Democrat Hypocrisy: Capitol Wall for Me, No Southern Border Wall for Thee

Democrat hypocrisy has been on display for years, with recent offenses involving Democrat leaders breaching pandemic rules that apparently apply to the masses but not to the Marie Antoinettes imposing the rules on the rest of us.  There are also more subtle examples of Democrats picking and choosing when rules should apply and when they should not. 

Following the science is a big one that we've seen Democrats flout for years.  While they scare the country into submission lest climate change destroy the world in a few years, they fly in their private jets around the globe dictating the climate change rules that everyone else must follow.  Science prescribes that schools are safe to open and should be open for the health and welfare of students.  Democrats' benefactors, the teachers' unions, don't like that idea, so Democrat leaders send their kids to private schools while the rest of the nations' children suffer and fall behind.

Science dictates that there are two sexes, yet Democrats impose their bizarre notion on the 99.4% of the country who are not transgender that "gender identity" is fluid.  They rule that boys may compete against girls in women-only sports programs while also using female bathrooms and locker rooms.  One of the vilest Democrat policies is legislating abortion on demand up to delivery.

More recently, Democrats have stepped into the untenable position of insisting on spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a seemingly permanent (and hideous) fence around the Capitol Building while defunding and shutting down construction of our southern border wall.  The rationale is clear: lawmakers require protection from American citizens, including all of their constituents, who are no longer permitted to exercise their First Amendment right to petition the government.  On the other hand, American citizens, in the infinite wisdom of the Democrats, do not require, nor are they entitled to, protection from illegal aliens who are streaming into the country in numbers we have not seen in a long time.

Once again, Democrats are putting their self-serving interests above the safety and welfare of the American people who elected them and to whom they answer.  To them, the Capitol fence is all a political ploy to keep Americans hating Trump and his supporters, while the southern border wall is billed as a Trump-era xenophobic, cruel, and unnecessary expenditure (that had prevented future Democrat voters from entering the country in large numbers).

Keep in mind that Pelosi and the Democrats turned down offers to bring in the National Guard on January 6 as well as during the summer, when Democrat mayors and governors refused National Guard troops while their cities were burning during the Black Lives Matter protests.  Trump was pilloried for even making the offer, and a New York Times editor was basically fired for publishing Senator Tom Cotton's opinion piece supporting the idea.  Yet now that the Democrats have decided they like the idea of a police state when they're in control of the federal government, the National Guard is all the rage.

As we listen to Democrats' lame justification for building fencing around their workplace based on faux fears of insurrection, they ignore the country's borders, leaving them open for illegal entry by the likes of drug-runners, coyotes, and human-traffickers, unaccompanied children, terrorists, and violent gang members.  The hypocrisy runs even farther as we learn that hundreds of these illegal migrants are testing positive for COVID-19 and yet are still being released to wander about the country, spreading a disease that has shut down the entire world.  In particular, many Americans have been subject to complete lockdowns due to unfounded fears of viral spread by mostly Democrat lawmakers, resulting in businesses destroyed and the economy in ruins.  Yet those fears are simply ignored for the sake of bringing in as many new Democrat voters as possible — the vast majority of whom will receive welfare, Medicare, Obamacare, and other free stuff.

It is difficult not to feel disgust with the blatant hypocrisy emanating from the party that looks down on the rest of Americans as deplorables, Neanderthals, lying dog-faced pony soldiers, people who cling to guns and religion, or whatever other condescending description they choose to label Americans who disagree with them and whom they haven't quite figured out how to cancel.

The irony is that for almost two decades, Democrats have criticized Israel for building a security fence in order to protect its citizens from terrorists and suicide bombers who were committing acts of violence on an almost daily basis around the country.  After decades of murders, Israel was forced to finally build a security barrier in order to protect all Israelis.  The Israeli government didn't build a fence around the Knesset to protect only lawmakers; it chose to protect its entire citizenry rather than an elite few.

No matter — liberal Americans, social justice warriors, and many Democrats to this day continue to argue over the morality and necessity of Israel's security barrier, claiming that it violates Palestinian human rights, while failing to consider the right of Israelis to live without fear of a suicide bomber murdering them and their families.  At least Democrats are being consistent in not giving a damn about the safety of American citizens while they cheer on open borders and unimpeded immigration.  As long as the fence exists to protect them, who cares about the rest of us? 

The awful truth is that the Democrats are lying to the American public about what's happening at our southern border while also lying about what's happening in D.C.  While Biden tries to hide the border mess by silencing senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security, established in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to help protect our homeland, Pelosi plays up the threat to the Capitol from the deplorables who voted for Trump.  The woman who views Trump and Republican lawmakers as "domestic enemies" and "enemies of the state" is now establishing commissions and infrastructure to confront white supremacists and what she calls domestic terrorism.  Keep in mind that the Democrats remained silent for months watching Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters tear up our cities as they lied to the American public, claiming that it was all just a bunch of "peaceful protests," and ignoring the innocent Americans who lost their businesses and livelihoods while facing violence daily.   

As long as Democrats keep dividing the country, actually inciting riots and mobs as they did last summer, and lying about what the real danger to our country is, we can expect more barbed wire and National Guards, as we're seeing in Minneapolis.  Democrats like walls when they protect them, the rest of us be damned. 

These double-standards are getting old.  If we had a media establishment with real journalists rather than just a bunch of operatives who play in the Democrats' echo chamber of lies and manipulation, these policies would be forced to end.  Instead, our borders are open, with Lord knows who and what streaming in, but the Democrats could not care less because they're safe and they see the glory days of forever holding the reins of power.

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