The Election Steal Should Motivate Georgia Runoff Voters, NOT Discourage Them

It’s easy to understand Donald Trump’s disappointment and anger as he witnesses the overthrow of his transformational presidency.  What he managed to build in just three quarters of a single term, against all odds, battling an unprecedentedly rabid opposition party, a nasty no-not-you faction within his own party, and a corrupt press corps which has redefined the term “media bias” and further weaponized junk science, was nothing short of astounding.  The stuff of Nobel Peace Prizes were his name not Trump.  To watch it all being torn down, not by popular demand, not even by a failed strictly-partisan impeachment, but by election fraud the likes of which he’d quip “no one has ever seen,“ must be even more infuriating for him than it is for his legions of supporters.   

Indeed, we were all victimized by the battery of despicable pandemic exploitation leftist activists employed to change the mail-in voting rules in select key states.  We then watched helplessly as election evening unfolded largely as Trump had predicted:  A convincing and widening Trump lead on election day miraculously gave way to a sudden Biden turnaround the following day, by way of a wide array of ballot fraud tricks and no shortage of pure, dumb luck. Then, abetted by coconspirators in the criminally complicit media (of both mainstream and social variety) and the mortally-wounded but not quite dead Never-Trumpers, they quickly relegated even the implication of such fraud to the tin-foil-hat zone, effectively attaching an eye-roll to its every mention, an overabundance of irrefutable evidence and very pissed-off vote-assault victims notwithstanding.

Adding insult to injury was the double-edged sword the MSM forged once it became clear that control of the US Senate remained up for grabs.  With total disregard for witnesses, sworn and expert testimony and widely-available caught-red-handed videos most honest observers recognized as proof of structured, if not organized, ballot manipulation in battleground states, talking heads continued to claim that any talk of fraud was any of a dozen synonyms for “dangerous” and twice that many for “unproven.” And they cleverly broadened their concerns to include the sense of futility such “debunked conspiracy theories” imposed upon those poor Georgia Republicans voting in the state’s immensely important Senate runoff elections on Tuesday.  Stories sprouted overnight like mushrooms from soggy Georgia ground, suggesting that downtrodden conservatives were actually planning to boycott the runoffs, some in protest, many others convinced that the runoff, too, would be stolen, so why bother? 

Election-rigging engineer extraordinaire Stacy Abrams wasted no time amplifying such concerns by announcing with signature devilish smile that she had already harvested over 800,000 ballots, mostly from “younger” voters -- clearly a shot across the bow to would-be Republican voters.  One Trump attorney of record in the #StopTheSteal campaign even suggested voters #WriteInTrumpForGA, a uniquely stupid idea “echoed” by thousands of new-kid-on-the-social-media-block Parler posters and a smattering of local billboards.

The message was simple:  The louder the outcry over the “President elect’s” outright illegitimacy, the greater the chance disillusioned Republican voters might simply stay home, essentially handing control of the Senate to Dems, and with it, the capitalist future of the nation.  In other words, give up all this talk about fraud and concede Biden’s mathematically impossible victory, or you’ll all but assure your worst nightmare -- a Dem political hattrick, controlling both houses and the White House. 

That’s quite a threat, as handing the government keys to a delusional bumbling old fool, an even older and only marginally more compos mentis angry old lady, and a bitter, sniveling NY liberal who has promised as majority leader to “change America” would be nothing short of existential, likely for the country but surely for any future conservative candidates.  And their first “change” would be the erasure of America First, MAGA and all remaining artifacts of the previous administration’s momentous successes, raising our taxes and lowering our defenses to boot, including our personal ability to defend ourselves according to our guaranteed 2nd Amendment rights.

There’d be more rewriting of history, with the woke nonsense of the 1619 Project and White Fragility replacing truth in our schools, institutions and very reality, and many more globalist policies and treaties born of Junk Science.  And with the coast cleared for our new puppet-prez to install a friendly AG, say goodbye to any investigations of Hunter Biden or the 2020 election-theft caper.    

And with Chuck Schumer regularly checking his rear-view mirror for Sandy Cortez coming for his job, he’d be pressured to move further and further left, just to hold on.  That means cementing Dem power by first eliminating the filibuster, then packing SCOTUS and clinching DC and Puerto Rico statehood, all but assuring a permanent GOP minority status.

A clever scheme, indeed, particularly given Trump’s well-known proclivities, which include insistence on not only recognition of, but also recovery of that which was stolen.  Crime victims rarely get both.  More on that later.

To be sure, the Democrats purloined the 2020 presidential election. And yes, the mainstream media continue to ignore while social media work overtime to obscure the insurmountable evidence, but that doesn’t make it untrue.  YouTube has removed hundreds of evidentiary videos and flagged as “misinformation” magnatudinal orders more, but that doesn’t make them baseless.  Key states have “recounted” their tainted ballots and, not surprisingly, the tallies remain fundamentally unchanged, but that doesn’t make the accusations unfounded as the bogus ballots have already been injected.  Evidence of fraud presented in over 50 court cases has been largely overruled, the cases halted dead in their tracks, sometimes (as emphasized by so-called news-people) by “right-leaning” judges, but that doesn’t make them baseless.  Even SCOTUS has all but dropped the hammer on such allegations, mostly on technicalities and dubious remedy options, with the whisper suggesting for fear of riots or even actual civil war, but that doesn’t make the allegations debunked.  The Electoral College has met and voted Joseph Biden the 46th president of the United States, but even that doesn’t change the reality that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election.

And according to a November survey, 79% of Trump voters know this election was stolen. They’ve endured endless, laughable claims of “no evidence of fraud.”  Once fraud became evident, they’ve cringed at the mind-ripping switch to “no evidence of widespread fraud.”  And their noggins nearly exploded each time they heard the latest version: “no evidence of widespread fraud enough to have changed the election results.”  As though we’re expected to accept widespread fraud of any serving-size.

Truth be told, considering the steady drip-drip of exceptionally compelling evidence and its insulting summary media dismissal, one wonders just what the remaining 21% have been reading, watching or smoking.

Yes we’ve been robbed, and, like all robbery victims, we’re pissed-off.  And, as with all robberies, odds are we’ll never fully  recover that which was stolen.  But rule #1 of robbery response is to avoid further loss.  In this case that means not allowing Trump’s victimhood to become any more of a national disaster than it already is.  And that means sounding the alarm and stopping the crooks from completing the final phase of their treacherous scheme. 

Which means all eyes on the Peach State on Tuesday.  And all Georgia voters to the polls. There’ll be 8,000 GOP Poll watchers there to help with the former, but the latter means all registered voters, including those concerned with the election’s integrity.  Given the outcry November’s dirty tricks elicited, remote and local watchers of varying stripes will be better prepared to detect, prevent and, if necessary, prove any attempted Dem-o-rat sleight-of-hand. 

There’ll be plenty of time to address our long-term election issues later.  In this age of pocket-computing, open-source and blockchain solutions, there’s no excuse for the existing lack of simplicity, security and transparency currently plaguing the process.

Right now -- A Republican landslide on Tuesday will not only vaccinate the Senate against the contagious woke illness which has afflicted the Democratic Party faster than a Chinese designer-virus, but also provide further support for the President’s claim that a Red Peach State did not hand 16 Electoral Votes to a pathetic shell of a man.

Donald Trump may not be on Tuesday’s ballot, but everything he has accomplished is.

Grahic credit: Tom Arthur CC BY-SA 2.0  license

Marc Sheppard is a data analyst, software engineer, and writer.  He's been a frequent contributor to American Thinker and welcomes your feedback.

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