Rep. Young Kim Owes Me $25

Newly elected Rep. Young Kim (California’s 39th Congressional District) needs to refund me the $25 I donated to her campaign. Others should join me in seeking campaign donation refunds from those elected officials whose campaign rhetoric differs from what they do and say once in office. For me, the refunded money could buy a heating pad because my neck gets very sore watching Republicans play RINO games.

Young Kim and I talked briefly in early August when a mutual friend held a fundraiser at her Buena Park home. Gale Stoddard, known as the “Voice of the Filipino People,” is a strong President Trump supporter and was happy to lend her lovely backyard to help Young Kim. While I don’t live in Kim’s district, I supported her campaign with a small donation, wrote a news release about the event that was published in the local media, and distributed lawn signs.

It was thrilling when the 2020 Red Wave helped Kim flip the seat from Democrat control.

However, now my neck continually hurts watching Kim and other Republicans play the RINO game. Kim’s first congressional vote turned my neck to the left when she voted to certify the Electoral College although many constituents questioned the integrity of the election process in several key states. Instead of seeking answers to election integrity questions, she joined other Republicans who seemed anxious to complete the certification process.

My neck turned further left when, in her first congressional act, Young Kim joined with five other Republicans in a misguided effort to censure President Trump. All President Trump did was encourage supporters to come to D.C. on January 6 so they could join him in peacefully seeking answers to questions about alleged voter fraud.

Then my neck twisted to the right when Young Kim voted not to impeach President Trump.

My neck really started to hurt on January 20 when, during Kim’s NPR interview, she said: “I came to Congress to break through the partisan gridlock and get things done for the - not only my district but to move our country forward.” 

Why is it always Republicans reaching out to Democrats? Did anyone see Democrats reaching out to Republicans in 2017 following President Trump’s inauguration? Of course not! Democrats were too busy investigating the Russian collusion hoax.

Left, left, right, left – no wonder my neck hurts! 

Kim is not the only one in Congress who plays RINO games. One of the best RINO game players is House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy (California’s 23rd Congressional District). People could seriously injure their necks going back and forth following McCarthy.

My neck turned to the right when McCarthy announced he would vote against impeachment. Then my neck quickly turned to the left when following the vote, he announced his continued support for Never Ever Trumper House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney. Cheney led a tiny delegation of ten misguided Republican representatives who voted for impeachment. Included was newly elected RINO Rep. David Valadao (California’s 21st Congressional District).

For those keeping score, it was Trump House Republicans 197 and Cheney 10. Shouldn’t that be enough for McCarthy to pull his endorsement of Cheney as House Republican Conference Chair? Many in the Republican Conference want Cheney out.

My neck already ached from turning so far to the left and hurt even more when McCarthy didn’t attend President Trump’s departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews. Aides claimed it wouldn’t work logistically for McCarthy to attend both Trump’s departure and Biden’s inauguration. Sure. Yeah. Okay. 

My neck turned to the right again when McCarthy said in an interview that he had “concerns” about Liz Cheney although he doesn’t want to oust her from the leadership position. Does McCarthy want Cheney to remain conference chair, the third most powerful Republican on the Hill because he’s playing the RINO game?

Boy, is my neck sore! (Uh oh, “boy” is gender-specific. Let me rephrase that.)

People, my neck is sore! 

Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Young Kim, David Valadao, and other RINOs must remember that the Republican Party is the Party of Trump – even if he’s not sitting in the Oval Office. While some Republicans are singing “unity” with Democrats who treat them like something you step in a cow pasture, Trumplicans remain very angry about the “alleged” rampant 2020 election fraud. We want answers to:

· Unconstitutional voting/election laws

· Ballot mishandling

· Other indicia of election fraud

· Equal protection clause violations

· Contestable process fouls

Maybe Trumplicans should ask RINO game player, Sen. Lindsey Graham, for help. Graham could then go on Fox News and keep repeating plans to hold hearings about election fraud. 

News flash for RINOs – Republicans will no longer vote for RINO candidates solely because the Democrat challenger is worse! (That’s probably why Senators Perdue and Loeffler lost in Georgia.) At least with Democrats, you know what to expect – socialism, America Last, illegal aliens becoming citizens, high taxes, overwhelming regulations, defunding the police, and…well, just Google “Venezuela” for more details.

Some say the only way to end RINO games is for President Trump to start a new Patriot Party with the nearly 75 million who voted for him in November. Others say the answer is to remain in the Republican Party and push RINOs out.

Anything to get my neck from hurting so much!

And that brings me back to wanting Rep. Young Kim to refund the $25 donation I made at that August 2020 fundraiser. It is my sincere belief that candidate Young Kim defrauded me. I had a reasonable expectation that, if elected, Kim would support President Trump and would not seek to censure the president without giving him due process. 

All those who supported a candidate (whether running for re-election or as a freshman) who misled them (campaign rhetoric versus actual performance), should also consider asking for a campaign donation refund.

IMAGE: California Rep. Young Kim. YouTube screengrab.

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