Why the Left Always Wins

On the morning of November 3, I texted a friend about how proud I was of America.  After all the vilification, Trump would win because the system works.  The last thing I said to my son-in-law as I went to bed that night was, "Don't worry.  They can't overcome a nine-point lead in Pennsylvania.  Trump is going to win."

How could I have been so blind?  Because I had faith in the law.  As the most destructive interstate crime campaign in American history was playing out, videos emerged (Philadelphia, Detroit, Gary) of authorized poll-watchers being barred from entering election headquarters by latter-day Bull Connors.  Other poll-watchers were frog-marched out of buildings.  Why did law-abiding people obey the criminals?  Why didn't they go full Rosa Parks and refuse to move?  Or Gandhi up with passive resistance and have to be dragged out of buildings?  Why did they shuffle out like segregated blacks going to the back of the bus?  Would BLM or Antifa blackshirts plead for lawful entry while pathetically presenting credentials?  Was it fear of arrest?  The Republican poll-watchers didn't look afraid as they submitted to felonious leftists.  Just as I believed in the election, they did as they were told because the essence of the reverential American political orientation is faith in the law.  Furthermore, it is abhorrent to the character structure that underlies that orientation to make a public scene.

The American right and left wings can be conceptualized as two incompatible political orientations:  reverential and deconstructivist.  The former sustains America as a constitutional republic.  The goal of reverentialism is summarized in Jefferson's description of God-given freedoms protected by the just operation of law, which descends from the Constitution.  Reverentialism believes that the Constitution should be literally interpreted but can be changed by amendment, as has happened 27 times.  Reverentialism is essentially positive and is based on the belief that America is inherently good and special.

Because reverentialism draws its inspiration from God, it is not merely a belief, but an eternal  conviction worth dying for.  While many reverential Americans are Christians, many are not.  Reverentialism constitutes a civic morality derived from an intuition of the supreme significance of freedom for all and is independent of religion or changing political circumstances.  A recent theory of morality suggests that the highest moral character has three primary traits: truthfulness, humility, and faith.  These traits are developed in reverentialism and diminished in deconstructivism, especially humility.  The humility of reverentialism derives from the premise "God is great; I am not."  Work to preserve the right to life and liberty should be done with as little self-reference and egoic noise as possible.  The humility of this orientation ennobles taking an oath to defend the Constitution and pledging allegiance to the flag.  The reverential personality type prefers to join stable organizations with written bylaws and recognized leadership structures.  This is due not to submissiveness to authoritarianism, as the contemptuous left charges, but from humility which enables the reverential personality to submerge the ego to follow righteous leaders in a worthy cause.

God is irrelevant to the deconstructivist political orientation, which is based on the premise, "With or without God, my greatness lies in recognizing the wrongs of America."  The deconstructive orientation does not include written, affirmative foundational beliefs that can serve as the basis of a complete body of legal governance.  Deconstructivism is driven by an evolving, progressive interpretation of historical and temporal conditions focusing on perceived grievance and intolerance.  Deconstructivism is entirely reactive and inherently negative.  It is fueled by the energy of enmity against America, driven by an ever changing horizon of injustice, especially white racism.  Deconstructivists who claim to love America are hypocrites.  Their politics is sneaky and duplicitous and promotes disrespect for the law.

Deconstructivism asserts that America must fundamentally change to promote an ill defined goal called social justice.  Because the deconstructivist is hero of his own drama, the orientation does not foster humility.  Political deconstructionism thrives on exhibitionism, ostentation, obscenity, and criminality.  Energy is expended in a display of phony virtue, creating inertia for any form of selfless service.  The marquee performers in deconstructivist politics — Antifa, BLM, and Ocasio-Cortez's "Squad" — commit squalid financial crimes and murder, or more exotic ones like marrying your own brother to circumvent immigration law.  They are never held responsible for their crimes.  A preposterous double-standard in law enforcement protects left-wing crime because the DOJ and the government in general have taken cover in the lazy, self-serving deconstructivist worldview. 

Trump is so wildly popular because he has a bold, deconstructive, exhibitionist personality with reverential politics superimposed upon it.

Leftist deconstructivism ultimately makes people incapable of loyalty to anyone but themselves.  The deconstructivist personality tends to disrespect "organized" religion and other chartered organizations  because of its toxic egoism.  Furthermore, membership in such organizations often involves useful work.  Deconstructivist people prefer touting vaguely defined identity communities, which doesn't entail charity or service and conveniently shifts in the ever changing winds of victimologies.  The deconstructivist orientation tends to discredit oaths of loyalty to country and to the people who take them.  Disrespecting the flag is a cheap, gaudy way to display self-appointed moral superiority without personal sacrifice. 

The deconstructivist political orientation controls government on all levels, corporations, and the educational system because in post-scarcity America maintaining a constitutional republic is just too much work.  Deconstructivism is simpler to learn, easier to embrace, and tons more fun to practice than patriotic sacrifice.  The leftist has only to dilate on racism to other smug communitarians, COVID air-hug in delusional moral superiority, and his work is done.  Furthermore, the streets have been filled with kids looting stores, beating people up, even killing people, and the police don't care.  So much fun!  The alternative is a conviction to stand for God-given liberty, respect the law, bear arms, and from time to time refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots.  Who's buying that — especially when your professor tells you people who believe that stuff are deplorable racists.

As I examined my shame about believing in a lawful election, I thought about the horrific criminality that has descended upon America.  I work in a poor community.  I have knowledge of two serious crimes, a murder and a devastating home break-in.  In both cases, the victims know the perpetrators, but months later, no arrests have been made.  Left-wing deconstructivism has visited this lawlessness upon our nation, and more is planned.

Even if by some miracle Trump remains president, the criminal left will keep winning,  winning, winning because we are playing their game.  I won't be fooled again.  America is no longer one nation under God.  One road ahead is armed rebellion.  It is justified but won't solve the problem.  Neither will political secession.  Our liberty remains God-given, and we don't need a new Constitution.  America's better half, the 75 million–plus whose votes were stolen, need to face that we live in a nation controlled by hostile occupiers.

We can't kill them, but we can stop playing by their rules.  We need a written charter to establish a massive, subnational economic partition, social apartheid, moral renaissance, and a sacred oath to uphold reverential ideals.  We can stop giving deconstructivists money.  We need our own currency with a preferential dollar exchange rate for members, our own culture, our own police.  These changes are happening piecemeal with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and social media like Parler.  But we must proceed, economically and culturally, in an organized, comprehensive manner, canceling and replacing left-wing corporations, media, and educational institutions.

The deconstructivists need us.  We do not need them. 

Image: stevepb via Pixabay, Pixabay license.

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