Moving Forward to Unify the GOP

¾ OF Republicans want former President Donald Trump to play a prominent role in the Republican Party,  according to Quinnipiac University Survey

There was a national poll that found that 75% of Republican respondents said Trump should play a major role in the GOP going forward

87% of Republicans said they think Trump should not be barred from holding future office

A good majority of Republicans don’t want to walk away from President Trump’s platforms - so how do we keep 75 million people happy moving forward and keep the party intact?  The Republican party needs to embrace the Trump message even if they don’t embrace the man.

We Support:                                           

-Lower taxes

- Legal immigration

-The Border Wall

-Less government

-Fewer regulations

-America First policies

We Oppose:

- Defunding Police

- Burning down cities

- Tearing down statues

Thanks to President Trump, our party has overseen the revival of the Rust Belt and manufacturing jobs.  We brought in blue collar workers, workers producing hydrocarbons, more African Americans, Latinos, gays, and believers in the importance of the Second Amendment. The Republican party needs to work to continue these gains and continue to keep those segments of our communities engaged.

Most of us understand that a third party would ensure that Democrats would win every future race. But when we have Republican representatives making the statements they have recently, it is important to note that it is that kind of rhetoric that further divides the party. We must keep in mind that the majority of Republicans still appreciate what President Trump did for this country. 

Right now, the truth is that those in the party who criticize the person that brought positive change to this country are the ones who are divisive and are not correctly reading the majority of Republicans. They recoil at the populist direction of the party of Trump because they still don't get his appeal and they've been used to being in the minority so long that they see that as their role. Trump’s platforms win; lower taxes, China, the wall, the economy, useless regulations, the Middle East, and Jerusalem the capital of Israel, to name a few.

The left mocked his aspirations. Trump liked winning and so did 75,000,000 voters. It's not a personality cult as his detractors would have you believe. It's about policy and results; results that upset the inside the beltway dwellers and their nice lucrative deals with K Street lobbyists and other special interests.

The Republican Party needs to see the problems from which Washington corruption benefits and address them head on. When government gets to the size and partisanship that this one has grown to, it becomes a coherent organism. Organisms have immune systems and tTrump was an invasive species.

We don’t need a third party; we need a Trump policy party. The days of the “this is the way we’ve always done it” are over. That train is leaving the station, you can be on it or left behind at the station.

President Trump astonishingly remade this party to be what the Democrats always claimed they were but were not. There is no turning back in the face of socialism. People with the courage to push back harder than they are pushed are the only hope for the future of this country. The old GOP is obsolete. It can never again be the party of people who just want to go along to get along. Third parties are self-defeating. You need a majority of House and Senate seats to accomplish lasting change. It would take many years for a third party to make that happen.

The Democrats would love nothing more than to divide the Republican Party. But all Republicans in office would do well to correctly assess the current sentiment of the majority of the Republican Party. To understand the Trump voter, because the Trump voter demands action and results. We are now the party of the working class. We must reassure those who joined us by the millions that we will remain the party of the working class. We will not betray their trust in us. As Margaret Thatcher said to a previous president, “this is no time to go wobbly, George.” We need to refuse to be cowed by entities from the left. They would never moderate. The Trump voter can smell weakness. We must remain proud of the accomplishments of the last 4 years.

A step in the right direction was taken by Columbiana County (Ohio) Republican Chairman, State Republican Committeeman David Johnson. Mr. Johnson proposed an America First Resolution to the Columbiana County Republican Central Committee, and it was unanimously adopted at their meeting three weeks ago. (Copy of resolution below.)

Since then, other Ohio counties have been adopting similar such resolutions. The reason for this Resolution was simply to galvanize support among the base of the Party who very strongly support Donald Trump and his America First platform.

They will be championing the America First platform in every race in their county - from the townships and municipalities to the courthouses to the state house and beyond.

They expect it to be their rallying cry moving forward - take back America!

Rose Tennent of Pennsylvania has been a prominent figure for 20 years as a syndicated conservative political talk show host. 2020 Delegate Candidate for PA  14th District. @rose_unplugged