The Left Takes On God's Country

The Declaration of Independence conceived a nation.   Yes, it took the revolutionary war, a constitution, and a Bill of Rights to give us the birth of these United States.  A country that would shortly become the light of liberty, the great hope of the nations.  A country that has grown to be the most powerful country ever.   In economic power, in military might, in virtually every way, America has established its ability to call out the better angels of humanity. 

We stand at a time when the premise of our country’s greatness is being challenged.  Not with facts, history, or intelligent debate.  Because those would show the uncomfortable truth to those doing the challenging:  that we have been, and are, the greatest nation in the world.  We have God-given rights and freedoms bestowed upon our citizens in ways that had never occurred before.   We have achieved much.   Yes, we have flaws.   We’re human, but we’re better than anyplace else.

There is no better alternative model country.   There is no better alternative governance.  There is no alternative system that has raised the collective ability to live life well, pursue happiness, pursue the uplifting of humanity, or has enriched its citizenry so well as the one we have now.  And there’s not a close second.  We are the most generous, inclusive, open-minded people ever.  A testimony to humanity’s better side.

Yet we are being called by the left to abandon all that.  We are being called by the left to forgo our birthright of liberty for the shackles of collectivist governance, which has destroyed every country it has been tried in.   A bowl of pottage for our birthright.  Leftists have the audacity to want us to believe their leaders are finally smart enough to properly institute this system of tyranny.

This brilliance has brought us the alternatives called the Soviet Union.  Cuba.   Cambodia.  Venezuela.  China.  California.  NYC.

Their brilliance brought the gulags of the USSR, the prisons of Cuba, the horrors of the East German surveillance state, the poverty of Cuba, the squalor of Venezuela, plus the ruin of California and New York.  And trust me, many on the left expect us to give up our freedoms so they can institute this “better, more equable” alternative governance everywhere.

What is it that brings such different visions for America?

Two quick things:  First, the left has been seduced by the principle of “the ends justify the means” utopian vision.   The prime reason for the horrors in leftist nations are enshrined right there.   A corollary train of thought: “Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts.”  That enshrines the epitaph of the left.

Stalin believed he could justifiably destroy the souls of his countrymen because he would bring a new, improved version of man.  Likewise, Fidel.  East Germany.  Venezuela.  That’s why the Khmer Rouge developed the killing fields.  That’s why China does what it does.  That’s why they believe they can steal this election.

It’s the rationale behind the lefts’ “transforming America,”  to quote Barack.  It’s what they all want us to swallow.  That they, because of their intelligence and moral superiority can save us from the horrifying principles (according to them) our country was founded on.

Yes, they believe that.  From Howard Zinn to Joe Biden, way too many have believed that damnable narrative:  That we are a horrible country, and only their brilliant, clear moral vision of a centralized, monolithically run, with thought-control, ultra-controlled information, ultra-controlled social media, along with a central big-government state run by one party, can help. 

Only that, run by them, the world’s smartest people, is what will save us.

The election boiled down to the ideologies and sources of each worldview.  One for liberty, freedom, and the principles of our founding.  The other for what they call “progressivism.” Neo-Marxist, postmodernist, and might I add nonsensical gibberish pushed by an ignorant group of people.  Magnified by the huge tech/media/Democrat/educrat/Hollywood complex; what they lack in numbers, they gain in ability to influence.   

And this influence has given us this election mess we’re in.  They colluded in plain sight to steal this election because they couldn’t win any other way.  The Navarro report explains. It was engineered, a bit clumsily,  by the aforementioned complex.  But it fooled enough people to buy the impossible narrative that Biden actually won. 

The big problem for them:  half the country or more knows the election was stolen.  And they know who did the stealing.  It’s a conundrum for the hard left.  They may actually succeed by installing Joe Isuzu as President for a day, along with his incredibly popular running mate.  But at the price of a deeper hatred than their ginned-up hatred of Trump can imagine.  An anger that is white-hot awaits them, a righteous hatred of the cheating, bending of rules, breaking of laws, and the leaving behind of civilized discourse forever.  Because few on the center-right will forget what this group has done, few will accept creepy Joe as a legitimate president, and most will always chafe at the kind of person who would plot to steal a country.  We look contemptuously at those who did the stealing. 

A sleeping giant is waking.  This awakening giant will never let them rule us, never let them govern us.  Win or lose, their gambit has put them in an impossible position, one that may finally paralyze their cabal of would-be totalitarians.   

Yes, I think they have done themselves in.  I think they will have succeeded in branding themselves as the cabal that couldn’t shoot straight.  They have exposed themselves as horrible people who will do anything to gain and keep power. A group so fatuous, so grounded in blinding self-righteousness, so incomplete and sad as human beings, and so incapable of convincing people to vote for them they had to resort to mass cheating to win. 

The hubris that made them believe they could succeed will be their undoing.  That same hubris tried to convince us that Trump was a Russian asset.  That same hubris gave Trump all negative media, and a tongue-bathing of Joe.  The same hubris thinks they succeeded in censoring the Biden family’s corruption.  The same hubris that thinks we will all go quietly while they destroy our lives and this country.  The same hubris that thinks we should change our country’s “awful founding” for their noble, utopian vision of a socialist nation run by them.

Their center cannot hold, their destruction is coming.  As is the renewal of the American people.  Because no matter which way the wind blows now, the left is going to lose.  What remained of their reputation is gone forever. 

We will not submit.   

Image: Boston Public Library