What the American Aristocracy Has Wrought

Over the centuries, the world has always been governed by self-serving aristocracies — rich, privileged rulers whose edicts wear down their populaces.  Truly democratic elections are not common, because that would impede the aristocracy's ability to rule as they please.

What used to be special about America is that it was set up to be governed by a citizen leadership — a government "of the people, by the people and for the people," as Lincoln summarized it in his Gettysburg Address.  For over 200 years, our nation has mostly succeeded in maintaining fair elections and holding back one-party rule.  But in recent times, a veil has been lifted to show us the reality of our subjugation.

President Donald Trump has been the rare epitome of a president "of the people, by the people and for the people," but the four years of his presidency have uncovered an unpleasant reality: there is a gigantic thumb on the scale in federal politics, courtesy of a group who could ill afford the success of a citizen president.

For his entire term, every absurd charge against President Trump was investigated, with daily leaks and blockbuster stories that amplified outright falsehoods.  His surrogates, supporters, and family have been relentlessly (and frivolously) persecuted.  Meanwhile, not a single legally compelling case against the Bidens, the Clintons, or the Obama administration has resulted in mainstream media attention, let alone prosecution.  Investigations have all been half-hearted and perfunctory.  The DOJ always declines to prosecute, regardless the obvious merits.

The mainstream media have been in lockstep with the #Resistance, liberal court orders, and the critically stupid — Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, Swalwell, Waters, Nadler, et al.  Journalists never stop to investigate the veracity of their statements, despite their poor record of telling the truth, even as they maliciously "fact-check" Trump administration officials.

The courage of President Trump to stand up under relentless persecution is the story of the century.  But very few politicians have stood with him.  How telling is that?  Trump has been remaking a party in desperate need of a renaissance.  But the GOP, which appeared to vacillate for a while between the old order and the Trump movement, appears to have formally divorced the man who did more for it and for the country than any president in modern history, now that his back is against the wall.  Does every GOP officeholder lack integrity and courage?  There is the occasional Matt Gaetz or Josh Hawley, but most of them look entrenched against the will of the people who elected them.

Republican governors and state officials have abandoned the president, congressional Republicans and Trump SCOTUS appointees have been mute, and even Trump's own Justice Department has been incredibly disinterested in anything that would benefit Donald Trump or his supporters.  By withholding support of Trump, do they anticipate a place in the new aristocratic order?

In the face of enormous, credible claims of election fraud and an infinitely implausible win by the massively compromised Joe Biden, not a single state or federal court has been willing to even hear the evidence.  What does that say for our justice system?  Sadly, it doesn't seem out of place after four years of thumbs on scales.

As for the media, they have adopted the Monty Python version of an argument in the matter:

We have evidence in several states of massive voter irregularities.

No, you don't.

Yes we do, and we can prove it.

No, you can't.

Yes, we can.

Let me clear about this: you most certainly cannot.

In every way that never fails to determine a winner, Donald Trump won the presidency.  Incredibly, no one is interested in investigating.  The only possible conclusion?  The people are no longer in control of electoral politics.  It is tragic and infuriating.  This was once the proud home of equal rights under the law.

During the day, the patriot's emotions run through everything from anger to despair.  If this were a movie, we would be waiting for the other shoe to fall that leads to justice.  There is an abiding sense that there are many would-be heroes but that they have each been dealt with in one way or another.  How else does erstwhile attorney general William Barr, for instance, get to where he is from where he was?

The people have long been clamoring for a voice in their government, and they found it in Donald Trump.  Millions rallied to him and loved him, while no one rallied to or loved Joe Biden.  Trump was way ahead on Election Night until the most preposterous behavior in four cities in key states led to a tremendously unlikely outcome.  If it is true that Trump is the rightful winner and has been denied that win by nefarious forces, then we can only conclude that we have lost the republic.  It has been replaced by a malevolent aristocracy, for whom truth and justice have no value, compared to trampling on the civil liberties of their political enemies.

Truth isn't even a value in public health.  Anthony Fauci has been so wrong about so much that it is hard to imagine he hasn't been purposely wrong.  The CDC apparently admits to creating a new category for mortality, called "PIC."  That stands for Pneumonia, Influenza, and COVID-19.  They report PIC death numbers, and that is widely distributed as COVID deaths.

Why bring up the lies that are told in the name of public health?  Because in COVID, the aristocracy has found the most profound avenue for its authoritarianism.

The aristocracy demonstrates their contempt for the American people by killing their pathetic little businesses, taking away their precious little holidays and church gatherings, denying them an equal vote, replacing news with propaganda, letting their cities be looted and burned, tearing down their wicked little statues, and mocking the pride they have in their country.  As ordinary people suffer, the response of the aristocracy adds up to "Let them eat cake."

While we were sleeping, the aristocracy was reborn.  The transformation is nearly complete.  It will be complete if the vile cheating machinery wins the day again on January 5 in Georgia.  I strongly suspect that it will.  The aristocracy has too much to gain by winning, and these people obviously have no scruples about doing whatever it takes to triumph over the people.  How else can we interpret their lack of sacrifice during shutdowns that have cost so many so much?  They have gotten richer and more privileged, while their subjects have become increasingly unemployed, destitute, suicidal, addicted, and fearful.

The fall of a great country is an unspeakably sad occasion.  If things continue down this path for even a short while longer, the eulogies will soon be written by the ones who participated in bringing the United States to its knees.  Only a tremendous uprising can stop this demise.  Do the American people have it in them?

There are signs of life percolating all across the fruited plain.  Those signs first appeared with the election of Donald J. Trump.  They grew stronger during his re-election.  They may be stronger still in the aftermath of this coup.  The aristocracy wants resignation.  If there is hope for a bright future — if we don't want to be The Banana Republic of America — they should get revolt instead.

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