The Human Rubble Problem: Past, Present, and Future

I’m reading along with Curtis Yarvin’s latest effort on Substack, Gray Mirror of the Nihilist Prince, and his latest Chapter #5 is all about actual governance after his prince takes over. Mostly, it’s about how to govern yeomen, meaning middling sorts of people like you and me. But then he writes about another problem that will confront the regime of his nihilist Prince.

All [the regime’s] structures, new and old, must be reinforced and expanded to absorb and reintegrate all thehuman rubble of the old regime’s failed experiments -- which will usually turn out to be even more failed than you expect.

Even the New York Times admits there is a problem, in “Why Did Racial Progress Stall in America?” (H/T Steve Sailer). Guess when Racial Progress Stalled? 1965.

Now, you sensitive souls out there, who are “literally shaking” at the hate speech inherent in the term “human rubble,” better sign off right now. Why not call your pals Zuck and the bearded @jack right now to cancel this.

My guess is that we have a lot more human rubble coming down the pike, if the “business as usual” attitude of the Biden transition team is anything to go by. Why, “homeless” even starts with “H” just like “human rubble.”

Now, I don’t think this is cynicism on the part of the Biden swampers. I think it is because they literally have No Clue about the human rubble that the last 50 years of Great Society government has piled up. Hey, they are the good guys, the progressives, the “allies,” the evolved, the educated. Any problems are the fault of racist-sexist-homophobic peasants.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the common misquote of Churchill about nuclear weapons “making the rubble bounce.” You mean to say that more COVID stimulus would just make the human rubble bounce?

But human rubble is nothing new. Already in 1495 the Brits were writing laws to curb the beggars and vagabonds: human rubble at the end of the Middle Ages. Then we have under Henry VIII the nationalization of the nobles’ armies, and the peasants being “hurled” off the land, in Marx’s felicitous phrase, as mere human rubble, no longer useful as sword fodder.

After that, it was 200 years of Poor Laws dealing with the human rubble problem during the age of agricultural “improvement.” And don’t forget the Brits’ policy of sending the “waste population” of England, or human rubble, to the Americas, that I have called the “1584 Project” in honor of NHJ.

Now we have the white working class, dying of despair: human rubble sneered at by President Obama as “bitter clingers” and Hillary Clinton as “deplorables.”

And we’d better not talk about Blacks -- whose racial progress is stalled, according to the New York Times. To call them human rubble would be racist.

And as for the future, the prognosticators are already prognosticating the future of human rubble as AI takes over a world ruled by the bearded @jack and the Zuck.

So what do we do with the tragic human rubble of the regime’s failed experiments? Not to mention the future human rubble of the age of AI?

The answer is servitude. You may not like this answer, not yet: not for a while.

But servitude is what humans have always done about the human rubble.

Back in the Year 1000, you could kneel before your lord, place your head in his hands, become his Bondman, and receive a bill-hook: “head for food” they called it.

Back in the Year 2020, you could put your butt down in front of your gubmint social worker and she would hand you an EBT card and Section 8 housing voucher.

Back in the Year 1500, according to a scandalized Marx,

A mass of free proletarians was hurled on the labour market by the breaking-up of the bands of feudal retainers, who, as Sir James Steuart well says, “everywhere uselessly filled house and castle.”

Oh really? So those serfs were not Essential Workers? Who knew?

Back in the Year 2020, a mass of gubmint serfs with jobs-for-life were not-so-busily filling out paperwork for driver’s licenses and not-very-successfully supervising the nation’s children in government child-custodial facilities.

What are we going to do about human rubble in the future? I have a radical idea: servants.

Back in the day, in 19th-century novels and in Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey, you either were a servant or you had servants. Did you notice something about those servants? They were single, and they were not allowed to have “followers.”

In the future all our liberal friends will have servants to help solve the human rubble problem (and overpopulation problem: see “followers” above). They will have virtue-signaling yard-signs: “Want Has No Home Here.”

Ain’t I a Stinker? (©1953 Bugs Bunny, Esq.)

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