Conservatives have the tools for a peaceful revolution

Half of America blindly supports the gradual and increasingly obvious move toward socialism. Their leaders either want communism or don’t care much about the future provided they gain power while they are still around to enjoy it. The other half of America shouts from the treetops that communism is coming and that it’s time to do something about it – but that’s all. To prevail in this ideological battle, they need to do much more.

The left is well-funded, organized, takes care of its own, and gets global support. The right needs funding, lacks organization, is only just learning to take care of its own, and gets nothing from overseas except condemnation and derision.

When will Conservatives have had enough of this to do something, rather than complain about this steady move toward tyranny?

Untrustworthy elections certainly weren’t enough. Most on the right question the federal election process, yet say only, “…we’ll get ‘em in 2022.” This despite the fact that there’s been no investigation into the 2020 election, and leftists mock and bully us into accepting it on their say-so. That’s confidence, and they’ll be even more confident in 2022.

Untrustworthy leadership hasn’t been enough either. President Biden is clearly mentally deficient, judging by his confused public speaking. The unlikeable Vice President’s decisive primary losses prove no one wanted her in the White House. She blames racism, of course.

Leftist policies haven’t been enough. Biden’s numerous executive orders undoing policies clearly important to half the country, and beneficial to the other half, haven’t stimulated a significant response. Lies, misleading information, disastrous economic policies, open borders, bad trade and climate agreements, distorted COVID-19 facts, and destroying girls’ sports, etc., have only generated more noise.

Nor have decades of leftist indoctrination in educational institutions been enough. Schools don’t even teach how our republic operates or why it was designed as it is. They teach how America has perpetrated great evil in the world, and demand false rights, like healthcare, abortion, and “equitable” life outcomes. They deny the very existence of a Creator, from whom natural rights come. One doesn’t even have to believe in a Creator to understand the logic of natural rights, but the left refuses to see even that.

Unscrupulous politicians violate federal and state constitutions without opposition since too few people know what these vital contracts even say. Politicians’ need for reelection money is so powerful it corrupts even the most well-meaning officeholders who are seemingly unconcerned about the long-term consequences of pursuing their short-term interests.

Yet, conservatives are still not mad enough to do anything!

Conservatives are targeted by left-leaning business enterprises that punish them for their views. These are the same people who used the law to punish bakers for not wanting to participate in a gay wedding or support leftist ideas. Leftists are the equivalent of Tories in colonial America who considered independence speech hateful, southern slaveholders who hated abolitionist speech, and segregationists who hated hearing about Civil Rights. Allowing speech you hate is the whole point of the First Amendment.

Some conservatives say, “Don’t worry…just wait until they come for our guns.”

That line of thinking has gotten us nowhere so far. Conservatives did little when banks refused to provide services to firearms-related businesses, or when state policies forced manufacturers to leave, and they were silent when people sued firearms manufacturers for a gun owner’s behavior. Will they finally do something when they are told to register their weapons or when they are required to pay a tax to keep them? Or will it be when they are ordered to relinquish them at gunpoint?

I know from reading and listening that conservatives do want to do something, but they don’t know what exactly. The good news is conservatives can act, and it does not require a violent revolution.

First, while the federal election leaves them feeling frustrated and even powerless, it’s really true that “all politics is local.” There is significant political power locally, and conservatives must learn to use it to change America’s direction.

Conservatives must recognize that this is a culture war in which the left currently dominates -- but the right can use the same tactics. The conservative advantage is that its principles and objectives are best for everyone. To win, then, conservatives must demonstrate this reality in ways that positively affect most Americans—especially those sitting on the political fence or reflexively voting for Democrat.

Too few conservatives pay attention to elections for city and county councils, school boards, and state legislatures. The left pays attention and devotes time and energy to develop comprehensive action plans to advance leftist ideals. Conservatives must do the same, although this means sacrificing time, talent, and even treasure.

Conservatives can volunteer to go door-to-door promoting their candidates and work the phone banks to educate voters and solicit support. They can volunteer for candidates at campaign headquarters and serve as poll workers to keep elections transparent and honest. They can put up yard signs and engage their neighbors in meaningful discussions.

Because elections are expensive, conservatives must put their money behind good candidates. This action can replace left-leaning politicians at the local level, positively affecting elections at all levels.

Conservatives can regain control of local school boards and counter leftist indoctrination in K-12 schools. They can also promote homeschooling, so the leftist content advocated by teachers’ unions affects fewer children. Most importantly, conservatives must mentor their own kids instead of relying upon schools. They must have sit-down family meals whenever possible and discuss topics that matter to them. They must also control the media their children absorb. The Left is infecting kids in every way possible.

Learning to enjoy the “B” movie content produced by faith organizations instead of Hollywood’s explicit sex, gratuitous violence, and incessant leftist content will help. People’s money and time are powerful tools to encourage more “A” level entertainment promoting universal values like courage, honor, truth, and justice. These movies don’t have to be boring or instructional. The good ones don’t titillate base instincts. They offer real talent and compelling stories—think Schindler’s List or The Blind Side. The success of “A” level faith-based films like The Passion of the Christ shows there is a market.

Conservatives must counter the Cancel Culture. Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire set an outstanding example by immediately hiring Gina Carano to create and star in her own film after Disney’s Lucasfilms vindictively fired her for having conservative values. The Daily Wire also recently produced Run, Hide, Fight, an action movie that encourages positive conservative values.

Boycotting every leftist business is impractical, but conservatives can successfully boycott specific businesses. Just as they rallied to support Chick-fil-A against leftist boycotts, they can collectively and systematically boycott high-value Leftist targets. They must deny the target their business and make it clear why. Businesses listen when profits plummet. When finished with one left-leaning business, they can move to the next. Other businesses will change behaviors to avoid this negative attention.

Errant politicians can be held accountable for their actions as is happening with Wyoming’s Rep. Liz Cheney and California’s Governor Gavin Newsom. Conservatives need to step up organizing these grassroots efforts just as leftists have done, and they must remember and target Republicans who sell out their conservative constituents.

Ultimately, conservatives must avoid the “We’ll get ‘em next time” mindset that believes the next federal election will be the one that finally works. They must drive all sorts of political and election activities, especially at the local level, to effect change. If they don’t, the left will continue to set the political agenda and ultimately destroy the republic. They know what they’re doing and so do conservatives. It is simply irresponsible and too late to wait until they come for our guns.

IMAGE: Family Dinner (talking about politics?) by August de Richelieu from Pexels.