It's Time for Republicans to Stop Lamenting and Start Moving Forward

It's Potemkin Inauguration Day, and I hope 74 million Trump voters are boycotting the farce.  But it's also time to stop wringing your hands and reading emails that the shoe is about to drop and Trump will remain POTUS.  Not gonna happen. 

Rumors that Trump has some secret arrangement to stay in power with the military's assistance appear to be disinformation chum to distract the base or keep us hopeful while other things are happening — with the added bonus of sowing confusion, chaos, and discord.  Or its purpose is to convince the incoming Biden administration that the Evil Orange Blofeld has a diabolical master plan to wrest control of the country away from the Democrats.  Or both.  But there will be no surprise ending where Trump swoops in for the kill.

As if on cue, the party of riots that rejected federal troops and advocates for dismantling the police has effectively imposed martial law on D.C. with 25,000 national guard troops.  As if that weren't hypocritical enough, Biden's Strangelovian paranoia that all troops be vetted to root out Trump sympathizers conspiring to get him reeks of the very same loyalty oaths Democrats falsely accused Trump of demanding from his administration. 

Things are grim.  I get it.  Every aspect of American life is in the tank for the Dems; many Republicans have betrayed their constituents; the press and educational system are corrupted; elections are not fair or secure; the Judiciary refuses to do its job; the press sees its job as the DNC's propaganda machine; our First and Second Amendment rights are under assault with conservatives denied Equal Protection and Due Process that are in ample supply for left-wing insurrectionists; our ability to communicate has been stonewalled, and our leadership doesn't care; there is frightful talk of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, blacklists, purges, cleansing, re-education camps, deradicalization, and deprogramming — all from the mouths of Democrats.  That they are so emboldened to actually articulate these noxious ideas out loud — the very tactics employed by the worst despots and most notorious political movements in history — should chill everyone's blood. 

In Biden's America, impure, decadent, or subversive ideas include anything the regime doesn't like.  We are not free to choose what to believe and reject, what to embrace and abhor — territory all too familiar to the millions who escaped oppressive regimes for a freer life in America, but alien to those of us raised in an America where men once were free.  If conservatives dare violate the regime's code of permissible discourse, question the Democrat agenda, criticize the press, demand that Big Tech stop censuring us, question the integrity of the election, or speak our minds on any issue, we are publicly humiliated, doxed, alienated, labeled, rejected or canceled, fired from our jobs, and rendered "unemployable."    

Bleak?  Yes, but for a brighter day, I implore all conservatives to stay involved and connected and adhere to the following suggestions:

  • Do not give up.  Even in the grimmest hours when it seems our hands are tied and there is no way out, remain hopeful, because there is always the unexpected turn of events that can provide us with an exploitable opportunity.  All of these Obama retreads, Democrats gleefully overplaying their hand, the Squad Gone Wild, world events, COVID-19, the eventual ouster of Biden by Harris...are all wild cards we know about.  it is the unknowns we need to be looking for.
  • Before we start a new party, let's see if we can use the infrastructure already existing with the GOP to suit our purposes.  They know we are ready to bolt.  We won't let them forget that we will leave if they vote to convict or remove Trump.  But we have some real champions in Congress and a pretty stalwart crop of newbies.  It's easier to pressure and primary ten deadbeats in the House who voted with the Democrats to impeach Trump than to blow it all up and start fresh.  So I suggest we wait and see what congressional Republicans do in the next six months.  
  • Congressional Republicans should vote party-line against every piece of Democrat-sponsored legislation, depriving them of as many legislative victories as possible.  Unless the base and our representatives agree 100% on the proposed legislation and it is consistent with conservative principles, legislation and spending must come to a standstill under this regime. 
  • Conservatives must get more involved in local and state politics and consider running for federal office.  I don't want to hear anyone whine about paying their dues with the Tea Party.  Politics is a team sport, and we need every player.  If all the energy put into articles, books, cruises, comments, and Facebook posts were diverted to action, it would pay dividends.  Moreover, we must blindly support each other the way Democrats do.  Short of committing a crime, we form an impervious and protective swarm around any conservative attacked by the Democrat-Media Complex.  If someone had an affair, was once arrested, had an abortion, or did drugs, so be it.  If that person made amends and adhere to conservative principles, we swarm.  Once a candidate has run a primary, he has our vote — we don't stay home in protest or vote for the libertarian. 
  • Invest in alternatives to the current tech monopolies and let the power of the free market and competition thrive.  It'll take time and be a bumpy ride as tech oligarchs fight to keep their  stranglehold on social media.  Democrats will resist because they profit mightily from Silicon Valley, but we have to play the long game.  There is no easy, short-term fix for this one.  
  • Organize, organize, organize.  We need a national organization with a website to coordinate action and disseminate information and communications.  The Tea Party was resistant to this, and it was a strength but also our biggest liability.  We cannot repeat that mistake.  Local groups would still take action and should be able to share ideas and concerns, buta credible, national internet presence akin to is critical to helping us organize and mobilize.
  • For now, no protests, marches, rallies, or demonstrations — peaceful or otherwise.  I am the first person to support peaceful demonstrations, but not at this time.  Democrat-supported Antifa and BLM thugs will show up to agitate, instigate, antagonize, and provoke.  Even with documentation, eyewitness accounts, and video tape, we will always be cast as the villain and made to pay.  We cannot afford to have anyone arrested, imprisoned, hurt, or killed.  No matter our passion and need for justice, this will distract us from our goals; we cannot give that advantage to the left at this time. 

During the Spanish Inquisition, Jews were forced to submit to Catholicism or face the sword.  With either, Judaism was doomed.  But it was actually saved by "conversos" who converted and secretly practiced Judaism in their homes and passed it on to future generations.  The lesson here is that there is always another way.

I am not saying the answer is becoming Democrats, but we have to be smarter, more strategic, creative, and deliberate in our actions.  This crackdown on our rights is designed to demoralize and subdue us.  Trump is the example but the Dems won't hesitate to use the same tactics against all of us.  Their goal is to break our spirit.  Our goal is to see that they fail. 

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