Black Rage: It’s All About the Humiliation

Ask yourself: suppose you belonged to a social group that led the world in drugged-out losers resisting arrest and teenage knife fighters? How would it make you feel?

The answer is obvious. You would feel humiliated.

Now you understand what America’s blacks are feeling in the wake of the righteous Chauvin conviction and the tragic death of Knife Girl.

But what do people feel when they are humiliated? I went to Churchill’s famous homily:

In War: Resolution,
In Defeat: Defiance,
In Victory: Magnanimity,
In Peace: Good Will.

But whatabout Humiliation? What would the world’s foremost cigar smoker say about that? It is obvious:

In Humiliation: Rage.

So now you know why blacks are so angry. It’s not the systemic racism, not the Whiteness, not the “white oppressors.” It’s the humiliation.

But why?

I will tell you. The humiliating thing about being black is that everything has been done for you, by virtue-signalling whites.

Start with the anti-slavery movement, courtesy of William Wilberforce, the rich-kid son of a Brit merchant in the Baltic trade. What was that all about? Justice for blacks? Or virtue-signalling for rich-kid whites?

Proceed to the American Civil War. What was that all about? Freedom for Blacks? Or was it just Northerners and Southerners aching to diss each other?

Next up, the civil rights movement. Was that a noble cause for justice, or just more Northerners virtue-signalling and completing the century of humiliation of the South, with smart Jewish kids -- the Freedom Riders -- doing their bit for “activism” by registering Black voters in the South? Of course, plenty of Blacks marched and paid their dues on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, but the fact is that the fix was in; the U.S. ruling class was down for Black civil rights, and the more the White Southrons resisted the more the liberal rulers liked it.

(Just an aside: I wonder why the ruling class is not so hot on civil rights for Deplorables and Bitter Clingers? Any ideas?)

The fact is that Blacks are the Mascots of the ruling class, toys that our rulers like to play with, virtue-signalling Oscars that they hand out to each other, and clubs that they can use to beat the Deplorables. No wonder Blacks are so angry. They are being used!

But the question is: what are we going to do about it? How can we help Blacks achieve a sense of self-respect so they can get over being humiliated and angry all the time?

I have an idea.

Let there go out a decree from Biden Augustus that all the world’s White police shall cease to use lethal force on Blacks, whether on noble fentanyl users or cunning cigarillo smokers or teenaged knife wielders. Obviously it is unjust -- racist -- for Whites to police Blacks. Because history.

Now I prophesy that eventually the Black church ladies will create a movement -- with no help at all from George Soros, BLM, MLB, Delta Airlines, and the activist community -- to demand, as a basic human right, that the White majority send the po-lice in to protect them from the homeboys.

But we should do nothing. Not until those Black church ladies start getting elected to city council. Not until Black church ladies are getting elected mayor -- fashionable lesbian black women Mascots need not apply. Not until the Black church lady mayors are demanding that the police enforce the law. Not until a majority of the Black church lady mayors are Republican, because they don’t get no respect from the Democrats.

And even then we White deplorables will do nothing; we won’t need to. Because Blacks will have acted as though they have agency. And once a group graduates from helpless victimhood to agency they don’t need virtue-signalling educated-class Whites -- or gap-toothed Deplorables -- to tell them the time of day. They are now empowered citizens that proudly take their place among the Commoners of America, as generations of Americans have done before them, not excluding Benjamin Franklin, escaped apprentice, and Alexander Hamilton, “bastard brat of a Scotch pedlar.”

See what I am saying here? I am saying that Bill Bratton and his CompStat were wrong. Rudy Giuliani and his “broken windows” policing were wrong. Not because they reduced crime but because they were coming in like Lady Bountiful -- or Lord LBJ and his Great Society or Lord Karl Marx and his Communism -- and patting Blacks on the head and treating them like children.

And I am saying that we are never going to get out of America’s race problem until Blacks get over their humiliation and its consequent rage and start to feel proud to be the 100 percent Americans they really are if they could only get a clue. Nobody can do it but they themselves, and I nominate the Black church ladies to march in the van.

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