In DC, Oligarchy Beats Democracy Every Time

A much higher share of the American public believes that the U.S. government is lying about its knowledge of UFOs than telling the truth about the 2020 presidential election.  How's that for credibility?  

The Big Government–Big Tech–Big Media machine that is invested in removing Donald Trump from office is so confident in its position that it keeps shouting, "There's nothing to see here," and every day, there's more and more to see.  Data scientists with weighty reputations allege that over forty thousand votes for Trump were likely deleted or switched to Biden in Georgia, and they allege that over four hundred thousand votes were removed from Trump in Pennsylvania in addition to the commonwealth's inexplicable reporting of two hundred thousand more ballots cast than people who voted.  In Wisconsin, the state Supreme Court has ruled that two hundred thousand votes were likely illegal but insists that none be purged until each ballot is individually investigated — a remedy that makes it easy to cast a fraudulent vote but quite difficult for Wisconsin to remove it.  These are just a few of the latest examples of 2020's election catastrophe.  

The number of fraudulent votes in play here is huge.  A political class that devotes itself to the religion of science should be overwhelmed by the mathematical evidence for fraud in the 2020 election.  Yet it turns out that even science can be discarded when it proves that Donald Trump won re-election.  Americans are supposed to pretend none of this is real, forget everything they've seen, and accept a Biden presidency as legitimate.  

Meanwhile, former secretaries of defense have begun threatening Trump administration officials for contesting election fraud.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have eagerly joined Democrats to condemn Republican lawmakers for having the temerity to acknowledge increasingly clear proof of widespread vote manipulation in battleground states.  And still no courtroom in the country has permitted any election dispute to be heard on the merits (despite the media narrative claiming otherwise).

If truth were on the side of the government cabal "installing" Biden in the White House, wouldn't the installers welcome debate over the election irregularities for the whole country to see?  Wouldn't rigorous examination of data anomalies dispel doubts about 2020?  Why must the same people who insist that Biden won also work so hard to conceal the evidence that he did not?  And if sunlight is still the best disinfectant for corruption, then why are judges, governors, and former defense secretaries all demanding darkness?

Romney, Ryan, and other pro-Biden Republicans are so upset that anybody would dare challenge suspicious election results that they've deemed legislative debate "dangerous for democracy."  If by "democracy" they mean "rule by the people," then it is quite peculiar that we must silence the objections of a hundred million or more American citizens in order to preserve the people's power.  If half the country believes that the 2020 election was filled with so many voting irregularities and so much provable ballot fraud that nothing about it should stand, does respect for democracy demand that millions of Americans keep their mouths shut?  Silencing the American public in order to preserve democracy sounds a lot like amputating a man's head so that his body stays healthy.  Can it really be true that democracy requires elected representatives to ignore the voices of their constituents and to cease representing them?  If so, defending democracy sure is a tricky business!

Likewise, where were all these former secretaries of defense who now insist that fighting election fraud is a threat to democracy when our country was under attack from within these last four years?  They never sounded worried for democracy when it was established that the Intelligence Community and FBI leadership spied on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.  They never expressed a belief that democracy was at risk when the former director of the CIA lied to the world for years about a Russia collusion hoax and accused President Trump of being a compromised asset of a foreign enemy.  The FBI, the CIA, and politically biased special prosecutors nearly took down a sitting president, and the illustrious defenders of democracy said nary a word.  

To this day, those same paragons of virtue see nothing strange about Joe Biden using his office to collect checks from China and Ukraine, when a less esteemed onlooker might say Biden's family is severely compromised by foreign powers.  Is democracy threatened if the future president is paid directly by communist China?  Apparently not.  Biden's financial quid pro quo with our nation's adversaries didn't bother democracy-lovers in D.C. in the slightest; what bothered them was the possibility that President Trump might effectively expose it before the 2020 election.  They were so concerned about that possibility that fifty of them signed their names to the lie that the Biden family corruption was nothing but Russian disinformation.  For former intelligence and defense officials concerned that the truth about Biden would ruin his presidential bid, the only way to protect democracy was to engage in a campaign of propaganda meant to influence the outcome of America's "free" election.  When foreign nations meddle in our elections with disinformation, we call it an "attack," but when former intelligence chiefs and generals deliberately do so themselves, they are celebrated by the media as heroes.  Protecting democracy sure does require a lot of anti-democratic fixes!

When all these "democracy-defenders" demand that Americans smother their own common sense in the interests of preserving democracy, it sure seems that it is actually democracy they most fear.  If millions of Americans reject the 2020 presidential election as the product of massive fraud, then how could the American people's demand for free and fair elections constitute anything but "democracy in action"?  On the other hand, if a few hundred officials in D.C. insist on rejecting the concerns of the people, then aren't they abandoning any pretense of "government by the people" in favor of rule by an elite few?  Of course they are.

Democracy's biggest defenders in D.C. would be called oligarchs in any other country.

When our D.C. oligarchs claim that something in the United States is a "threat to democracy," what they mean is that the institutions providing the oligarchy legal immunity and power over the people are in danger.  Exposing and eradicating documented electoral vote fraud sustains healthy, democratic institutions, but exposing how corrupt the 2020 election was threatens the oligarchy's hold on those same institutions.  

Just as Marxist Democrats must enslave the people in order to set them free, the oligarchs ruling from D.C. must ignore the public's grievances in order to strengthen the "democratic system."  It's an arrangement that can last only until enough Americans recognize it as the lie it is.  It's also why fewer and fewer Americans believe anything our government has to say. 

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