I Work in the Public School System. Critical Race Theory Is Everywhere.

Like a cancerous tumor that has metastasized in the body, Critical Race Theory and its variants including social justice; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); anti-racism; cultural competency; and implicit bias have poisoned all aspects of public education and even some private schools.  These hateful and racist philosophies have become entrenched in every level and aspect of American public education.

The basis for Critical Race Theory is the belief that America is systemically racist and divided into a racial hierarchy with black people at the bottom.  For America's inherent racism to end, Caucasians must recognize that through the color of their skin, they are afforded certain privileges in American society that "people of color" do not have.  Once this recognition is made, American society can begin the radical process of dismantling every institution and remaking each to bring about equity, or equality of outcomes for everyone.  This radical alteration of every aspect of American society is communism, using race as the basis for the destruction of traditional norms and values.

Critical Race Theory was developed in the 1970s by Professor Derrick Bell of Harvard Law School to challenge what he believed was America's inherent racism that permeates every aspect of society, especially the law.  While Bell's focus was the legal system, the law, and society at large, Critical Race Theory specifically expanded into the field of education through various scholars such as Gloria Ladson-Billings and Daniel Solórzano.  These theorists claim that the American education system is systemically racist for the following reasons: school curricula are dominated by a white narrative of history that leaves out the experiences of black Americans, testing instruments are biased and have been created to prove that non-white children are incapable of high achievement, and school discipline policies are disproportionate in their treatment of children of color, compared to their white peers.  

Critical Race Theorists know that the most important way to bring about the destructive change they seek is through the indoctrination of students at the primary and secondary levels of education.  Starting with curricula, Critical Race Theory and its variants are promoted by teachers' unions, implemented by building administrators, adopted by district administrations, and approved by school boards.  Critical Race adherents know they are not able to implement their agenda in every public school system right away.  A gradual, incremental approach is necessary, especially in areas that tend to have more conservative communities.

As a high school administrator in one of these communities, I am living through this experience right now in my career.  The insidious way social justice and anti-racist education are brought into school systems starts with the professional development training of the teaching and administrative staffs.  This is done quietly at the beginning of and throughout the school year.  In these mandated trainings, school staff are a captive audience, free from the watchful eye of the communities they serve.  Trainings are usually led by DEI consultants.  These consultants are usually professors from one of the local colleges or universities and are highly paid by school districts to indoctrinate the staff in how "white privilege" causes Caucasian teachers to treat their non-white students differently without the teachers realizing that this is happening.  The result for the weak-minded and emotional staff who succumb to this outrageous line of thinking is a form of self-loathing that will equate to serious activism through the indoctrination of students.

Starting with national-level professional education associations like the National Association of School Boards and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and then down to state departments of education, the roots and support for this radical transformation are deep and present at every level of the public education system.  It is through the influence and advocacy of these organizations that the divisiveness of Critical Race Theory and its variants are supported by school boards, school administrators, and teachers.  It is only a matter of time before the transformation of America's schools is complete.  The question that must be answered is, how do we prevent the complete indoctrination and transformation of our schoolchildren into radical "woke" activists?

The answer is not easy.  The fight against this racialist insanity begins with parents.  Like-minded parents must start by talking and organizing within their communities.  After organizing, these parents must attend their local school board meetings in large numbers.  Parents have every right to inquire about the professional development of staff and the curriculum their children are subject to with their elected school board members.  If school board members are reluctant to answer these questions or have already voted to implement Critical Race Theory or its variants in staff development or curriculum, then recall them and run candidates for school board from the community with traditional values.

In addition to influencing school boards, parents and concerned citizens must speak with their legislators at the state level for the purpose of crafting legislation that will rid schools of or prevent them from adopting Critical Race Theory and its variants in staff development and curricula.  The legislatures of all the states are responsible for funding and approving the curricula of their public schools, making this a necessity.  However, the radicals who support Critical Race Theory seek the complete devastation of the reputations and careers of politicians or school officials who reject this racist ideology, making many legislators reluctant to engage in this fight — unless enormous pressure is brought to bear on them.     

The proponents of Critical Race Theory and its variants are active, loud, and organized.  They will stop at nothing to impose their ideas onto the rest of the communities in which they live, like what happened between two parent groups in Virginia.  Therefore, this fight is difficult yet vital.  If patriotic Americans in every community do not engage in this fight for fear of being canceled, the consequences will be the diminishment of opportunity for all Americans and the end of our beloved republic as it has existed for over 200 years.

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