Trump the Pathfinder

President Trump came roaring back onto the national stage at CPAC February 28.  He brushed aside the legacy media's shrill insistence that the election was fine — that the stolen election claims were a debunked big lie.  Trump flipped the tables on the left by describing the widespread election-rigging and lawlessness.  He pointed out the statistical impossibility of the result.  The fact is, there is a mountain of evidence that the election was stolen, in a massive way, and President Trump walked us through much of it.  The legacy media and the rest of the left never discuss the evidence.  Like the legal negligence doctrine res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself), the evidence is so huge, so obvious, that it shifts the burden of proof from those calling out the election steal to those who try to deny it.

We must be confident and strong to save America from tyranny.  At CPAC, President Trump showed us how to deal with the real big lie (that the election was not stolen).  When the legacy media beg us to be in their hostage video and confess that Biden was fairly elected, we should ridicule them.  We should refuse to un-see the mountain of evidence that huge election crimes were committed.  Senator Rand Paul was praised for pushing back on George Stephanopoulos's demand that he agree that Biden won a fair election.  Senator Paul replied that as a journalist, Stephanopoulos should not be calling people who disagree with him liars.  Paul certainly performed better than Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell.  But wouldn't it have been better if Senator Paul had said, George, are you kidding?  Are you out of your mind?

At CPAC, President Trump kept coming back to the election crimes — rightly, since the left now seeks to make election cheating the law nationwide with H.R. 1.  This must be fought with all our strength, and we must completely expose the Democrat party as the treason party — the party that seeks to install its tyranny with fake elections.  President Trump called for "tough, strong, and energetic Republican leaders who have spines of steel."

In the states, citizens should demand reforms from their legislatures to prevent the recurrence of the election crimes of 2020.  Vote-by-mail should be eliminated except for the traditional, narrow, absentee ballot reasons.  Except for limited voting by absentee ballot, all voting should be in person on Election Day.  Voters should be required to present photo identification that proves citizenship and residency.  Electronic voting machines and tabulation should be prohibited.  Paper ballots should be counted by hand in the presence of poll-watchers, the press, and perhaps law enforcement. 

For the long term as a nation, we should consider returning to mechanical-lever voting machines, which eliminate fraud-vulnerable paper ballots and paper trails.  The history and enduring superiority of mechanical-lever voting machines are discussed here.  One way this could be accomplished in the future might be a federal requirement based on Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, under which "[t]he United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government."  The machines could be manufactured under the Defense Production Act.

Joe Biden seems in a rush to wreck the economy, spread hate and division among the people, suppress our First and Second Amendment rights, and enable our potential foreign enemies.

Because he brazenly stole the election, Biden is due none of the courtesy or respect we give to an honestly elected president.  The Senate should reject all of his radical nominations and treaties.  In the Biden era, senators should see their constitutional advice and consent not as merely a veto on seriously unqualified appointments or bad treaties.  The usual standard of allowing the president to choose his appointments is not reasonable under the present circumstances.  Senators should see themselves as conservators for the nation to limit the damage inflicted by a chief executive so compromised by dishonesty and avarice that he allowed the alliance of leftist political leaders and oligarchs to steal the presidency from the American people.

The combined economic damage of the Wuhan virus pandemic and the Biden presidency will require a radical rethinking of federal revenue-raising.  Cutting taxes and regulations will not be enough to counter this damage in 2025.  The income tax should be abolished and the 16th Amendment repealed.  Federal revenue should be raised only by a uniform retail sales tax and tariffs on imports.  This will provide an economic boost even greater than President Trump's tax and regulation cuts.  We need to start work on this now.

Our national defense will be seriously compromised in the next four years.  The toxic Critical Race Theory, which combines the "soft bigotry of low expectations" with anti-white bigotry, will seriously damage the meritocracy of the armed forces along with their morale and readiness.  Americans should speak out against the new diversity racism.  Governors should use whatever authority and influence they have to keep it out of the National Guard.  America needs the authentic wisdom of Shelby Steele, not the woke, self-hating racism of Robin DiAngelo.

Joe Biden is certain to advance the yearning for fully co-ed armed forces — even the infantry and special forces.  Anyone who thinks this is a good idea should read the 2019 book by former Army captain and Afghanistan veteran James Hasson and earlier works by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert Maginnis and Stephanie Gutmann.  Or if short on time to read, one could reflect on the current debate about the fairness of average men, claiming to be women, dominating the women's sports they are allowed to participate in.  We can no longer be squeamish about discussing the problems with women in combat roles.

President Trump showed us how to respond to the stolen election.  Trump recognized the finality of what Congress did on January 6.  But by skipping the swearing in of Joe Biden, he refused to pretend Biden obtained the office by anything but deceit.  We must cleave to the truth and strive with all our strength to recover our constitutional republic. 

Peter Knickerbocker served in the Trump administration at the Department of Defense.

Image: Reuters via YouTube.