Don't Let Progressives Control the Language of the National Debate

When two opposing forces are locked in battle, it is of the utmost importance not to let one side be the decider of the rules of engagement.  It is a crucial error to let one side decide what weapons are used, what land is fought over, and what language is used.  It is an obvious error to allow one's enemy to decide the language.  On this point, Patriots (conservatives/constitutionalists/Christians) cannot allow the Progressives (Deep State/socialists/globalists) to decide the language we use in our battle for America.  In particular, we cannot allow them to decide who is extreme and who is not.  The Progressives are the extremists.

– Progressives are the extremists when it comes to immigration.  Progressives want an open border; they are allowing illegals in without criminal checks and COVID testing.  A country without borders will not be a sovereign country much longer.  Maybe that is the Globalists' intent.

– Progressives are the extremists when it comes to abortion.  Progressives would allow abortion at any time of the pregnancy and even after the birth, which is infanticide.  And the Progressives see no problem with selling aborted baby parts — extremely wrong and extremely disturbing. 

– Progressives are the extremists when it comes to the "Digital Kristallnacht" that took place during and after the 2020 election.  Deep State authorities stood by and did nothing while Big Tech canceled millions of Americans' First Amendment rights of speech, opinion, and association.

– Progressives are the extremists when it came to the "mostly violent" riots that took place last summer.  Deep State authorities stood by and did nothing while insurrectionists killed and beat up innocent bystanders as well as  stole, destroyed, and set fire to private property.  Deep State politicians like Kamala Harris did nothing to stop the riots except bail the rioters out of jail.

– Progressives have become the extremists when it comes to our race relations in America.  Many progressives now believe that to judge someone "not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character" is racist.  MLK would disagree.

– Progressives believe that one's skin color at birth alone can cause one to be racist.  One must ask: where is the American Civil Liberties Union on this fundamental fairness issue?  The ACLU is so strangely mute concerning basic civil liberties that it's bewildering.

– Progressives are now creating the "Ministry of Truth," which they say is to outlaw disinformation.  But we know that it is to make it a crime to say anything the Progressives disagree with — an extreme violation of the First Amendment.  Their goal is to censor and make illegal conservative, constitutional, and Christian points of view and news media. 

– Progressives' extremism in terms of the global warming hoax is causing and will cause more Americans to live under third-world conditions.  An obvious recent example of this is in Texas.  This extremism of climate change orthodoxy will cause gas prices to rise to above $4.00 per gallon — almost unaffordable to Trump's working-class voters.  Maybe that is their goal. 

– Progressive extremism regarding the environment is causing farmers and ranchers to lose the productiveness and usefulness of their land and at the same time government authorities are still requiring taxes from the landowner.

– Progressives are becoming science- and biology-deniers of our male and female world in favor of politically correct gender fluidity. 

– In the Progressives' extreme hatred of twice elected Donald J. Trump, they are proposing a law that the twice elected president cannot be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.   There has never been a law that any president of the United States cannot be buried at Arlington — not even for Nixon or Clinton.  This is extreme blind hatred by the Progressives.

– In the Progressives' extreme hatred of Trump, they are not allowing for a formal investigation into the voting fraud and felonious activities associated with the 2020 election.  The Progressives are going so far as to say the questioning of the legitimacy of the 2020 election is a crime and insurrection.  Again, Progressives are trying to unilaterally deny First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights in the questioning of the legitimacy and illegalities of the election results of 2020.  This is what totalitarian governments do; they do not tolerate questions.

– The Progressives' extreme loyalty and submissiveness to "all things China" are allowing for American tax dollars to continue to go to the Wuhan laboratory.  The COVID virus almost certainly came from this viral laboratory in China and thus caused the deaths of 500,000 Americans.  Progressives find it easier just to blame Trump rather than hold China responsible.  Progressives are the Blame America First party. 

– Progressives' extreme hatred of "all things Trump" in terms of COVID certainly caused American deaths.  Instead of New York politicians sending COVID patients to the underutilized Javitz Center, Samaritan's Purse, and USS Comfort naval ship, New York's Governor Cuomo sent them to nursing homes.  Nursing homes!  There were plenty of beds at Javitz, Samaritan's Purse, and the Comfort.  They wanted to make sure Trump got no credit for COVID relief.  This is extremely hateful, extremely stupid, extremely petty, and probably criminal.

– The Progressives, in their lack of looking at the science, shut down many blue states'  small businesses and their schools.  Most are still closed today.  The science does not support this, especially for the schoolchildren.  Science clearly shows that the lockdowns are devastating to school-age children.  This was the Progressives' extreme reaction to create turmoil, animosity, and chaos in the fall of 2020.

– The Progressives, in their extreme denial of the First Amendment's freedom of religion clause, shut down churches, synagogues, and choirs.  And if not totally shut down,  they limited church attendance in most of these.  Totalitarian governments do not like large groups of people assembled together, whether it is at church or at a Trump MAGA rally.  Hypocritically, they did not have any problems with Antifa nor Black Lives Matter riots.

– The Progressives' extreme overreaction to the mostly peaceful rally on January 6 is an example of them not allowing a tragedy to go to waste.  The Progressives are trying to use the January 6 rally for voter integrity to deny law-abiding citizens their First and Second Amendment rights.

– Progressives, in their extremism, try to defund the police and call them "pigs," deny citizens' private property rights, conduct "Five Year" witch hunts of a duly elected president, deny citizens the right to attend church, and now say Rush Limbaugh deserved to get cancer and die.  That's who Progressives are today. 

He who controls the language controls the argument.  He who controls the argument controls the battle.  And he who controls the battle controls the conflict.  Patriots, with righteous indignation, cannot allow the Progressives to decide what is insurrection, what is free speech, what is hate speech, what is disinformation, and what is extreme.  The Progressives have a clear track record of being the extremists.  Patriots have a clear track record of following the Bill of Rights.  Do not apologize for being right.

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