Why are the Democrats Acting So Guilty?

Now that we’ve reached the post-inauguration stage of our peaceful transition of power, one person in America needs a full audit of the election more than anyone -- President Asterisk.  How can the Harris/Biden administration effectively govern when nearly half of their constituents question the election?  There’s only so much the administration can do with executive orders -- orders which will be cancelled when the next president is elected.  They need legislation to achieve permanence in their policies.  That legislation is not possible without the consent of the governed -- unless they consider our consent an obsolete notion from an irrelevant Constitution.

The reason allegations of a “stolen election” linger is that there are mountains of irregularities that have not been addressed.  There were “pristine ballots” -- ballots that had supposedly been mailed in envelopes but had never been folded.  There were ballots that were received at the polls before they were mailed (according to their postmarks).  There were votes from dead people (a key Democratic demographic).  With those and other irregularities staring us in the face, we don’t know if the election was stolen because the evidence has never been litigated.

However, I want to talk about something other than the hard evidence.  If the election was legit, why are the Democrats acting so darned guilty?  When my kids were little, I always knew if they broke something -- by their behavior.  If a window had been broken, the offending ball would be mysteriously missing.  The broken glass would be picked up and taped back in place -- in hope that I wouldn’t notice.  When confronted, not a soul in the house would know anything about the accident or the coverup.  So again, I ask -- If the election was truly “free and fair,” why are the Democrats acting like it wasn’t?

This odd behavior started on election night.  If all the ballot counting was being done professionally and honestly, why were poll watchers sent home?  If there’s nothing to hide, why hide it?  Yet they were sent home -- for a broken water main that wasn’t really broken.  Oddly, after the poll watchers were dismissed, thousands of ballots were removed from a hiding place under a table and counted.  This gives new meaning to the term “getting out the vote” -- No?

The odd behavior continued during the election challenges.  The Democrats fought every request for a recount or an audit.  Election records were hidden, destroyed, or lost.  They’ve even been implying that election challenges are tantamount to insurrection -- asking that anyone questioning the election be disciplined.  Wouldn’t the winning party welcome an audit and debate to prove it actually won?

And finally, post-inauguration, we see the biggest “tell” of all.  Why are they impeaching a president who has left office?  The Democrats say they’re doing it because Donald Trump must be prevented from running again in four years.  But if Joe Biden really received more votes than any candidate in history, wouldn’t they relish the chance to do it again?  In 2020 we were certainly hoping they’d nominate Hillary again, so Trump could beat her again. 

Could it be that the Democrats don’t know if they can beat Trump in four years, because they don’t really know if they beat him this time?  That would explain a lot.  Under that scenario it would make perfect sense that we’re going through another impeachment proceeding.  It would also explain why we have 25,000 troops guarding the capital and why it’s so important to quash any discussion of election fraud.

They need the Republicans to nominate a candidate in four years who is more beatable than Donald Trump.  They need someone who will stand for a return to "unity" and "normalcy" -- by siding with the Democrats on key issues.  They need a Republican nominee who will campaign as a “statesman,” and never say a negative word about his/her opponent.  They need someone who if he actually wins, will not overturn lunch bucket Joe’s policies to put Americans out of work.  In short, they need the Republicans to nominate someone from the “Vichy” wing of the party.  They need the Mitt and Liz ticket.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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