We Were Laughed Out of Court because the Courts Have Become Ridiculous

Conservatives who object to election fraud have found that liberals' favorite retort is "your claims have been laughed out of court." This argument is authoritarian in its reasoning.  It defers to a juridical priesthood and allows one guild, the attorneys, to override what average people can see in front of them.  Such an argument should not stagger wise conservatives.  The latter can always draw from Plato's Republic and the debate between Socrates and Thrasymachus over whether justice is merely defined as whatever the mightiest people in society say it is. Spoiler!  Socrates wins that debate.  That's partly why people live in free republics in many parts of the world 2,400 years later. Juridical systems have a long and checkered history.  In researching a current book project, Traumatizing the Tongue, I spent years researching the Spanish Inquisition, the French Reign of Terror, the German...(Read Full Article)