Welcome to the Soviet States of Ameristan

How many times must our Swamp Lords tell us before we finally understand?  Questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election will not be tolerated, and doing so is an unequivocal attack upon our "democracy" — whatever that is.  (I believe it's now defined as a system for Democratic Party operatives to use unverified and untraceable mail-in ballots to rig elections in their favor while hiding behind fatuous allegations that state deadlines, photo identification, signature verification, or any other security method used to filter out fraudulent ballots is actually a product of white supremacy.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the Democrats' position on "democracy" at this point is simple: unless they are allowed to commit voter fraud in order to win elections, the whole electoral system is inherently racist.  They sure are reasonable rulers.)

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is on a mission to force every business in America to formally pledge that the "2020 presidential election was free and fair, and produced accurate, reliable results."  Any company that refuses to participate (or — Heaven forbid! — casts doubt on the official state narrative that the idiot savant sans savant in the White House successfully obliterated Obama's popular vote totals without ever having to leave his basement) earns a public flogging from the thought police.

I'm sure Kirschner and his Kristallnacht compatriots won't get anybody hurt during this democracy cleansing exercise.  What harm could possibly come from throwing people and organizations onto public enemy blacklists and unleashing vigilante hate mobs against "wrongthink" violators in their midst?  Another sterling example of real Department of Justice–style justice!

For people who keep insisting that the evidence for election fraud consists of nothing more than the fringe delusions of right-wing conspiracy theorists, Democrats sure do spend a lot of time worrying that Americans will disagree.  Nothing says, "Trust us, Senile Joe's election was legit" like forcing Americans to pledge their loyalty to the new president.  And nothing quite says, "We're fighting for democracy," like the Democrats' continued targeting of opposing points of view and their fevered vows to "force" companies into submission before the new regime.  Just as Julius Caesar set out to "save" the Roman Republic by making himself dictator, the Democratic Party is intent on "saving" the American Republic by making its rule absolute.

Every lucid American understands that, but for the imposition of mass mail-in balloting (done in explicit violation of some states' laws), there would be no Pretend President in the White House.  (As a thought experiment: Is there any doubt that, had the same illicit system been instituted in 2016, a corrupt Clinton, instead of a befuddled Biden, would now be despoiling the West Wing?)  However, stating that obvious observation out loud is vilified as a greater "threat to democracy" than the actual election heist of 2020.  It's hokum on stilts.

Even now, states are reeling from allegations of vote fraud.  Arizona has committed to a full hand recount of the votes cast five months ago in Maricopa County and a "broad and detailed" audit of the voting machines.  Wisconsin is investigating whether election laws were violated at the local level in order to boost Democrat turnout.  And Georgia just passed election integrity legislation that can only be interpreted as an official acknowledgment that the use of private out-of-state money to influence local election boards and the rampant abuse of virtually anonymous mail-in ballots and insecure drop boxes irredeemably corrupted the state's 2020 election.  "Pay no attention," the Swamp Lords say; "there's still nothing to see."

Meanwhile, more and more evidence is piling up that Facebook and Google (and other companies) spent hundreds of millions of dollars to team up with Democrat operatives in order to take over local election offices in battleground states and use the imprimatur of official government jurisdiction to engage in partisan political activities and supercharge Democrat turnout.  In a particularly noteworthy piece at PJ Media, Victoria Taft details the legal efforts of the Thomas More Society, a public-interest research group, in uncovering how these paid Democrat operatives unilaterally appropriated the government function of determining which ballots could be counted (or "cured") when they lacked proper address information or valid signatures.  By effectively buying government offices, Democrat political operatives not only solely decided which votes to count without any legally required Republican scrutiny, but also and even more astoundingly went so far as to hire professional witnesses who could "attest" to the authenticity of a voter's ballot — in essence, completely subverting state witness requirements for absentee ballots by turning unwitnessed ballots into witnessed ballots through the paid efforts of complete strangers.

In another era, these revelations would have undermined the last election, earned intense media scrutiny, and transfixed the American people.  Instead, news corporations have giddily celebrated the corruption, practically beatifying the existence of a "secret cabal of wealthy and politically connected elites" who successfully conspired "to manipulate the rules and laws of an election in order to win."  

It's politically correct doublespeak bathed in schizophrenic madness: there was absolutely no fraud in the 2020 election, except for all the fraud that got Biden elected, which should in fact be celebrated!

Our brisk transformation into the Soviet States of Ameristan would be comical if not so disheartening.  In this new country, constitutional rights and protections extend only to those who pretend to play along with the government's psychoses.  If you nod in agreement that the 2020 election was legitimate, you get to keep your First Amendment "privileges"; if you demur, then the government and its Silicon Valley enforcers delete you.  If you persist by actively protesting for voting rights, then you might find you've become a "domestic terrorist" overnight.

In fact, if Congress successfully passes the "Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021," any American accused of promoting 2020 election "conspiracy theories" will be denied existing or future security clearances from the federal government.  It's the perfect mechanism for removing any remaining MAGA voters from positions of power and a perfect illustration of how corrupt the federal government now is.  An acknowledged communist like John Brennan is institutionally rewarded over a long career despite continued performance failures (among other highlights in his jacket, he was the CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia who oversaw most of the 9/11 terrorists' U.S. visa approvals) and can climb the CIA ladder all the way to the top, but traditional American patriots who voted for President Trump get targeted as enemies.

This new "democracy" blacklisting — surprise, surprise — will not affect the overwhelming majority of Democrats who still believe that Russia stole the 2016 election or the national news corporations that pushed that lie for years, even after the conspiracy was proven to be an orchestrated hoax perpetrated by Clinton's campaign, Obama's intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and a corrupt coalition of Uniparty actors in D.C. intent on hamstringing President Trump.  Some conspiracy theories, when believed by the right people, must not only be excused, but also celebrated.

And the hunt for "democracy destroyers" will not target Chuck Schumer, even though he shouted from the rooftops just the other day that state voting laws are some of "the greatest threats we have to modern democracy in America," or Elizabeth Warren, who insists that Stacey Abrams is actually the governor of Georgia two years after her loss, or Nancy Pelosi, who claims that she has the power to overrule Republican congressional victories at whim.  

In Ameristan, Democrats may question elections at will; Republicans may do so only at their peril.  And everyone is expected to pretend this is all quite reasonable and normal.

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