What Can Be Done in This Age of Election Fraud? Whom Can We Count On?

Here's a question: since the U.S. Constitution provides for the legislatures of each respective state to choose their representing electors to the Electoral College, with the U.S. as a constitutional republic, not a democracy...what happens when, internal to the state, that process breaks down?  Whether by state executives violating their own state law to change the conduct of the election to countermand the legislatively approved laws or by those same legislatively approved laws being usurped by judges, the final result is an inaccurate count of the votes cast.

Here's another: when a state certifies as true and accurate the vote totals known not to be true and accurate but refuses to acknowledge the inaccuracy, who fixes that wrong?

I listened to President Trump's entire phone call with the Georgia secretary of state, and contrary to most of the characterizations you'll read, it was not a desperate ploy on the part of the president.  It was just that by Raffensperger.  The president gave detailed numbers of fraudulent votes in Georgia, demonstrating a mastery of the pertinent data.  He offered a simple solution, listing several categories of illegal votes, with the respective numbers in that category.  Raffensperger only had to correct one or two categories, and the margin would flip to a Trump victory.  The president gave numbers for dead people who voted, those who weren't registered voters, those who voted without any address, those with only P.O. box addresses, those who live out of the state, those who were turned away because their votes had been cast by someone else, and the current estimate for the suitcase ballots pulled out in the famous video.  President Trump made it easy for Raffensperger to fix the problem, not caring if he was declared the winner by half a million votes or only one vote, but making it clear that he was the winner and Joe Biden was not, it was easy to prove, and it wasn't even close.  The president emphasized transparency and the truth.  He wasn't negotiating a shady deal.  He offered Raffensperger a face-saving way out of being known to history as the overseer and certifier of a massive fraud. 

Raffensperger blew his opportunity.  He stuck to his line that the allegations made in Georgia had already been investigated, and none of them is true.  He insisted that the data used by the Trump campaign and legal team are not accurate.  Of the 4,500 or so voters who had moved out of Georgia yet still voted, he said all but two had moved back and were legal voters.  Trump lawyers asked for the investigative reports, for the data held only by the secretary of state's office, for any of the information that would shed greater light on what happened, but got nothing.  As Andrea Widburg so clearly wrote on AT, something is not right with Raffensperger. 

I had hoped to hear in that phone call an attempt to address my questions, perhaps an effort at some level to correct a horrible wrong.  Who better than those who made the mess to clean it up?  But those who made it still don't acknowledge it, which shows even more clearly the systemic corruption President Trump has been fighting and the flaws in our processes that allowed all the cheating to take place.  More fundamentally, it reveals what's missing, and that is the effort by the truly innocent to prove there was no wrongdoing.

Everyone knew that President Trump's win in 2016 was an unexpected but righteous victory.  The Democrats cried and made some lame allegations, claimed illegitimacy, but there were no incidents, videos, affidavits, or data scientists pointing to people, places, and events indicative of illegal activity.  It took over three years for them to get a recorded phone call with the Ukrainian president for them to fabricate "evidence" for impeachment. 

The Trump team has orders of magnitude greater evidence right now of various provable illegalities and fraudulent activities that draw a consistent thread to follow across at least six states.  Many are easily identifiable and, under normal election procedures, would simply represent votes thrown out of the count totals.  The data are conclusive yet imprecise, which throws a cloud over the challenges because the anonymity of voting obscures exact numbers.  The number of votes is exact, but for whom those votes were cast can be elusive.

The fallacy is that if 4,500 votes were cast by people who don't live in the state and illegally voted, then subtracting 4,500 votes from Joe Biden's total somehow disenfranchises 4,500 voters.  They were illegal votes; they should never have been cast for anyone, and no one is disenfranchised.  It's the same for dead people, no addresses, unregistered voters...all are illegal, and no one loses his legal vote.  There must be rules in any process, and the rules written to ensure election security were illegally changed or ignored to expressly allow fraud, which the Democrat election workers, activists, and elected officials fully exploited to steal the election for Biden.  The thread of Democrat actions leading up to and during the election shows this unequivocally.  There is evidence, more every day, and it's overwhelming and irrefutable.

That is exactly why all illegal votes should come off Biden's total.  The Democrats perpetrated the illegalities.  They were the local overseers and enablers of the conduct.  They were the guardians who kept Republican poll workers from being observers.  They were the party filing the lawsuits to change the election rules.  Yet their public statements relate Joe Biden's clear victory with over 80 million votes —  how many were actually votes for Trump but changed to Biden? how many were completely fabricated? there's little doubt that Biden didn't get 80 million votes — and the embarrassment of Donald Trump's refusal to accept his loss, and the damage he is doing to democracy by making so many unfounded allegations. 

The arrogance of it all should offend every patriotic and honest American.  Neither Biden nor any of his handlers is attempting to add transparency, to prove there was no fraud, to provide alternative explanations, or to shore up legitimacy for the incoming administration.  They don't care what Americans think, and they blatantly, openly, and proudly flaunt their "victory" and ignore the evidence.  The Democrat party has completely eviscerated, in one election cycle, every political tradition and constitutional norm, not to mention the Constitution itself and countless state laws.  And Democrats offer no apologies for the damage they have done.  They continue to blame the Trump administration for what they themselves have done, and are doing, as well as revisiting the disproven Mueller probe and impeachment debacle, all while paving new depths, uncharted ever in human history, of criminal election fraud.

What the answers appear to be to my questions above: nothing and nobody.

Think about who has stolen our government.  These are the same people, many in the exact same person, who helped weaponize our intelligence apparatus against an incoming, then a sitting president.  FISA abuses, framing General Flynn, spygate, FBI agent texts, Steele dossier, many more...I know, old business, but the players are still in the game, and rather than lose a turn, as would have been fitting, they get to play again.  They sabotaged Trump's transition, then they sabotaged his entire presidency, and then they stole his re-election.  Anywhere else in the world, that would be called a successful coup. 

They cannot be trusted, they cannot be taken at their word, and they cannot be permitted to destroy the America that Trump made great again.

Donald N. Finley is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel.

Image: kolyaeg via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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