Biden's Wet Squib

At midnight on New Year’s Eve Joe and Jill Biden posted a message online. The finale of the greeting was to be a pop-up confetti firecracker. It failed in its mission like a wet squib.  A perfect ending to a rotten year in which after riots and a rapidly spreading Chinese virus, we got a highly suspicious election in which the apparent winners were a crook demonstrably suffering from dementia and an unprincipled leftist with no evident qualifications for a job she may have to assume in his stead. Maybe though it’s an omen of things to come. On January 6 a large demonstration in support of Stop the Steal is scheduled. President Trump says he will produce evidence of a stolen election. If you only get your news from the major media you might think there is no such evidence, but there is.  The President’s counsel, Rudy Giuliani (Sidney Powell  who’s working on hardening election procedures, and Lin Wood who is...(Read Full Article)