A No-Fly Voter List? Now There's a Grand Idea!

Rarely does the government give you a great idea, but today may be that day!

It’s reported that the Department of Homeland Security wants to look at citizens’ social media posts and if they do not comply with the government’s narrative, they may be placed on the No Fly List!

Wow, that’s an improvement over having the turreted Chris Wray-Mobile visit your house when you are just awakening.

When we heard the idea, during an election fraud investigation meeting, we thought it was grand because the people in the room built the technology used for the government’s No Fly List.

Yup, that’s one of our babies!

The No Fly List was originally built with a cross-database technology from our team.

Bad actors hide in data.  You probably did it yourself! 

Here's how it might have happened:

You downloaded that document and when they made you put in your phone number, you changed one or two digits.  When they asked you for your mailing address, you gave them a fake one, but with the right zip code so it would go through the computer.  When you had to cough up a Social Security number it was easier to transpose a couple of numbers than refuse. 

You did it!

Multiply that by millions and you now have about every database on the planet.  This is what we in the trade call "dirty data."  

Then, take a bunch of those million record databases, with you appearing with different spellings or phone numbers in most of them and the data is doubly dirty.

Except it isn’t.

You have modified attributes, stick with me here, and you have left digital tracks. 

If we search these databases, we will find you every time.  Aha, you say.  I will change my name from Jack Rutledge to Betty Bopp, change my zip code, and use an entirely different phone number. 

And you would be found. 

Those previous tracks leave things called attributes and they can be weighted and scored ... and you, Betty Bopp, will be found to be Jack Rutledge.

Databases have eternal life – they exist, somewhere, and every change is somewhere out there. 

Welcome to cross-database search. 

One of our team members said:  “Why don’t we create a “No Fly List” for voters.  Make it a NO VOTE LIST for known bad guys, fake addresses, dead voters, underage voters and other known fake profiles.

Here’s how it might work.

We load the voter rolls for elections as far back as 2008 for every state. 

We cross reference with the death record databases, where available, the postal boxes (UPS, FedEx, Mailboxes ETC), the Postal Change of Address Databases and scores of other publicly available databases that show where people say they live.  And when they said they lived there.

There are non-public databases we can rent that add a lot of data-richness.

Remember that attribute thing above for Betty Bopp?

People better not have voted in three states in the same election, or they are going to get flagged.  The FBI won’t investigate unless they are white and conservative, but they will have been identified as a likely fraudster.  Identified equals out-of-business for awhile.

Remember, our guys are fraud investigators, so they think like the bad actors.  That is a very valuable point of view.

What if we display the actual bad actors, state by state, in a real time, from publicly available database where anyone can log on and see their neighbor voted in three states, and twice in the Beto vs. Cruz race?  Wouldn’t that be just fun?

It gets better. 

Hey, this is public data.  We are just enriching it with cross-database search.  Just like the No Fly List. 

We aren’t saying someone committed fraud, we are just pointing out they are 16 years old, their address is a P.O. Box, or a vacant lot, and they cast 11 ballots.  Let’s not judge here!

If it’s public data that Billy voted in Texas and Louisiana, who cares?  Well, Billy may care when cross-database search shows his neighbors he did it on the same day, twice each time.  

Look, here’s Jack, he was born in 1776, maybe he knew George Washington!  Wow, look at Sebastian, he has 761 people living in his two-bedroom condo.  Pablo, we thought he lived in Texas; hmmm, he voted in seven states last year, really interesting.  Dolores and Trish have been dead since 1936, but still vote in every election, that’s it, girls!

Fraud infrastructure takes decades to deliberately creep into the voter rolls.  It is then leveraged in every election. 

Sovereign bad actors would be forced to register tens of thousands of people, in many states in a few months.  Finding enough fake addresses, vacant lots, creating non-persons at scale quickly is pretty hard; especially since they would all have to be new.

Wow, thanks DHS, what a great idea:  A No Fly Voter List for known fraudsters and their scam addresses.

And by the way, we have really advanced the technology since the No Fly List. 


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