Pushing Back at the “Redcoats” Who Are Next Door to Us

As Big Tech tightens its censorship noose around conservative communication, it becomes even more critical that patriots stay informed and connected. If farmers and shopkeepers in the 1770s could devise ways to communicate around the superior British Army to win the Revolutionary War, certainly conservatives in 2021 can be just as creative devising ways to circumvent our own “Redcoats” – Big Tech.

Here are just to examples of how Americans during the Revolutionary War circumvented Redcoat censorship:

  • Writing in code: Patriots used letters to represent other letters that spelled out secret messages.
  • Mask letters: Correspondence looked and read like normal letters, but its true message appeared when a shaped template was placed over the full letter.

Patriots must push back at woke insanity beyond typing “fr*ud” or “By-den” to avoid Big Tech censorship detection. Posting angry comments online and then watching Major League Baseball while sipping Coca-Cola and wearing Nike sneakers is not going to stop the Democrat Party’s march to Marxism.

Every conservative must do something! Whatever your something is, be the catalyst that promotes conservative values and pushes back against tyranny. This is one woman’s story.

It started in the summer of 2020 when Joe Biden was hiding in his basement and Donald Trump was holding triumphant rallies. Raucous online debates raged on a neighborhood social media site with neighbors yelling at neighbors. Biden supporters shouted, “Orange Man Bad” and Trump supporters screamed “Dementia Man Bad.” Accounts were temporarily disabled but it seemed to conservatives that it happened to them more often, usually after posting pro-Trump or pro-Christian/faith comments.

Annoyed with the hypocrisy, one member started a public group just for Trump supporters. However, accounts continued to be temporarily disabled as trolls visited and then complained about patriotic comments.

Frustrated, the public group morphed into a private group. But lacking the time or ability to vet hundreds of people, conservative accounts continued to be disabled as trolls enjoyed reporting people of faith, especially Trump supporters.

“Trumplicans” regularly contacted the company asking why their account was disabled. The standard response was that their comment didn’t adhere to “community guidelines.”

Community guidelines in Bejing? Moscow? Tehran? Hong Kong?

Besides the belief that there is an overarching anti-conservative bias on this neighborly site, woe to the person who goes against its liberal manifesto with a comment that:

  • Refers to COVID-19 as the Communist China Wuhan Party Virus.
  • Links an article that quotes experts claiming masks are useless.
  • Posts that fraud took place in the 2020 Presidential election resulting in Joe Biden stealing the presidency.
  • Says Joe Biden shows early signs of dementia.
  • Shares information about an upcoming pro-Trump or Recall Gavin Newsom rally.
  • Calls people illegally entering the United States illegal aliens.
  • Believes Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream that all lives matter.

Disabled – Disabled – Disabled – Disabled …. and in what appears an effort to further strangle conservative voices, the media site began banning the loudest pro-Trump, pro-Christian/faith users for one year.

Pushing back against liberal/progressive socialist insanity, this particular social media member started an email newsletter so she could write what would otherwise get her banned from the neighborhood site. The short weekly Trump Neighbors, which premiered in December, features commentary, upcoming local events, and rallies (including those she organizes and promotes), along with political news and contact info (for reaching politicians and CEOs). Within a short time, most of the private group members were receiving the newsletter, together with hundreds of other conservatives desperate to stay connected with fellow patriots. Readership grew as the newsletter was forwarded to like-minded family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Her timing was good because the censoring site was moving even more to its Marxist left. A conservative friend passed on to the woman an email from one of the more active volunteers in the neighborhood group who had taken on the responsibility for policing the neighborhood social media site. This is that message, although the identifying features have been removed:

Content made in opposition, or as a retort, to support for racial equality is counterproductive and harmful to neighbors of color. We ask that members be mindful of engaging constructively in discussions of issues related to racial equality. While members are free to disagree in civil ways about the policies or tactics advocated by equality movement organizers and supporters, posts and comments intended to undermine their core messages of equality and tolerance are prohibited.

For these reasons:

Content promoting All Lives Matter is prohibited when it’s used to criticize or diminish the idea of racial equality, or the Black Lives Matter movement.

Content promoting Blue Lives Matter is prohibited when it’s used to criticize or diminish the idea of racial equality, or the Black Lives Matter movement. This slogan is permitted if the content is honoring, celebrating, or thanking the police for work done in a community, though we strongly encourage alternate ways of showing appreciation for police officers given the slogan’s controversial origins.

Content promoting White Lives Matter is prohibited on ***, as it is most commonly associated with white supremacist groups.

See our Hate & Terror Groups policy for more information.

In the years leading to America’s Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin referred to Colonial soldiers fighting the British Army for their independence as “patriots.” Today’s patriots are fighting a technological army that prefers totalitarianism instead of freedom, election cheating instead of election integrity, and some lives matter instead of all lives matter.

One local newsletter won’t change the Democrat Party’s stampede to Marxism. But it can most definitely help the noble cause when combined with the affirmative actions of millions of other conservative patriots across the country who are doing something more than just posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and screaming at the television.

Patriots in 2021 must think like their forebears in the 1770s and view Big Tech and woke corporations as “Redcoats.” From boycotts to buy-cotts; from writing letters and emails to making phone calls; from joining organizations to attending rallies and other imaginative ways – patriots must peacefully push back against tech and corporate authoritarian insanity or soon we will become the Marxist States of America.

What are you doing to save the United States of America from Marxism?

To contact Robin Itzler, email TrumpNeighbors@yahoo.com.

IMAGE: The Spirit of '76 by Archibald MacNeal Willard.

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