It’s Biden’s ‘First 100 Days’ Week

Prepare for an onslaught of articles with “first 100 days” in the title, as President Biden will be celebrating the landmark with a trip to Atlanta on Thursday. Already we have seen our deep fears realized and our shallow hopes drowned.  To call it a nightmare is almost wrong because we wake up from nightmares.  Here is what we now know and have learned in not quite 100 days of what the progressives have done and/or are planning to do against America and her people.

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Biden is trying to pack the Supreme Court.  Even though Biden had said on multiple occasions that he would not try to, that is exactly what he and his handlers are trying to do.  Can you imagine if President Trump had tried to pack the Court?  The Supreme Court is historically the guardrail in stopping those who lust for power and seek total control.  If a packed Supreme Court becomes nothing more than a rubber stamp to progressive ideology there will be no separation of powers nor checks and balances.

Biden has enacted more executive orders in his first 100 days of office than any other president during the same time period.

Biden has put Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis illegal immigrants pour into America, and Harris has been down to the southern border zero times.  Zero times.

No word yet if Congresswoman Maxine Waters will be arrested for inciting violence and insurrection and/or kicked out of Congress for encouraging anarchy if the Derek Chauvin trial verdict did not go the way she demanded.

The FBI and the Department of Justice now have two standards of law.  One standard of law for progressives and a much harsher standard of law for patriots.  An obvious example is how the FBI are treating rioters from violent insurrections last summer versus how the FBI is treating participants from the arson-free protest of January 6th.  Two systems of justice, one for progressives and one for patriots, will not end well.

The Biden administration is reaching out to Israel's archenemy Iran.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has told anyone in the Biden administration that will listen that Israel will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. Period. When Israel says "never again" they mean it.

Dr. Fauci has said that even though individual Americans are getting the vaccine that Americans must still wear masks and must still social distance.  Either the vaccines don't work or something much more sinister is happening.  We were never told that after the polio shots in the 1950s epidemic that we still couldn't go swimming in the public pools.  

We've been instructed that Make America Great Again and America First are racist and xenophobic but Blame America First, BLM, and Antifa are patriotic and noble.

It seems that soup cans and frozen water bottles are now the weapons of choice in the mostly violent insurrections committed by BLM and Antifa.  No word yet on whether progressives will be outlawing the purchases of said soup cans and frozen water bottles.

We see that with the thousands of troops deployed in our nation's capital for the foreseeable future and it now looks more like Bagdad or Pyongyang than the City of Washington.  Moreover, no explanation is being given by the progressives on the future militarization of our nation's capital.   They are still there, almost as if this were the plan all along.

With the militarization of Washington, D.C. and the adding of walls, borders, and fences, Congress is now living and working in their own gated community. None of the "unwashed masses" are allowed to enter.  Almost as if the Democrats realize that they really did not win in 2020.  When the government is scared of its own people, there's a real problem.

Florida, Texas and other states are passing laws saying they will not follow Biden's edict of a vaccine passport.  I wonder how Progressives are feeling now about the term "sanctuary"?  Sanctuary cities, sanctuary counties, sanctuary states.....  By the way, what is the difference between nullification and sanctuary?   (Only the spelling.)

If someone is in the country legally, they are presumed by Biden to have Covid, urged or even commanded to wear a mask in public.  If someone tries to come into the country illegally, they are assumed not to have Covid and transported to the destination of their choice.  What?

The shutting down of the Keystone Pipeline is already causing more unemployment.  Doing so has already pushed the price of gasoline dramatically up and the progressives are fine with $4 per gallon pricing.  We are no longer energy independent, while Russia and Iran are enjoying a massive increase in oil revenues.

Because of Trump Impeachment II, we were told that words and words alone are reason and cause enough for removal from office.  No word yet on the future impeachment and removal from office of Kamala Harris for her fundraising for bail money for actual arsonists and felons.

When the Biden administration speaks of unity and coming together as one, they mean blacklists, book burning, purging, cancelling, re-education camps, and thought police for anyone that disagrees with them.

Climate Change hoax czar John Kerry flies on a private jet to get an award for climate change leadership.  You just can't make this stuff up; it really happened.

Ever notice how proposed Climate Change legislation always punishes the American worker but always gives China a pass?  Wonder why?

We have now learned that the leadership at the Pentagon is not politically neutral, that it does take partisan sides, and that it is in fact part of the Deep State.  The idea of partisan political generals in the military is feature of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

The Impeachment II show trial is soon to be followed by the Insurrection Commission show trial.  Stalin would be proud.  And it is going to be led by an extremely partisan retired three-star general.  Again, this partisan political indoctrination of the military should frighten every American and constitutionalist.

We have learned in these almost 100 days that the military is being purged of certain political and cultural philosophies. None of the "bring all ideas to the table" nonsense.  You will conform or you're out. NASCAR watchers and Sunday School teachers need not apply.

We have learned that in the new Covid stimulus bill, Red States taxes will be bailing out Blue States from their self-imposed shutdowns and deliberate sabotage of their own state's economies.  Red States are paying for the Blue States’ self-mutilization.    

We have learned in the past 100 days that the color of skin you are born with, and that alone, can cause you to be a racist.  We are also told that quoting Dr. Martin Luther King directly in seeking a "colorblind " America is also racist. 

Repeat after Orwell/Fauci, "Two masks good, one mask bad."  And be sure and keep the two masks on even after you've had your vaccine.

Now that police officer Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of everything; there will be no more cities in flame, no more rioting, burning, looting, stealing, and no more senseless deaths.  No more anarchy.  Correct ?

Did LaBron James just threaten the life of a Columbus, Ohio police office with "You're Next" after the officer just saved the life of a teenage girl?  Unbelievable.

It has been almost 100 days with Biden in the White House and the progressives in power.  Once that milestone passes on April 29, the remaining 1,361 will seem like an Orwellian eternity.  The off-year 2022 congressional elections will be crucial to putting limits on Biden and the progressives. 

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