New Victims of the Year of the Ox

So far, the Year of the Ox has brought fortune to the China Communist Party (CPP). In Anchorage, the Obama redux team from the State Department went belly up on its own soil. Slapping high fives and wearing party hats behind the Xinhua Gate, it’s the celebration of an outcome finally achieved after a four-year setback by the Trump administration. They’re toasting a Manchurian candidate in the Oval Office with a hard Left wind at his back and a dystopian family in tow.

To hasten the decline of its principal economic and military adversary, mainland China media and its propaganda outlets in the United States have been flooding Twitter and Facebook with assertions of racism in America, singling out Asian Americans as the new victim class, and chastising the Biden administration’s apparent inability to protect them from the sinister actions of their own countrymen.

The global use of Twitter is estimated at 200 billion tweets per year. Absorbed as we are by social media, we are the unwitting audience to an army of CCP trolls and bots banging out a half billion posts a year and nudging American public opinion in one direction or another. Approximately three of every one thousand tweets are CCP-fed onto the platform, engendering pro-China attitudes on issues such as Hong Kong and COVID and exploiting hot button issues du jour, such as violence against Asian Americans.

CCP propaganda organs such as the Global Times and People’s Daily know full well that toying with America requires little more than turning up the amps on a police or mass shooting and then flooding the internet with inflammatory memes and hashtags to fuel debate and stoke tribal tensions. Since its inception, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa movements have been a useful tool of the CCP to lambaste the United States over its treatment of racial minorities, while on their own turf they continue to imprison and cleanse its populace along ideological and ethnic lines. The CCP views the United States as a largely gullible and remorseful bunch who find absolution in righteous causes, deploying a Fifty Cent Party of online sock puppets to coax American millennials into purging themselves of their upbringing and history.

The Global Times was quick to leverage the recent mass shooting at several Atlanta massage parlors that took the lives of eight, including a half dozen Asian women. In an early press conference concerning the attacks, Cherokee County police spokesman, Captain Jay Baker, apparently naïve in the ways of social justice and ignorant of straw arguments for racial misogyny, used the shooting suspect’s own confession in pronouncing sexual addiction as the motive. Speaking truth to those with little interest to hear anything else but race as an antecedent, the Left at once went hard at Baker. He withstood an immediate backlash and rebuke by those who believe that facts should not be an obstacle to healing the inequities and oppression of a white-majority society.  In referring to the attack, Congresswoman Maxine Waters was more provocative in proclaiming that “the only promise of white supremacy is that none of us are safe.”

Waters’ gaslighting and strongarming by Atlanta’s Democrat machine prompted the sheriff to backpedal with an offer to reconsider race in the shooter’s motivation, a flipflop that might play well in ink but not in the well of the court. If the Cherokee County Police Department has an elephant burial ground, that is likely where the poor captain is now protecting his pension.

Biden, who of late has turned the White House into a hideaway, and Harris, rushed off to Atlanta just in time to salvage the racial narrative. He avoided commenting on motive but poked the coals in saying that Asian Americans everywhere needed to be concerned. To no avail, FBI Director Christopher Wray pushed back by looking at the camera and denying that race had anything to do with the shootings. Biden is now setting the stage for a show trial and erecting the gallows by pushing the Department of Justice to file federal hate crime charges in the case.

In sub-rosa fashion, China has put their cyberwarriors behind the Biden storyline that anti-Asian animus in the United States is systemic. As reported in a previous American Thinker article, virtually all the American mainstream media outlets, including some highbrow academic studies of extremism and hate crimes in America, are witting accomplices by relying upon the overinflated and anecdotal statistics gathered by Stop the Asian American Pacific Islander Hate (SAAPIH), an online anecdotal reporting site that treats constitutionally protected speech and avoidance as a hate crime.

SAAPIH’s data collection is wide open to the manipulation of slurs and dirty looks. They solicit grievances through aggressive neighborhood complaint-shopping, community vigils, pop-up protests, and an advertising blitz in print and social media. Hurt feelings and keystrokes are all that’s needed to make the tally. There is no follow-up investigation, a key component of traditional law enforcement methodologies that base their reporting upon actual crime.

As it suits the self-interests of the American Left and CCP, bias incident rates reported by SAAPIH have become prima facie in sowing the seeds of racial division between Asians and other races and ethnicities. Organized demonstrations locking arms with BLM and sympathetic online chats are now voicing over actual police data that shows an early spike in Asian bias crimes in March 2020 at the outset of the pandemic lockdowns, followed by a steady decline in those episodes throughout the rest of the year. For example, in New York City, where year-to-year change was most prominent, one-half of all Asian-related bias crime reported to police occurred in the month of March, with the rest of the incidents thinning out over the remaining eleven months.

Without context, SAAPIH reports anti-Asian bias at hundreds of percentage points higher than police departments. According to the San Francisco-based Center for the Study of Extremism and Hate, this is what a hundred or more percent increase from 2019 to 2020 in police-reported anti-Asian bias crimes looks like in America’s largest cities: from one to two reported crimes in San Diego and Cincinnati, from two to three in Phoenix, Denver, Houston, and Washington D.C., from two to six in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Dallas, from four to nine in San Francisco and San Jose, from nine to twelve in Seattle, six to fourteen in Boston, and nine to fifteen in Los Angeles. New York City led the nation with the largest city spike, from three in 2019 to 27 in 2020.

The total Asian population in these sixteen cites is approximately three million, from which there was a total of 122 bias crimes reported to police in 2020, up 39 from the previous year. Four in every one thousand Asians living in these cities reported a bias crime in 2020, a frequency of incidents that still falls behind those reported against Jews and Blacks.

Chinatowns, where much of reported anti-Asian crime occurs, are urban enclaves with their backs up against low income areas where Asian-owned businesses offer those less fortunate a proximal view of a better life. The sudden but brief uptick in hate crimes in March can be attributed to the boiling over of long-simmering neighborhood relations historically reported by the media and aggravated by the sudden economic and social impact of pandemic lockdowns.

The preferred narrative behind these anti-Asian incidents is fragile and fails the test of scrutiny. Comporting with a pattern seen in recently videotaped assaults on Asian Americans, the New York City Police Department recently published mugshots of six individuals arrested for similar bias crimes. Congresswoman Waters would be disappointed to find nary a white supremacist among them.

With the CCP infecting cyberspace, the Biden administration and a complicit Congress are once again wagging the dog on the white supremacy cause celebré. A flurry of executive orders and pending congressional resolutions and acts will turn Asian Americans against their neighbors and towards a phony salvation by Democrats stumping for votes.

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