What Will It Take to Wake Up the Millennials?

Memo to Millennials: Free yourselves before it is too late.  The $1.9-trillion COVID relief bill recently passed by the House is a ponderous set of shackles being placed on you and your future.  Your freedom to act and to choose your own future will be limited because of this gargantuan spending bill.  And that is on top of other massive spending bills Congress now routinely passes, like the $3.5 trillion already spent by the Trump administration last year on COVID relief.

Not only is this new COVID spending bill arguably irrelevant in the fight against the virus, as case numbers and deaths fall rapidly around the country, but more importantly, funding this bill requires printing money that we do not have.  Yes, that's right. This Democrat spending bill proposed by President Biden and passed by the Democrat House will not spend money we have.  The $1.9 trillion bill literally uses money that the government will have to print to spend.  And that's on top of the regular annual budget that must be passed, which has a projected deficit of over $1 trillion.

While trillion-dollar deficits are never a good idea for the country, they most certainly are not a good idea for younger generations, who will be left paying the bill for years to come.  It may not matter to members of Congress, who are busy enriching themselves, or the administrative elite in Washington, who will use their hefty pensions and connections to shield their children from the disastrous effects of our exploding national debt.  But what about the rest of us?  We can only watch as our children's freedom to make choices for themselves is destroyed by our profligate leaders.

And what is in this critically important COVID spending bill that the Democrats are ramming through Congress?  Only nine percent of the spending in the COVID relief bill is for COVID-related expenditures.  Nine percent.  That means that the other 91 percent is for handouts to groups and businesses that the Democrat party wants to enrich, like $112 million for an "underground rail project" in Silicon Valley, a payoff to Democrats' Big Tech supporters; $129 billion for K–12 schools, whether they reopen or not, including $1,400 weekly payments to teachers for not teaching, since teachers and administrators are another Democrat special interest group; $39.6 billion to colleges, a pillar of the Democrat establishment, which are losing money as they refuse to fully open; $750 million for the CDC to spend on global health problems and vaccination efforts (that's right: not here, but overseas); $350 billion to bail out blue states that have needlessly pummeled their economies with simplistic lockdowns; and countless other pet projects that have nothing to do with defeating the COVID pandemic.  Not a pretty picture.  Why is the next generation acquiescing with nary a peep?

In addition to saddling Millennials with an enormous debt that will limit their options, in what other ways is their freedom being undermined today?  Mass immigration, for one.  By allowing millions of illegal aliens to flood across our southern border, Biden and the Democrats are importing competitors for working-class jobs, limiting the freedom of young Americans to find opportunities that will help them begin a lifetime of fruitful employment.  But it is not just blue-collar jobs that illegal aliens are taking from Americans; it's white-collar tech jobs, too.  As repayment to Big Tech for its unprecedented support during the 2020 campaign, President Biden has increased the number of H-1B visas that can be issued, which had been curtailed by former president Trump.  As has been noted frequently, Big Tech loves these visas because it gives Big Tech cheaper, more disposable workers.  By hiring foreigners, these people pay less than they would pay American workers.  They can also terminate the workers when they want to, not by firing them, which could open them up to litigation, but by simply not renewing their visas.  And these are the companies that are always badgering everyone else about good citizenship and corporate responsibility.

Besides the growing constraints on their ability to act and work, Millennials are also having their freedom curtailed through new limits on freedom of speech.  Millennials seem to be blinded to this development by the fact that they don't agree with much of the speech that is being limited; shutting down "racist" conservative views or conservative "lies" doesn't much bother progressive Millennials.  But once the Rubicon is crossed and all speech is no longer equally free, it's only a matter of time before the speech that Millennials approve of ends up on someone else's chopping block.  Millennials are so immersed in digital technology that they seem incapable of imagining that the technology they love might be used against them, or that restrictions on their freedom might originate with the tech companies.  But restrictions have originated there, and they will continue to metastasize unless Millennials decide to take notice.

If they are in college, Millennials soon discover that they are not free to hear every viewpoint on a particular problem or issue. Unlike the generations that came before them, when they want to make a free decision, someone else will be deciding what they can hear on the subject.  Nor are they free to hear the whole truth from mainstream television or print news, or on their digital news feeds from Facebook or other online news sources.  How am I less free today?  Let me count the ways.

It is a sadly truncated and contingent freedom that is being prepared for Millennials by powerful forces in our society today.  Will they ever wake up and resist it?

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