Let’s Have a Dialogue about ‘Hate’

I was blessed to have a half-hour phone chat with my Seattle City Councilman last week and I started by asking him about defunding the police. He responded with a long monologue about police use of excessive force, in particular pepper spray and tear gas, going back to the 1990 WTO riots when he was 13.

I interjected at some point that “government is force.” And government officials like him are ultimately backed up by men with guns. He didn’t take it too well.

Later on in our chat he emitted the word “hate.” Clearly, he was opposed to it. That was a day before a few -- oh, a very few -- of our liberal friends emitted the hashtag #RestInPiss upon the death of a harmless little fuzzball by the name of Rush Limbaugh.

What our liberal friends do not understand -- probably because their education begins and ends with “whiteness studies” -- is the old Newtonian Science™ that action and reaction are equal and opposite. If you hate hate then you are a hater. If you hate white racists then you are a racist -- and a hater.

If you are too sophisticated to be reciting lines from Newton you can use Hegel’s notion, that the north pole of a magnet is exactly the same as the south pole, except that it is opposite.

If Hegel is a bit vieux jeu for you then you can advance to Jung, who said that any extreme lurch either towards reason or towards instinct provokes an opposite move.

If Jung is a bit old-fashioned for you, you can invoke my up-to-the-minute Great Reaction notion, that the left is a great reaction against the modern culture of individualism and contract, a lurch towards the primitive of lord and serf and a medieval romance about “community.” Reparations, for instance, is a return to Vengeance.

Dear old Rush: how the left hated him. And do you know why? Because Rush satirized them, with his “feminazis,” and his breathtaking Friday “Environmentalist Wacko Picks” for Sunday’s NFL games, and on and on. You are not allowed to satirize the left: That’s Not Funny.

It’s odd, isn’t it, that back at the very apogee of the white-supremacist über-patriarchal British Empire the duo of Gilbert and Sullivan wrote incredibly popular musicals, satirizing the Royal Navy in HMS Pinafore, policemen in “A Policeman’s Lot is Not a Happy One,” modern Major Generals and their knowledge of the hypotenuse, and the House of Lords -- which, down the centuries, “did nothing in particular, and did it very well.” And everybody laughed about it.

Years ago, I proposed a woke satirical take of the opera Aida. You know the story. The Egyptian warrior Radames falls in love with an Ethiopian slave girl, and the Pharoah’s daughter, Amneris, is not amused. Here is my version:

The Pharaoh is the President of Egypt University and the Chief Priest that sends everyone off to war is the Chief Diversity Officer.  Amneris, of course, is the Dean of Women's Studies and Radames is a young professor about to get tenure.  Aida is a young graduate student that's really a closet Christian, daughter of Amonasro, president of the awful Christian college across town.

Well, you can imagine what the feminist Amneris, Dean of Women's Studies, is going to do, especially with her power over graduate student Aida and with Radames' application up before the tenure committee.

Ain’t I a Stinker! ©Bugs Bunny. But forget ever getting such a production of Aida performed in these United States.

But wouldn’t it be fun for, say, Lin-Manuel Miranda to follow up Hamilton with a rap musical that satirizes black racists like “the Reverend Sharpton” (the way Rush said it) and the “oppressed peoples, allies, and white oppressors” narrative? It would be appropriate, after all, right at the very peak of the Wokist Empire, just like Gilbert and Sullivan in their day.

In your dreams, hater.

But somebody, some time, needs to write a satire that points out that racism and anti-racism emit the same hatey-hate obsession with race that is good only for getting gentry liberals and blacks to return their mail-in ballots on even-numbered election years.

Here in Seattle, our glorious City Council just passed a law mandating a $4 per hour premium for grocery workers. Guess what. Kroger has announced it will close two stores in Seattle.

In response to the Seattle store closings, Seattle City Council President M. Lorena González said in a statement... that 73% of Seattle voters support the hazard pay law.

As every Seattle politician has been carefully taught, opinion polls beat the hatey-hate Science™ of supply and demand every day of the week.

I’ve noticed in recent months that the Seattle grocery-store workers appear to be a lot more upscale than before the pandemic. Do you think that noble college-kid “allies” are taking jobs away from helpless “oppressed peoples?”

What’s that? I have committed “hate” for even thinking that?

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