Are Democrats Creating Two Americas?

In Year One of the Biden Revolutionary Calendar, Democrats, the left, and the globalist clique are in high spirits.  They’ve resumed the four years stalled wonderous “transformation” of America, and they’re doing so with a literal vengeance.  These Jacobins won’t end up transforming the country, though.  No, what they’re setting in motion is the law of unintended consequences.  They want to radically change America through sheer imposition, dominance, and by curtailing basic rights.  In fact, as this is written, they’re off to a swell start driving a deeper wedge between Americans.  Might they wind up creating two Americas?      

Starting things off, the Jacobins have Gorilla-glued a pen into the withered hand of Joe Biden.  He’s signed a bevy of executive orders as if he’s a preprogrammed, personality-free Disney animatron, which he may be.  The goal is to undo the magnificent work of the cabal’s scourge, Donald J. Trump, who, for these revanchists, is Louis XVI and Cromwell rolled into one.  The hard-earned successes of President Trump -- from the economy to the border wall to winding down forever wars  are intolerable testaments to free, traditional America, which the Jacobins have spent decades deprecating.                                     

Consequently, government by fiat is the rage -- and necessary -- because the Democrat-controlled Congress has been frying bigger fish.  In step with Biden’s pledge to build unity, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer pursued Trump again -- and whiffed again in prosecuting persecuting him.  The Jacobins, being stalwart living constitutionalists -- hence, shameless sophists -- found new meaning in Article 1, Section 3, of the U.S. Constitution: ex-presidents can actually, really, cross their hearts, be removed from the office they no longer occupy.  It’s all very fab, as they used to say in the 60s.       

While dirtying up Trump came a cropper, Democrats did manage to sow the seeds of further discord and division.  But like a mythic figure, Trump grows mightier with each adversity thrown at him.  The Jacobins' attempted annihilation of an undeniably formidable nemesis only serves to put even more steel in the spines of MAGA millions.  Criminal pursuit of the ex-president by these Democrat firebrands will cleave the nation further.     

Turning D.C. into an armed camp doesn’t exactly shout “kumbaya.”  The Yawn-of-the-Century inaugural happened without so much as a jaywalking incident.  Nonetheless, the “threat” lingers, claim the Jacobins.  Camo-clad soldiers patrol the streets, when not bedding down on concrete floors in parking garages.  The Capitol is ringed with fences and razor wire.  It’s like a topsy-turvy taste of post-WWII Berlin, when the Russians erected fences and walls to keep citizens from fleeing.  In this case, the Jacobins deploy the military and build fences to keep free people out of the institutions that are rightfully theirs.

Trump isn’t targeted alone.  About half the nation is on the naughty side of the Naughty or Nice list kept by score-settling Jacobins.  Per their ledgers, our side’s crimes are many.  We support Trump.  We dare to exercise our free speech rights.  We question the honesty of the 2020 presidential contests.  We mock a pillar of the heathens’ pseudo-religion, “Manmade” climate change.  We know that fossil fuel and the Keystone XL Pipeline are very good things.  We know that gender isn’t plastic.  Real females deserve athletics free from faux female participation.  We know that babies in the womb are human beings.  We refute, as patent race-mongering, the harangue that America is an irredeemably racist land, which must be punished and deconstructed, and whose nonblack citizens must be Jim Crowed as an initial down payment on recompense.

Our stupendously greatest offense?  We’re a law-abiding, patriotic, God-fearing, family-loving, and hard-working people.  We’d rather spend weekends watching our kids play sports and grilling in our backyards than venting our spleens at pretend injustices and protesting for another weird, confected right.  The Jacobins detest us for us.  Our sanity is a mirror they loathe to gaze into.  Hence, we’re to be cancelled or, perhaps, worse. 

Dinesh D’Souza has a podcast on Rumble, a censorsship-free YouTube alternative.  On Episode 23 (February 10, 2021) he spoke with his wife, Debbie.  The conversation beginning at 59:21 is the takeaway. 

The nub of the segment was about what can be done to protect patriots from the predation and repression that the Jacobins, in cahoots with establishment allies, are perpetrating.  They cited Big Tech censorship and the Parler takedown as examples.  Paraphrasing Debbie, she said that to get out from under the thumb of the Jacobins, it’s important that our side “create our own institutions… pretty much our own everything.”  Dinesh D’Souza offered that as a remedy to Big Tech tyranny, we need to not only create content, but infrastructure.  Debbie closed with: “We have to, in a sense, create our own United States of America.”        

Debbie and Dinesh aren’t wrong.  Continuing to subject ourselves to the institutional power wielded by the Jacobins and their cronies leaves us vulnerable. 

How many millions of Americans now walk on eggshells fearful that a politically incorrect word will result in their firings?  How many businesses tiptoe for fear that anything that smacks as impolitic to corporate clients aligned with the Jacobins will end contracts?  How many patriotic young Americans navigate through increasingly toxic environments in schools, hoping only to graduate and get the heck out?  How many Americans daily choose not to stand up for their beliefs simply not to put their families at risk of retribution? 

Yet consider this question.  Is it possible to create parallel Americas without instigating a separation?  A divergence among Americans has been underway since the 60s.  It’s been a visible, though gradual, parting.  But the parting is accelerating.  Half of America doesn’t share many of the same values, and in some sense, principles, with the other half.  Our worldviews differ.  This is noteworthy: greater disengagement is something patriotic Americans are being driven toward, not so much choosing.  The Jacobins vindictive politics and power lust are doing the driving.       

Can we build separate tracks in terms of business, finance, communications, education, popular culture, and socially (that’s already accomplished to a larger extent) and expect to cohere as a nation?  Yes, possibly, but it would take an enormous amount of respect and tolerance for differences and a deliberate effort to arrive at agreements about national governance.  The way forward would be markedly reduced national government, devolution (greater federalization), and a significant increase in states’ rights.  Smaller and diffuse are more compatible with tolerance -- and liberty.  To coexist and cohere, we’d need a return to an approximation of Jefferson’s ideal of America. 

The sticking point is that the Jacobins and their globalist cronies have no affinity for a Jeffersonian America.  They’re statists who are wont to relinquish power.  They seek adherence and conformity.  They mean to rule. 

What good alternatives are left to patriots?  Is it feasible that we can reestablish traditional America, and that, again, from many will come one?  That’s worthy of prayer.  Or is the nation too fractious to achieve that end? 

Would we choose to surrender our rights and submit to some form and degree of tyranny in the name of unity?  Who in his right mind would drink from that poisoned well?  Patriots will not yield.       

If two Americas emerge from one, history will point its long, bony finger at the cabal that elevated and surrounds that doddering marionette in the White House.  They’re the folks who are hellbent on transforming America.        

J. Robert Smith can be found on Parler @JRobertSmith, when Parler returns, and is new to Gab, again @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover

Image: Georg Heinrich Sieveking

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