Why are Democrats Pushing Impeachment?

President Trump is now Donald Trump, so why are Democrats demanding another impeachment?  Add to that, Trump is already out of office, the Chief Justice will not preside, and 45 senators have already objected to the questionable legality of the proceedings.  Is it pettiness, or is there another motive?

Nancy Pelosi is one of the snidest and most petty representatives in Congress.  I have personally heard from several Democratic representatives their beliefs that Pelosi held up critical immigration and COVID legislation that they privately supported, for no other reason than that it might help Trump look good. They supported the holdups because they feared retribution from Pelosi.  If you want to hear Pelosi’s partisanship, listen for yourself to her opening comments during the beginning of the House debate on Arizona’s electoral votes.  Pelosi is sufficiently petty to demand impeachment as a final boot out the door.  This is my personally favored reason and stands as a testament to the characters of Chuck Schumer, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney and others who have joined them.  While several junior Democrats may have done so out of fear, Democratic leaders and Republicans had no good excuses.

But there could be another reason; one that fits well with Democrats’ recent militarization of D.C. and gross violations of our 1st Amendment rights to speech and to assemble and the redress of grievances.

I recall a nature documentary on the social structure of chimpanzees.  The troop under study was led by an aging but caring chimpanzee that kept watch for threats, played with and educated the young, and was kind to the harem.  I’ll refer to him as “Don.”  One day, a younger, rogue male invaded the troop and deposed Don, I’ll call him “Joe.”  Rather than killing Don, Joe kept Don around to repeatedly demonstrate his superiority over Don.  Joe, as normal for a new alpha male, killed the infants to make the females receptive, but he also tyrannized the young, which was highly atypical for a new chimpanzee regime.  Joe also ignored the wellbeing of the troop, favoring his own safety and indulgences.  Some of the females had difficulty accepting Joe, and so he brutalized them, which made the entire harem fear Joe.  After a disturbing and tumultuous night, a bloodied Joe sat apart from the troop and the harem had reinstated Don as the alpha male.

Human dictators have learned better.  They defame and erase their predecessors, such that any comparisons are tainted by the defamation and there is no going back.  Human dictators also hide their abuses, but just enough so that their supporters can still cheer them, while their detractors have a strong suspicion that something bad will happen if they protest.

Pick your infamous, tyrannical dictatorship, and the United States under Democratic rule looks a lot like it.  If someone protests Emperor Biden’s extremist executive orders, questions his mental health, or shares the secret tomes detailing the prima facie evidence of massive election fraud, then they might be banned from Twitter or Facebook, or see themselves deplatformed or sued.

A pillow manufacturer, Michael J. Lindell, released a jaw-dropping video on foreign interference in our elections over the last two decades, and hardly anyone knows about it.  If a link to his video were placed in this article, Google would filter it, and Facebook and Twitter would ban anyone who linked here.  To find that video, in your address bar, type that pillow executive’s full name with middle initial, without spaces or punctuation, and add a “.com” to the end.

Banned from Twitter and Facebook, filtered by Google and with Parler deplatformed by Amazon, Trump has been effectively “murdered,” but that is not enough; his accomplishments remain.  When gas prices soar to $6 per gallon, when heating bills leap from $100 a month to $300, when the price of electricity hits $0.30 per kW-hr, when unemployment soars to 10% without COVID, as girl's sports become dominated by men, and as our armed forces are thrown back into useless wars, the People will remember how the non-COVID years of Trump were like the parting of rain clouds after the Obama-Biden storm, and compare them to the looming great flood of Biden-Harris.

The memory of Trump must be destroyed completely, both his accomplishments and his character.  Fake news already spent the last four years defaming his character and attributing his accomplishments to Obama, but only half of Americans bought the lies.  It is impossible to silence the other half.  Ideally, the Democrats would throw Trump in jail, but he hasn’t done anything illegal.  The handful of persecutors who went on fishing expeditions have so far come up empty, as have all of the Democrats’ other anti-Trump efforts.

The Democrats are now preparing a kangaroo court that will possibly include a perjury trap.  Rather than an impartial jurist to supervise the proceedings, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, as required by the Constitution, the mock trial will be led by Senator Patrick “Leaky” Leahy, who has already proclaimed Trump guilty.  One of the House impeachment managers, Congressman Jamie Raskin, has attempted to compel Trump to testify, even proclaiming that any refusal will be held against Trump, in violation of the plain language of the 5th Amendment.  Strange, because Raskin sponsored the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act.  At the least, expect a one-sided proclamation of Trump’s guilt and poor character. At the worst, expect Democrats to subpoena Trump and then to charge Trump with contempt of Congress when his facts contradict their truths.  Also expect Democrats to try to prevent Trump from ever holding office.

After 2020, the United States has started to look a lot like a 1940s European socialist dictatorship, and the second impeachment of Trump is but another example.  Joe Biden has repeatedly demonstrated signs of dementia, including mumbling instructions sent through his earpiece and mumbling unintelligibly while being directed to sign executive orders.  It is reminiscent of the “Star Trek” episode, “Patterns of Force,” in which John Gill was drugged and used as a puppet “Führer,” leaving us to question whose hand is in the sock puppet? 

Image: Phil Roeder

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