Rebuild Better… But Rebuild What?

President Biden, his administration, and many others in the US and elsewhere are suggesting that modern Western capitalism is so bad that it needs to be dismantled and replaced with something else. "Rebuild better" they say, which -- among other things -- suggests a demolition of what we currently have.

 A very popular slogan (courtesy of EDF):

They are partially right. There are some things that exist in America, today, that are so detrimental to our national freedom and well-being that need to be dismantled, but the free market and constitutional protections of individual liberties, cornerstones of the modern Western capitalism, are not among them. Things that need to be dismantled are the following institutions that suffer from cancer of Marxism or its neo-Marxist derivatives that have metastasized from Soviet Union, Frankfurt (Germany), and some other places after WWII, and has produced its virulent variants here that pose a grave threat to our Republic and the good lives that it has been offering to common Americans.

Human Resources departments should go first. It appears that many administrators who work there are facilitating of neo-Marxist theories such as "critical theory" with its recent American offspring, "critical race theory." In particular, HR departments are vigorously imposing the dictatorship of merit-less "diversity" on the institutions in which they decide who gets hired and who gets fired.

Schools, colleges, and universities should go second. Many of them are bastions of Marxism and they do indoctrinate many students with absurd and wrong ideas that led to deaths of more than 100,000,000 innocent civilians in nations that adopted Marxism as their orthodox ideology. Majorities of faculty at almost all institutions of learning are either supporting or tolerant of transformation of America onto a Marxist or neo-Marxist system under the dictatorship of the merit-less "diversity," along the lines postulated in "critical race theory."

Then the so-called "mainstream" media, the vast majority of whom have been corrupted to the core by the neo-Marxist ideology. The said corruption was a result of the systemic indoctrination with neo-Marxism of then-aspiring journalists who were studying at America’s most renowned schools of journalism, most notably, at Columbia University. It is worth noting that Columbia was among the first hosts in the US states into which the cancer of neo-Marxism metastasized from Frankfurt School and few other centers of Marxism in Europe.

Then the so-called "Big Tech" companies many of whom became de-facto monopolies that use their wealth and the control of information that they have grabbed for political purpose that is congruent with the above-mentioned neo-Marxist agendas and their derivatives. Lately, they openly engage in systemic censorship of all those who expose on-going hostile takeover of America by a trans-national would-be clique and its supporters and mercenaries.

And so on ...

Since mid-1960s, the new emerging ruling class, through their genuinely conceived and masterfully implemented plan to "transform" the United States onto a neo-Marxist system of political power, little-by-little regulated the private sector to the point that the businesses are not allowed to hire and fire whomever they would like to, and often have to pay their employees according to government-imposed standard and labor unions’ schedule. Heavy regulating of the private sector by federal and state government is a fact of life.

Therefore, there is nothing that would prevent imposition of the law that would either prohibit or make it more difficult for companies and organizations, be it in the private or public sectors, to carry on or support any of the mentioned-above neo-Marxist ideas, in particular, the dictatorship of "diversity" and "critical theory" with its most venomous instance that is progressing in today's America, "critical race theory."

I understand the objections of some of those who appear reluctant to defend the Constitution and preserve America, defined by the Constitution and by the sense of right and wrong of the majority of Americans, for themselves and their posterity with what they consider extra-constitutional means.  But such objections are irrational and are based on a common fallacy that, in an extreme version, allows for interpretation of the Constitution as a suicide pact for the Republic. Those objectors' invalid reasoning allows the trans-national would-be ruling clique to exploit every single vulnerability of the Republic in their vigorous, clever, and well-orchestrated efforts to disable its defenses. Those objectors may wish to reflect upon what Thomas Jefferson said: "The law of self-preservation is higher than written law."

The bottom line here is that the Republic and the Constitution have been maneuvered, by the said clique and its mercenaries, to the point where they are unable to defend themselves against on-going hostile takeover. We have seen this inability clearly during the wide-spread riots by BLM/Antifa during which the federal government miserably failed to protect the property and persons of thousands of law-abiding Americans from the violence of rioting mobs. We have seen this inability clearly in the aftermath of 2020 elections that were plagued with widespread fraud and other "irregularities," yet the governmental institutions did virtually nothing to get to the bottom of the problem and even participated in activities that looked like a classic case of cover-up, while a large portion of the American voters justly demanded elections transparency.

Unless we allow ourselves to use all available to us means of non-violent defense that are as effective as the ones that the assailants on our Republic and the Constitution use, all we will accomplish will be to lose our country "gracefully" to the neo-Marxists and their revolutionary mercenaries who will promptly dispose of both. (They are claiming, already, that both the Constitution and the Republic are "systemically racist," which makes their hostile intentions to "cancel" them quite obvious.)

But then, what's the point of self-restricting ourselves to what the Constitution prescribes and to the current modus of operandi of the Republic if such a self-restriction just cripples our defenses and will most certainly lead to the cancellation of both?

And if some putative conservatives keep insisting that we must self-restrict ourselves that way, and chose losing our country "gracefully" rather than defending it with all non-violent means that are available to us within or outside Constitution, we should just ignore their misguided concerns and make them permanently unelectable.

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