Shaking Our Fists at the Sky Won't Work Anymore

Horrible people, horrible events, horrible ideas strewn like rubble across the charred landscape of this devastated constitutional republic.  So many horribles, so few paragraphs allotted.  Rip babies out of the womb and kill them?  Horrible, check that one.  Inflict hormonal disease on children because power-mad, God-hating adults treasure the delusion that they can lab-create a child of the opposite sex?  That's horrible and creepy, too; check that one.  The twirling kaleidoscopic horribles of the destruction of God-based, religiously informed morality and its replacement by ego-based, lifestyle-driven anti-morality?  Hot stuff!  Check the anti-morality horribilisms for sure!

Now I am a proud horribilist no more.  I have lost heart for parade of horribles essay-writing.  All recitation of moral, political, or scientific horribilisms, however knowledgeable, penetrating, or clever, in the absence of a plan for socioeconomic self-protection for the 75 million Americans whose votes were nullified, is the problem and not the solution.  Reactivist parade of horribles opinionating plays into the hands of the government-corporate overlords, who snicker at our teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing as they squeeze the last breath of freedom — uh-oh, there I go again.

Why are so many right-wing horribilists still content to chronicle the destruction of the Constitution and their own liberties with no call for resistance?  Why do they blather on about restoring the Constitution, the rule of law, equal justice, blah, blah when no path exists to turn back the hands of time so radically?  Why were so many still proud right-wing horribilists eager to restabilize the status quo following the stolen election and get things back to a comfortable, freedom-killing normal?  Because despite conservative dark-night wailings, the fame, wealth, and status (worldly and spiritual) of many horribilists are stabilized and enhanced by chronicling the destruction of America, while sidestepping avenues for change.  Many still proud horribilists were never thrilled about Donald Trump in the first place.  He stole their spotlight and thunder, and they were willing to minimize or deny the theft of the election.  The nullification of 75 million votes by theft is not devastating to them; it is liberating.  Still proud horribilists quickly swept that epic theft under the carpet even while tacitly acknowledging that it happened: There's not enough evidence, and it can't happen again.

The loudest, proudest professional horribilists such as Breitbart, Newsmax, Tucker Carlson, and the Fox Trotters band sang their hit song, "Move along Johnny, nothing to see here."  I used to listen to Breitbart's Alex Marlow during a morning commute.  His breathless enthusiasm to declare Trump the loser was sickening.  (Note to Al: If a man kidnaps your son, he doesn't become the child's father.)  The big-money horribilists are corporatists who thunder about evil leftist conspiracies while serving as conduits to move your hard earned cash through advertisements to the same criminals who stole your vote.  They know where their bread is buttered.  Trump made their perches shaky.  In order to restabilize their supremacy atop the hierarchy of big-bucks horribilizing, they had to deny or minimize the stolen election and quickly fall in with the current illegal president.

There are many less famous right-wing dark nighties for whom horribilist sentiments are an uncompensated vanity.  Despite their trenchant observations of the dark and dreadful night, they want to stay comfortable and risk-free.  I understand.  In my professional life, I compartmentalize my views to protect my livelihood.  Secretly, many wealthy dark nighties think they might just be better off in the socialist scenario of an oasis of a few rich surrounded by ignorant, dependent masses.  Wealthy dark nighties enjoy pairing a 1949 Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru with a nightly glass of Tucker Carlson.  They aren't keen on organized resistance against corporate-government totalitarianism.  They never cottoned to Trump's emphasis on police, military, and working people.  They didn't want the help to get uppity.

Another category of unruffled horribilists is religious people who see in the destruction of our rights and freedoms the prophetic fulfillment of the last things.  They don't sound as proud, but their beliefs may discourage them from any form of organized resistance.  If the ubiquitous destruction heralds a glorious destiny for yourself, why make sacrifices to fight it?  Yet nothing in Christian eschatology forbids activism or prevents unity with others who love freedom irrespective of religion.

So what are the 75 million going to do?  Where is President Trump?  If Trump doesn't come out soon and lead the movement he created, he is going to be the most famous roadkill on the highway of world history.  He will amount to the man who revealed the saturated evil of the DOJ and irrelevance of the Supreme Court, and not much else.  His affirmative legacy of America First will be undone.

Here's what isn't going to happen.  There isn't going to be mass armed rebellion.  It's not feasible.  For example, I have two brothers, and I would have to shoot the one I like.  There isn't going to be a state-based or geographic secession.  Political secession based on territory is yesterday's war.

Here's what can happen.  The 75 million must accept that the United States of America as a structural and functional constitutional republic is over and gone and not coming back.  The vast artifacts of scientific advancement ended the struggle for material survival (post-scarcity), and the detachment of legal rights from God's love (post-Christianity) made following the Constitution too much of a bother.

The best way forward as Americans in one national family under God is to form a quasi-secretive brotherhood in every county.  It must be a union of profound commitment; pledged lifespan loyalty; and fidelity to each other, the Constitution, the moral ideals of Judeo-Christian belief, and a celebration of the American way of life.  It is vitally important that all members and families in a chapter know each and support each other economically, socially, and in every aspect of life.  The 75 million can form this secular organization with a recognized authority structure, written bylaws, and patriotic rituals, open to all citizens, men and women of any race or cultural heritage.  The founding documents can include ideals such as pro-life commitment, sole recognition of man-woman marriage, and promoting gun ownership.

The purpose of the organization is to establish an affirmatively discriminatory socioeconomic identity group within America that will build its own economy and currency.  Only a huge, strong national organization can replace left-wing corporations, associations, and educational systems.  Only a quasi-secretive organization can be strong enough to keep the government and Google out.  Without powerful unified action, piecemeal resistance such as boycotts, conservative social media, and especially horribilist opinionating amounts to nothing.

One great leader could inspire this powerful reunification to enable the American adventure to begin again.  The dark night is not descending; it is here.  We suffer its oppression every day.  Once again, with resolution, creativity, and courage, we can re-pledge to each other our sacred honor. Americans can hang together or hang separately.

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