A Dangerous World

While the incoming kakistocracy is ridding the country of a treacherous evil — registered Republicans — the world’s real villains are patiently waiting for President “Insurrection” to leave Dodge. Lost in their hatred induced psychosis is that the bad actors of the world have been largely kept at bay by a shrewd champion of peace through strength. We’ve seen ISIS dismantled, Iran crippled by sanctions, North Korea’s belligerence subdued, and the impossible, peace spreading throughout the Middle East. 

The Democrats’ all-consuming pathological myopia has caused them to lose touch with that global reality, no doubt assured their resplendence will usher in a new woke utopia. Forgotten is that the world is full of other delusional tyrants, each with his own plan for subjugating free men to his inviolate vision. Here’s a reminder of what awaits the anointed once they’ve finished re-educating the new American Uyghers.

For Putin Incorporated, the Cold War never ended —” the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.” His utopian vision is simple: a Soviet resurrection. In 2008, with the US preoccupied in Iraq, Putin took full advantage, invading its former satellite Georgia. Despite the Georgians’ courageous fighting, Putin managed to pull two major provinces, about a third of the country, back behind the Curtain.

A few years later, Putin sent his henchmen into The Republic of Crimea and staged a coup. Our then-president, fecklessly ignoring our security guarantees, proclaimed, “in the 21st century the borders of Europe cannot be redrawn with force.” Putin, undaunted by Obama’s empty rhetoric, subsumed the Republic back into the Russian Federation inside of a month.

Today, with an equally impotent Biden entering the White House, Putin has been arming Ukrainian separatists and amassing his forces along the border of the former satellite states in the Baltic. If we remain fixated on pronouns instead of genuine threats, the Iron Curtain will assuredly re-descend across Eastern Europe.

China’s Xi Jinping, its President-For-Life, has made no secret of his vision to become the world’s new global superpower. China’s military spending is second only to the U.S.’s but undoubtedly without wasting any on sensitivity training and renaming military bases. While denying a policy of hegemony, in reality, they have been on a Borg-like crusade to assimilate all of Asia. Tibet was its first modern victim, leaving 1.2M dead and the country with no freedom of religion, speech, or the press. 

In Hong Kong, despite massive protests and an international treaty, China has essentially established itself as the de facto government. Pro-democracy activists have been imprisoned by the hundreds and criticism of the government is expressly illegal (note to Xi, arrange meeting with Jack Dorsey). And when freedom goes, so does prosperity. Hong Kong’s GNP, on a decades-long growth streak, is expected to tank over the coming years.

Next in Xi’s crosshairs is the Asian Tiger Taiwan. Even though Jimmy Carter — our last presidential pillar of strength, in a Chamberlain-esque act of appeasement, and against Senatorial challenge — annulled our military assurance pact with Taiwan, Congress responded by passing the Taiwan Relations Act which guaranteed arms sales and expressly stated Taiwan is not part of China — “the future of Taiwan will be determined by peaceful means.”

If Taiwan believes this piece of paper means anything to our incoming administration, they should check with our good “friends” in Crimea. What has played out in Hong Kong is inevitable for the freedom-loving people of Taiwan. When Taiwan falls, the beast will then turn towards Southeast Asia. And all those consumed by the cauldron of Xi’s rule need look no further to see their future than the million Uyghers incarcerated in Sinocization camps designed to eradicate their ethnic identity. 

No doubt our melanin-obsessed administration will rationalize away the enslavement of its allies and trading partners in faraway lands, but other threats will be more difficult to ignore. China’s assault on the South China Sea, where more than a third of all maritime trade passes, is a grave danger to this country and the world. China has been exercising its sovereignty over existing islands and, where no islands exist, they have been constructing them.

The international courts have ruled against China’s nautical manifest destiny only to have their decision summarily dismissed as “ill-founded.” As a signal to the Big Guy’s administration, China has been conducting extensive military exercises in the South China Sea. In the competition between utopian dreams, it would be wise to remember that Xi’s One-China utopia comes backed by 1.4 billion disciples.

The mullahs of Iran look to Chinese hegemony with bitter envy. Since the revolution in ‘79, they have been on a crusade to impose Sharia Law on the entire Middle East through violent jihad. The world’s leading terrorist groups (Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda) and worst terrorist atrocities (Beirut Marine Barracks bombing, the USS Cole, 9/11) all have been linked back to Iran.

Even with US-led crippling sanctions that have led to 41% annual inflation, a collapsing economy, and growing domestic unrest, the Iranians recently shot down a US drone, launched a dozen cruise missiles into the oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, and, just this week, have threatened “to exact terrible vengeance upon America.“ Likewise, North Korea, our perennial adversary and the only country the U.S. is officially at war with, announced it has developed a larger multiple-warhead ICBM capable of reaching the U.S. and is restarting its nuclear program after a long hiatus engendered when “he who must not be named” established personal relations with Kim Jong-Un. 

From desperate militant nations, we can expect desperate militant actions. Hard choices will need to be made — continue with military and economic pressure until the despotic theocracy suffocates on its own iniquity or appease the savage in hopes you’ll guide him back to civility. History is replete with example after example of the latter leading to enormous human suffering, yet Biden has filled his cabinet with Obama holdovers who have no stomach for the former.

While our nation is consumed with exacting its own vengeance on anyone daring to object to the incoming party’s ideology through an orchestrated network of censorship, blacklisting, and intimidation, as well as dividing the country with humiliating the outgoing president with a meaningless impeachment, the threatening storm of a dangerous world is becoming more emboldened. Worse yet, having abandoned freedom for its own citizens, it is hard to envision this administration, when faced with hard choices, taking any action to preserve it for others. When America stops being the beacon of liberty for the world, a pandemic of despotism will sweep across the globe — one whose cure lies not in a miracle vaccine but in the blood of brave men.

IMAGE: Earth on Fire by Pickpik.

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