership was "afraid of the Radical Left Democrats," claiming the party pressured the league to relocate its mid-summer game because of Georgia’s new election law, recently signed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

The MLB and corporations that Democrats enlist or strongarm to inflict pain on Georgia citizens need to have the hurt put on them.  Our money is our power and we need to leverage it fully.  Note that if Democrats can punish Georgians for the “offense” of restoring elections integrity, they can and will do the same to us in our states for whatever reasons they warrant.  It’s not a matter of if, but when.         

The elections reform measure passed by the Georgia legislature and signed by Governor Brian Kemp is modest reform.  But Democrats adamantly oppose honest elections.  How do we know this? 

The 2020 elections travesties in battleground states (Georgia included) and H.R.1, which Newt Gingrich has accurately labeled “For the Corrupt Politicians Act,” declares so.  Democrats have drawn a bright line.  They aim to institutionalize fraudulent elections, while “72 percent [of Americans] ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ agree with ‘requiring all voters to provide photo identification in order to vote.’”

Pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta will cost local businesses -- minority-owned and operated, included -- millions of dollars.  Jobs will be lost, which hits hardest at lower income workers.  Minority workers are part of that mix.  The Democrats and their MLB and corporate henchmen are prioritizing attacking an elections reform measure over any concern for “people of color,” who they claim to champion.  

Inflicting pain on Georgia minorities is part of the playbook.  It’s cynical and sinister.  The All-Star game’s cancellation isn’t merely a statement, it’s a weapon.  The real game is to turn Georgians against one another.  It’s the Alinsky-inspired Democrats’ game: division and strife are means to grab power and impose their statist agenda.  We saw that game played in abundance in 2020. 

If we really want to defeat this burgeoning tyranny, we need to say, “To hell with pro baseball.  To hell with its merchandise.  To hell with attending its overpriced games and buying its overpriced concessions, which includes outrageously priced beverages like Coca Cola.  Coca Cola and Delta Airlines are all-in with the Democrats.  They, too, need to experience consumer backlash. 

Manfred’s action is a broader declaration: the MLB is stepping out as a political actor and partisan.  Pro baseball is no longer just an association of ballclubs providing a pastime for customers.  Since the game has chosen to be a partisan, its antitrust protections should be pulled. 

If businesses that side with the Democrats don’t suffer adverse consequences for their partisanship, then more corporations will act likewise.  Merging the Democratic Party with Corporate America should profoundly trouble Americans.  This merger signals the rise of oligarchy or corporatism.  When businesses -- in concerted fashion -- are willing to do economic harm to Americans at the behest or insistence of a political party, the nation has entered a dangerous time.    

Election reform smacks of Jim Crow, says dotard Joe Biden.  How rich the hypocrisy.  Jim Crow was the apartheid system imposed by Democrats in southern states until the early 1960s.  As Larry Elder, Candace Owens, and other black conservatives argue, Democrats, once the party of slavery and the KKK, have never stopped oppressing and using blacks, particularly the poorest. 

The modern enslavement of poor black America began with the sly president Lyndon Johnson.  With the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, enfranchised blacks represented a powerful voting bloc.  Johnson meant to lock it up.  His Great Society was a welfare trap.  It amounted to a checks-for-votes scheme still thriving in Democrat-controlled cities today.

The black underclass is a victim of LBJ’s ploy.  Generational poverty is the norm among urban blacks.  Shattered black families, blighted communities, chronic joblessness, rampant gang crime, pervasive drug and alcohol abuse, sky-high illegitimacy and abortion rates -- in total, the cataclysmic breakdown of underclass black America is the spawn of Democrats’ corrosive policies and governance.

And Democrats know it.  They know that if they don’t offload the blame for the massive wreck they’ve created onto nonblack America, the jig is up.  So, they cry “racism” at every turn, when they’re the masterminds and actors in the destruction visited upon black lives.  Overwhelmingly, these culprits -- mostly affluent, progressive whites -- run the Democratic Party and, increasingly, Corporate America.  Both are like sharks.  They’re single-minded in their pursuits of money and power. 

Power, control, dominance… queering the rules of the game to satisfy the power-lust of the Democratic Party and its allies.  On April 1, that’s precisely what creaky Joe Biden signaled when he announced his support for pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta: Georgians will suffer because Democrats want an elections system open to exploitation and corruption.  And wouldn’t you know it, almost within the same news cycle, Manfred pulled the All-Star game.  Some coincidence.

Whether it’s fear or bloodless calculation that drives corporate CEOs to play ball with Democrats, the response of fair-minded, liberty-loving Americans needs to drive home that siding against millions of decent people in favor of corrupt, tyranny-bent Democrat elites comes with much pain. 

It’s up to us to impose costs.  We have the power of our dollars.  Enough with merely bemoaning the Democrats’ war on liberty.  Enough with shrugging our shoulders and saying, “But we’re just ‘little guys,’ what can we really do about any of this?”  Enough with shaking our fists at TV screens and then turning around to buy MLB game tickets.  Enough with drinking Coke.  Enough with flying Delta. 

We have the power now to effect positive change, but not far off, a point of no return will be reached.  Tyranny is emboldened and on the march.  America is exceptional only because Americans from generation to generation have struggled and fought to make it so.  There’s no magic that will intervene to protect our liberties.  The Good Lord helps those who help themselves.        

What are you prepared to do to fight for honest elections today, in this time of mounting peril?  How about starting with striking out Major League Baseball?      

J. Robert Smith can be found on Parler @JRobertSmith and at Gab, again @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.    

Image: Paul L. Dineen             

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