The Great Reset Is Just a MacGuffin for Total State Control

The United States has always presented a roadblock to the ambitions of globalist oligarchs through its one-two punch of a Constitution that clearly constrains the powers of government while empowering the people and an American culture that prides itself on representing the last, best hope for freedom on the planet.  So how do you "reset" America so that it becomes just another socialist country controlled by an elite few?  You undermine America's freedoms by undermining her foundations.  You go to war with the American people.

"White supremacy" is the socialists' "yellowcake uranium."  It's really that simple.  You can't start a war against society without an excuse, and you can't engage in perpetual war unless the excuse chosen is so vague and illusory that it can't possibly be vanquished.  This has always been a particular talent of power-hungry socialists.  They know how to engage their troops in endless battles by choosing inexhaustible targets: bourgeois materialism, carbon dioxide, hate, whiteness.  It's bloody (evil) genius!  "We're going to wage war against the middle class, natural air, bad thoughts, and skin color — that should keep everyone busy!"  

Imagine if George Bush had been half so clever before invading Iraq: "We're taking down Saddam's murderous regime because he refuses to believe in climate change.  On that subject, the science has long been settled, so Saddam and his climate denier sons must go."  Now, that's how you declare war in the Age of Idiocy!  If you blame hostilities on yellowcake uranium, you've actually got to find some yellowcake.  If you go to war in defense of the weather, by golly, nobody will stand in your way!

MacGuffining Our Way to Fascism:

Weather, white supremacy, who cares?  They're not important; what's important is how to train the many to obey the few — that's socialism in a nutshell!  Italian dictator Benito Mussolini succinctly defined fascism as "all within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."  Famed director Alfred Hitchcock used the term "MacGuffin" to describe an object or device in a movie that serves merely as a trigger for the plot.  If you put both ideas together, you've got a pretty good handle on what socialism really is.  Socialism is a way for a small group of people (the oligarchical, blue-check, blue-blood, limousine-liberal, champagne-swilling, Davos-demagoguing, pampered elite) to rule over everyone else by keeping populations so riled up about absolute nonsense that they beg to be ruled over more completely.

Are America and the West really plagued by "hate speech" that must be punished and rooted out?  Or is it perhaps more likely that governments seek to control freedom of speech by using some amorphous and transmutable concept like a "hate" MacGuffin that they can demonize and pound like a piñata whenever frisky commoners start having ideas that threaten the status quo?

Is it really in the interest of national security for the FBI to hunt down and punish Trump-supporters who exercised their freedom of association to gather in support of voting rights on January 6?  Or is the FBI just using an "extremism" MacGuffin to demoralize and intimidate conservatives while continuing to turn a blind eye to the campaign of Marxist destruction caused by Antifa and BLM shock troops in cities across the country, including in D.C.?

Did the Chinese Virus really require economic shutdowns, house arrests, and suspension of Americans' constitutional rights, or were those extralegal constraints perhaps the fruits of a "health" MacGuffin that allowed our Swamp Caesars to rig the 2020 election against President Trump, pass trillions of dollars in legislative bribes to fill blue state coffers, and transform a representative republic into a permanent "state of emergency" dictatorship?  

Are we really facing an existential global warming crisis that will require wholesale replacement of the free market with Green New Deal controls dictated by the State, or are global elites using a "Great Reset" MacGuffin to cement their financial and political hegemony?

Cherchez le Banquier:

Pop quiz: How do you know when the "cause" is not really the "cause"?  

Answer: when the bankers are funding it.

If you want to control the global economy (and therefore manage every single person on the planet), you don't just make the pitch to eight billion people that the top one percent of the top one percent should hold the reins of power permanently.  (Down with billionaires!  Amirite?)  Heck, no — you tell them that the world is on the edge of complete environmental collapse (global cooling, warming, whatever...) unless governments take control of free market economies.  And how will they do so?  By seizing control of the production, distribution, and use of all hydrocarbon energies (AKA those dastardly "fossil fuels") around the globe.  

Now, if you grab a random "useful idiot" off the street, that person has probably been indoctrinated to believe (and intentionally kept docilely ignorant through public education not to know otherwise) that the oil, natural gas, and coal that keep civilization afloat today can be swapped for multicolored unicorns raining from the skies tomorrow, but for anyone with a brain and a whit of common sense, it is indisputable that every single widget sold, job created, and dollar made depends on hydrocarbon energy.  Absolutely everything bought and sold is, at its root, based on the use of energy, and hydrocarbon energy is the foundation of the entire global economy.  

So what sounds more likely: that the globe's wealthiest power brokers get together at swank resort towns after arriving on separate private jets several times a year to discuss small surface temperature fluctuations (that have almost everything to do with the sun's natural cycling) in order to save the planet from global warming?  Or that they gather together to discuss how to keep control of the global economy through global governance?  Regulating carbon dioxide has always just been the narrative; possessing and maintaining power is the goal.  If the world learned to run on cotton candy tomorrow, the day after, next the World Economic Forum would be telling us cotton candy must be controlled by a select few in order to save the world from an imminent fluffy pink extinction event heading our way.

The Great Reset Is a Great Opportunity for America's Enemies:

Unlike climate change fear-mongers' fractional temperature variations that may or may not come to fruition a century from now, however, when fractional banking, spiraling national debt, and the impending fiat currency meltdown combine to produce disaster, everyone on Earth will feel the impact.  For the first time in history, financial Armageddon is a real possibility — caused by central bankers' inability to stop printing money, national governments' inability to stop spending it, and market speculators' inability to stop taking advantage of both institutions' stupidity.  Some people call it the "everything bubble" because once it finally bursts, nothing will be spared.

So what do global establishment oligarchs who know that big trouble lies ahead do in preparation?  They work on sidestepping the mess they've created, use it to their advantage, and stay on top of what comes next.  They wrap themselves in socialism's politically correct trappings while seizing even more leverage and power.

You didn't really think every corporate behemoth just woke up one day and decided to embrace global warming and systemic racism as pet causes because those issues tug at the heartstrings of the über-wealthy, did you?  The "Great Reset" is just the global establishment's pre-emptive answer to the coming collapse it's set in motion.  And if the globalists pull it off just right, they can destroy what's left of Americans' freedoms in the process without ever firing a shot.

Image: orse via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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