Why Are Dems Nuking GOP Voters’ No. 1 Issue?

You’ve probably seen the poll about the top concerns of GOP voters and Democratic voters; it’s been all over conservative media. The top three concerns of Republican voters are:

  1. Illegal immigration
  2. Lack of support for the police
  3. High taxes

Democratic voters live in a completely different world. Their top three concerns are:

  1. Donald Trump’s voters
  2. White nationalism
  3. Systemic racism

Hey! Can you spell H-A-T-E? Initially, I was as outraged as you about the hatey-hate Democratic voters. But then I realized that it all made sense.

Put it this way: if the ordinary middle-class voters ever get to elect a President and a Congress with cojones all round, what is that testosterone-fueled government going to do? It is going to take money away from white gentry liberals and their bribed apologists among the PoCs and give it to ordinary working and middle-class voters. Wow! If I were a gentry liberal with a nice pensioned sinecure somewhere in the Cathedral, the mortal danger of Trump voters would keep me up at night.

Same with “white nationalism.” If we forget the pure hatey-hate pejorative of it, it all makes sense. What would be the biggest threat to the comfortable global educated and credentialed elite and its noble plan to Build Back Better in a scientifically designed Great Reset? Exactly: a resurgence of nationalism all across the world. And “whites” -- whoever they are, wherever they are, however they are scientifically identified by top-notch scientists -- are in the forefront of this planetary cultural and political movement.

Whatabout “systemic racism?” Do you seriously think that our liberal friends will ever agree to stop the fight against racists? Let’s face it, liberals have had a glorious 50 years accusing everyone else of being racists; they have made racism the new Original Sin. But it’s in the nature of a tire that it will slowly deflate unless you pump it up from time to time. There must be racism, there simply must, because the power of our liberal friends begins and ends with the nuclear weapon of “Racist!”  What could possibly be worse than the ordinary American racism of the slaveholding Founders? Exactly: “systemic racism.”

So the three top issues of concern to Democrats really aren’t crazy-cakes; they make complete sense, if you are a ruling-class upper-class liberal.

Of course, there is no mystery about the top three issues for Republicans. Illegal immigration? Well, Duh! But here’s a dilemma. Our Democratic friends are 100 percent for raising the minimum wage and also for unlimited immigration. Ever thought about the science of this, Dems? If you raise the minimum wage you reduce the demand for labor; if you increase immigration you increase the supply of labor. Neither of these are good for the incomes of ordinary American citizens.

And who doesn’t worry about “lack of support for the police?” Democrats sure got all interested in police protection when the QAnon crazies swarmed over the slave-built Capitol building. Last I heard they are going to hire another 1,000 officers for the Capitol Hill police force. No Defund the Police for the rulers, thank you very much; and no worries about shooting the odd right-wing supremacist.

And then those Republican voters are all concerned about “high taxes.” I wonder why Republican voters are worried about high taxes and Democratic voters are not? Could it be as simple as: Democratic voters get more out of gubmint spending than Republican voters?

Watching former President Trump at CPAC descant in his inimitable style about how the Biden administration has reversed all his immigration control policy got me to wondering. Is it really good politics to stab the opposing party’s voters in the chest on their No. 1 issue? We rank partisans were livid that Republicans in Congress back in 2017-18 didn’t have the cojones to repeal ObamaCare.  But I understand why: the political pros didn’t want to rile up the Democratic Party faithful.

Yet here we have the Biden administration with pedal to the metal on all the lefty activist agenda. Is that really the strategy of President Biden, or does it tell us that nobody is in charge?

My hunch -- and yes, that’s what I want to believe -- is that the Democrats are panicking. Some Mr. Big somewhere is looking at the cross-tabs and hitting the panic button, that if the Democrats don’t import another 20 million new voters, and don’t kill the Trump effect stone dead, then they and theirs are heading for the exit.

Or maybe they figure that, as the old white liberal elite -- white supremacists by any other name -- this is their last chance before the Democratic Party gets taken over by the crazy lefty Squaddies and the South Asian lefty Brahmins.

Somebody, somewhere, decided that the Dems couldn’t wait for a normal change election in 2024: Trump had to be taken out now.

But why? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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