A Thousand Little Lies Replace the ‘Big Lie’

Most people believe there is only one “truth” and it is supported by facts. Biden said Democrats, “Choose truth over facts.” But he is neither the sharpest tool on the tree nor the brightest bulb in the shed.

Or was it a Freudian slip? The left believes they can prescribe the “truth,” by proscribing facts. In controlling what is the “truth,” they seek to define the present and establish the nation’s “true” history in order to use this history to dictate our future.

It used to be the “big lie,” emphatically told often enough to become “truth.” In this age of instant information, expediency necessitates a thousand little lies echoed by the progressive oligarchy through its components, the Democrats, media, academia, entertainment, big tech, and big finance.

They lie to preclude admitting the GOP came within tens of thousands of votes from controlling both houses of the legislature and the presidency, while Republicans still control a majority of governorships and statehouses. Joe Biden does not have a “mandate” because Americans do not want the country transformed into a progressive globalist paradise. It is inevitable our frotteur president will rub people the wrong way (pun intended) with his economy-killing policies and depart the presidency with historic unpopularity.

A Multitudinous but Noncomprehensive List of their Lies

  • Trump is a white supremacist; he admitted so with Charlottesville. Trump incited an insurrection on January 6th in an attempted coup.
  • Impeachment was not solely intended to preclude something Trump might do in 2024, by convicting him of something he did not do in 2021.
  • Climate change is an existential crisis that requires the elite to have total control. People desire and demand oligarchic rule because rule by correct-thinking “experts” is “democracy in action.”
  • Riots by Antifa/BLM were “mostly peaceful” demonstrations while the mostly peaceful protest on January 6th was not only a riot but also a coup.
  • Ashli Babbitt was not assassinated by an officer shooting from a hidden position when she was not a threat. Her mere presence was violence warranting her death.
  • Censorship protects “free speech,” and CNN is a news organization.
  • Lockdowns and masks work with such efficaciousness the nation needs more of both in this “dark winter” of Biden’s discontent.
  • Silence is violence; inaction is racism.
  • The election was not stolen. Eighty million people voted for Joe Biden who is not in the grips of senescent senility hiding in the basement of the White House surrounded by his new Praetorian (nee National) Guard.
  • Executive Orders are a legitimate way to change the Constitution and the nation.
  • America needs a 9/11-style investigation and a Truth Commission where conservatives can confess their sins.

Where We Stand

If intent is the difference between manslaughter and murder, our elite has murdered truth.

Biden is the front man for an oligarchy trying to eliminate the constitution and destroy the republic. Oligarchists are deliberately pushing the nation to the brink of true insurrection and violence. They act with impunity because they believe Americans who oppose them are an impotent, flaccid majority.

Why shouldn’t they believe this? They stole a presidential election, and then Molly Ball bragged about it in Time magazine. Biden has issued scores of economy-destroying diktats and thrown open our borders to millions of un-COVID tested illegal aliens without any repercussions.

Progressives, however, have not displayed the level of competence necessary for them to succeed.

The Fight Begins

Americans must begin to “fight like hell, or we are not going to have a country.” This is not a call to sedition. Americans must take a pledge to forgo violence.

Use Our Voices

Phone calls, letters, emails, essays, and verbal confrontations will be an integral part of this fight. In confrontations, however, keeping our distance is paramount -- we are not Democrats. If we see these usurpers “in a restaurant, in a department store, or in a gasoline station,” we do not “get in their faces” and “push back.” We make our voices heard from a nonthreatening distance (10 feet or more); we do not approach them. We call out their lies and treachery, stay no more than a minute or two and leave. We never threaten them, never approach their families, never go to their homes.

Use Our Bodies

We must organize into a new “Trump” Tea Party because he is either our 47th president or a kingmaker.

Trump must declare for 2024 to keep raising money for rallies and to organize his tens of millions of supporters.

Trump is our shadow president. He will purchase or start his own network. As a businessman with 75 million followers and no lack of conservatives to host shows, he could make another billion dollars. He should utilize new media: Parler, MeWe, and Gab. Millions will follow.

We must peacefully protest every action of Joe Biden. Issue-specific rallies supporting the 2nd Amendment, and jobs and growth over the Green New Deal will be great fundraising weapons and organizing tools.

The oligarchy, of course, will unleash their Antifa/BLM paramilitary upon us so all rallies should be held where paid security and a police presence are feasible.

Use Our Checkbooks

We should donate money to “Trump 2024” and absolutely only to those politicians who have not sold out, like Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz, Cotton, Jordan, et al.

The Final Lie

Expect one final lie. They will say impelling Americans to fight back against their perfidy is inciting violence.

We must fight to prevent them from succeeding with that.

The author can be found on Twitter @williamlgensert if the FBI has not yet come for him.

Image: Pixabay

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