Book Burning, Name Calling, And The Democrats Praetorian Guard

When Barack Obama ran in 2008, I was virulently opposed to his candidacy. I wasn’t a huge McCain fan, but at least I knew he had America’s best interests at heart, something I never felt about Obama. Four years later I had issues with Romney, but for similar reasons, I voted for him.  

Once Obama was in office, I disagreed with almost everything he did for eight years, whether Obamacare, DACA, GM, DADT, or virtually everything race-related. I disagreed with his trading for Bowie Bergdahl, his pardon of Chelsea Manning, and his commutation of the sentence of FLAN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. I disagreed with his signing the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran deal, and his servile posture towards China. I disagreed with his policies on housing, on education, and on energy. Essentially, there was nothing I agreed with Barack Obama on. He could have been Chinese or Italian or Jewish or Klingon…I didn’t care. I thought everything he did was simply wrong.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Obama’s inauguration: Apparently, I magically transformed into a racist. Who knew?

Somehow, because Barack Obama was black, my fundamental differences with Democrat policies made me a racist. Never mind that I would have disagreed with the exact same policies had they come from Biden or Kerry or Clinton. No, suddenly it’s wasn’t my opinions or my actions that made me a racist, but my opposition to a black president’s policies.

It was unimportant that I believe the smartest man in America is Thomas Sowell, a black man. Or that I think Justice Thomas is one of the most brilliant men ever to sit on the Supreme Court. Or the fact that one of the most respected men in my life personally was a black man. I disagreed with Obama’s policies and therefore I’m a racist.

If that sounds strange, it should because words actually mean things. When that stops, we lose our foundation for a coherent society. And that is exactly what is going on today with the Democrat party. Disagree on policy? You’re a racist. Support Trump? You’re a cultist. Assert election fraud? You’re a terrorist.

Democrats are not only defining their opponents as the enemy, but they’re also using the language as a tool literally to destroy the United States. The word Racist means something. According to Webster

A belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. 

That’s specific and, likely, something few Americans believe. There are racists among us, but until 2008 racism was a tiny problem in America. Hate crimes had plummeted – becoming almost nonexistent by the dawn of the last millennia. Then came 2008, 2016 and, finally, 2020.

From “The police acted stupidly,” to Kaepernick, to Ferguson, America took a giant step backward in race relations during the presidency of Barack Obama. Then came Donald Trump, a guy with no filter, who often insulted delicate snowflakes with language more appropriate for a factory floor than the UN stage. But more than his words, it was his ideas that were abhorrent to Democrats and establishment Republicans: Get government out of people’s lives. Reduce government power! Allow citizens to be free and keep more of their money. Stop endless wars. Those words are Kryptonite to career government apparatchiks, contractors, and the universe of sycophantic lobbyist and media pilot fish who feast on their scraps.

And so, today, we find that Democrats, having fraudulently eliminated the single biggest threat to the leviathan of government power in a century, have decided to eliminate all potential to resurrect any such threats. Not only are leftists seeking to bar Trump from ever running again, but they’re also seeking to demonize and ostracize his supporters.

How? Language. You’re labeled a racist,  a terrorist, or a fascist on social media for all the world to see. The terrorist designation used to be for people who blow up planes, kill innocents in discos, or set fire to churches. No longer. Today, simply stating you believe the Democrats stole the 2020 election is sufficient to get you labeled as such, as is voicing your support for Trump or an investigation into election anomalies.

This wouldn’t be a catastrophic problem if it was limited to social media. However, there’s no such limitation. Being designated a terrorist and landing on a government watchlist has enormous real-life consequences, from the ability to fly to risking custody of your children to exercising your 2nd Amendment rights.

Democrats discussed throwing out Congressmembers who supported calls for a review of the election. They talked about making lists of his supporters and even “reprogramming” white supremacists, which is what all Trump supporters apparently are.

And based on the fiction of widespread “white supremacism,” the Biden administration is “standing down” the American military so commanders can address “extremism” in their ranks. Essentially one political party is seeking to eliminate from within military ranks all those who support that party’s political opponents – despite soldiers taking an oath to uphold the Constitution, not a man or party. In this way, should Democrats call on the military to support its purges, they’ll face less resistance from soldiers who understand the Posse Comitatus Act and who might be averse to raising their weapons against law-abiding American citizens.

The Democrats are using the fiction of Trump supporters being terrorists to mold the military into a Praetorian Guard for use against Americans when and if necessary. Anyone familiar with the Roman Empire understands why that might not be conducive to a free society.

Supplementing all of the machinations within the government is the takeover of the town square by blocking Trump and his supporters from social media and banking, and even by circumventing the Fourth Amendment by getting compliance corporations to conduct illegal searches.  With the cancel culture seeking to keep Trump supporters out of colleges and jobs, and quashing publishing contracts, you have the modern equivalent of book burning. What’s more, the authors and supporters of such unapproved content will be figuratively stoned in the public square until they surrender their minds to the majority.

And so here we are, in February 2021, three weeks after Biden and the Democrats took total control of Washington and witnessing an Impeachment trial so unconstitutional it would be laughable if it were not so dangerous. The Democrats aim to eviscerate any opposition and that starts with the man who inspired 75 million Americans to seek to Make America Great Again.

Regardless of the outcome of the impeachment trial, the die has been cast, and it is indeed dark. Democrats seek complete control of the American government, unlimited authority over every aspect of American life and, most of all, total domination of the American people. They will of course use their traditional tools of regulation and taxation, but that’s not enough. They have new tools: name-calling, book burning, intellectual fascism, and focusing of the military on domestic enemies.

Those policies didn’t end particularly well in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union last century and I wouldn’t expect them to end well here either.

IMAGE: Joe Biden takes the oath of office. YouTube screengrab.

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