Slowing Killing The American Frog

If you grant credence to the contention that the election was at least manipulated, methodically, toward the end achieved, it is only a small step to seeing the rest of the story unfold. The election was one crucial part of a much larger and longer-term plot.

Our coup d’état started long ago, certainly well before the 2016 election. It was temporarily stalled by Trump’s unlikely and unanticipated win, but the plotters used his term to chip away at all the things we consider normal in life, bit by bit destabilizing our society and creating a new normal worthy of a Kafka novel.

Think of the old saw about killing a frog. If you throw him in a pot of boiling water, he’ll jump right out. But if you put him in cold water and turn on the flame, by the time he figures out what’s happening, it’s too late.

By harassing President Trump from the start of his term, Democrats kept him, and us, just enough off balance to keep on moving the pieces into place. A big part of that was forcing us to accept, incrementally, things we knew to be wrong.

We knew to be untrue the Russian and Ukrainian plots Trump supposedly perpetrated. By contrast, we had irrefutable proof that Biden plotted with Ukraine, but our institutions ignored that. We were force-fed a ‘new reality.’

Watching General Flynn, Carter Page and Roger Stone (among others) accused as criminals and destroyed financially added to the unease. None of the accusations were credible.

A 5 a.m. raid on Stone with a SWAT team and a TV crew was chilling. Why was it done? To undermine our belief in reality! We had to swallow each indignity. We never knew what or who might be sacrificed next.

We thought the Democrat actors in Congress were evil fools but watched in horror as they got away with every outrageous ploy. We will never see indictments for the plotters. We learned not to trust anyone in power. Attorneys General, White House Chiefs of Staff, the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department were impotent at best.

Without the media’s complicity, none of it could have happened. In my last article, I called it cooperative existentialism -- basically, the concept that if a tree falls in the forest, and journalists agree they won’t see it or talk about it on TV, it can never be proven to have happened. Add in the tech giants and their censorship, and we’ve had the perfect start of a repressive regime where propaganda rules, and reality is what they dictate.

The biggest effect of this was to set friend against friend, and family members against one another. Those few who simply paid attention to their own lives, because of the media blackout, missed the whole show. Democrats banked on that happening.

Think of this plot like it’s a giant Rubik’s Cube with one side manipulating the squares so that, one click at a time, the facets come into alignment until the puzzle is completed. You see patterns forming, same-color squares slowly moving into place. It won’t take a lot more effort to complete it; the most difficult part of the work has been done.

The preparation for ensuring Biden won started with a multi-pronged attack. COVID was an integral part, and I don’t doubt China’s intention was to use it as a means for decreasing the wealth and integrity of as many Western countries as possible. The proof: When the Chinese noticed over a year ago that the virus passed from human to human, the CCP closed all travel inside China from Wuhan, but allowed or sent Wuhan residents to travel worldwide. I would venture to infer intention from that fact.

COVID is complicated by the virus almost certainly having been genetically manipulated. The media then amplified its bad effects to keep us scared. This has allowed the government to perpetrate the utter destruction of our foundational small business community, destroying prosperity.

Our repressive COVID restrictions make no sense. In an earlier piece, I labeled it Munchausen by (Government) Proxy. Today’s news included a statistical study from Great Britain further exposing the COVID ruse; American Thinker published a joint NFL and CDC study a few days ago that showed no on-field COVID transmission all season.

Antifa’s and BLM’s escalating riots were orchestrated to make us believe we were evil and repressive to minorities — this despite our knowing we have an open, accepting society. Tearing down statues, un-naming buildings, streets, schools, and teams all rip at the structure underpinning our Republic.

Under ordinary circumstances, rioting and destruction would be quelled. But strategically placed mayors and DA’s, elected with money from disruptors such as George Soros, ensured that would not happen, as did media complicity. We saw news people standing in front of burning cityscapes, saying the riots were “mostly peaceful.”

By not stopping the riots, we conceded that mayhem was the new normal. By letting the rioters free afterward, without charges, good people lost hope.

Why do you know the names of the right-of-center people caught up in the riots, but not one name of the anarchists? All but one have remained anonymous. They’ve never been charged, including after the January 6th ‘insurgency.’ Does anyone know the name of any of the people who were chasing Kyle Rittenhouse? Do you know who shot Ashli Babbit? Do we have any idea who led the charge into the Capitol building?

Was the January 6th ‘insurgency’ pre-planned by the left to achieve exactly the purpose it served? Were the actual insurgents far-left operatives who simply knew that, in a crowd that big, they would find some hotheads among the group to follow their lead, especially if they were dressed in the American flag, not Antifa gear?

We’ve all seen how Antifa was again released without being charged, while people like Brandon Straka and Dr. Simone Gold, who attended the rally, are jailed and charged, de-platformed, and maligned. January 6th gave the left an excuse to repress more examples of American exceptionalism, militarize the Capitol, and then keep it under military lock-down, fenced and patrolled, for the foreseeable future.

We’ve had leftist members of Congress and the media maliciously harassing Trump supporters and officials for the last four years. That harassment was equally, if not more, obnoxious than the citizens of our Republic walking into one of our own public buildings, seemingly invited and escorted by police. It was meant to get out of hand, and it did, briefly.

As we watch reason disappear, Democrats ratchet up repression and cancel culture. They want everyone to get used to each new normal, then take it a step further. Do it again and again, stretching credulity a bit more each time. The water is gradually boiling and we’re still stuck in the pot.

IMAGE: Frog in boiling water by DonkeyHotey on Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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