Should we build football fields around our churches?

Except for my oldest daughter who attends an Alabama school, the Bleyer Family suffered through a Clemson COVID collapse early in November, delivered by a team from Indiana with a Catholic name.  Nine days prior, Trevor Lawrence tested positive for COVID-19.  A Myrtle Beach television reporter reassured the community: "it looks like he will be OK," almost as if the Clemson quarterback had been mauled by a tiger roaming the campus.  As the game moved to overtime and Clemson needed to score, there stood Mr.  Lawrence on the sideline in a pristine white and orange uniform with matching mask, appearing every bit as unhealthy as you would imagine a 6'6", 220lb COVID-positive 21-year-old to look.  Generally regarded as college football's best player, the quarterback watched as Clemson failed to score and lost the game.  Overcome with COVID invincibility, Notre Dame fans under the watchful eye of "touchdown Jesus" swarmed the field.  It did not take my M.D. degree to realize that $55,553 in annual tuition and fees had finally paid off; these students had discovered COVID's kryptonite, the football field (along with basketball courts, ice rinks, soccer fields, etc.).  Notre Dame's president, Father Jenkins, quickly and dutifully threatened expulsion for unrepentant students, all the while hoping a physician would not make the discovery public.

Nothing illustrates the absurdity of COVID rules and regulations more than college football.  As coaches and players make a mockery of the "scientific" and idolatrous government ritual of mask-wearing, maybe we should ask if healthy young men who play a game in which brain injuries, broken bones, and joint dislocations frequently occur should really be concerned about COVID-19.  A Google search of "athletes who have been hospitalized or died with COVID" finds only one, a 20-year-old, 6'3", overweight (355lb) football player.  Even in this tragedy, it is unclear from official reports if this young man died from or with COVID.

What is clear is that virus policies that allow players to go maskless as they huddle on the field but require masks when they huddle on the sidelines have little to do with saving lives.  COVID's purpose is to create a fearful and obedient American population and to destroy America as we know it.  It builds on the NBA model in which financially fearful athletes opine endlessly about American racism while simultaneously proclaiming racist Communist China their holy land and President Xi Jinping their god.  Athletes have proven to be child's play in this struggle. 

Mr. Lawrence is no Jesus, except maybe for his hair.  However, the playbook used against the Body of Christ, which is the bulls-eye in the struggle to destroy America, is the same.  Create such a fear surrounding COVID that a team agrees to bench its own best player.  If, as the Catechism states, "the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life," COVID must then be the dam and avalanche.  Prior to COVID-19, every week in the U.S., roughly 10,000,000 Catholics received the Body of Christ (based on 2017 data from the USCCB and 2015 research from the Pew Research Center).  Hundreds of millions of lost sacramental opportunities have left America deaf to the truth and opened the door to COVID fear and widespread evil.  "Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice" (John 18:37).

Crushing religious liberty for fear of COVD provides the means to deny Christ to the faithful.  That this liberty has been threatened  by "Catholics" like Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo is sadly un-noteworthy; that it has been at times threatened  by Pope Francis and many other bishops is mind-numbing.  I praise God that most Catholic churches are currently open, albeit with restrictions that continue to severely limit full participation in the Faith.  Nonetheless, the pope's early decision to ban in-person attendance at his Christmas Mass combined with excessively negative COVID news increases the risk for holy day shutdown part two.  Authoritarians are seeking to transform not only the Constitution, but now even the Gospels into living documents.  Let us, for example, reimagine John 6:58: "This is the bread that came down from Heaven. ... Whoever eats this bread will live forever."  Pope Francis appears to imagine that during COVID,  quarantines and masks are the preferred methods to gain eternal life.  African Catholics who must roll their eyes at enlightened Western Catholics as they face death from terrorists in order to eat this bread might do well to take the same quarantine and mask approach (during COVID) to avoid decapitation and other similar things. 

With its congratulatory proclamation of Joe Biden as the "2nd Catholic president," the USCCB continues to demonstrate subservience to the secular world, a necessity for COVID targeting of the Eucharist.  Its many risk-averse religious men freely criticize Trump while making statements supportive of Black Lives Matter propaganda.  Just like the NBA, they remain completely silent as Xi Jinping, whom the Vatican has given permission to help select Chinese bishops, ruthlessly persecutes Christians.  This void in Church leadership has been filled by the Christian backbencher and religious apprentice Donald Trump.  And although the president shares Pope Francis's view on homosexual unions, and his public display of common sinful behavior is troubling, he is the faithful's strongest leader.  No one in the world is doing more to defend religious liberty, protect all innocent human life, or speak truth about COVID, all of which demonstrates his familiarity with Christianity and his complete incompetence at selecting Chinese bishops.  Trump is overturning the tables of Washington's Chinese money-changers with sincerity and fearlessness; he needs our prayers. 

The strongest evidence that for the USCCB and the authoritarians they support, the concern over protecting earthly human life from COVID is merely a well orchestrated distraction can be found in their failure to exert equal effort to save the earthly lives of millions of unborn children.  The same bishops who have told us since the presidential election of 1976 that barring pro-abortion politicians from receiving the Eucharist is too drastic thought it was a great idea when they included 10,000,000 other American Catholics in their ban just in time for Easter.  After years of claiming weakness and disunity as the rationale for not demanding that Catholics vote pro-life, our bishops discovered a temporary (until the election season) new unified authoritarian power just six months ago, demonstrated in their ability to close nearly all Catholic churches across the country within a matter of days.  The same bishops who said the Catholic Church should not be involved in the politics of abortion have frequently supported COVID-focused politicians who see religion as an obstacle rather than a societal benefit.  As I write today, 250,000 Americans have died from COVID; 63,000,000 have died from abortion.  This gruesome discrepancy is a tragedy of unspeakable magnitude.

The epic attack on the Eucharist perpetrated by the export, either deliberate or through negligence, of COVID-19 from Communist China has killed many both directly and indirectly, decimated  the economy, and led to Donald Trump's apparent defeat.  That this Chinese interference has not been front and center in our panicked country is a direct reflection of the communists' corrupt influence over America.  From the NBA to Joe Biden to Google to former cardinal McCarrick and the Vatican, there exist unethical relationships with the CCP.  The tremendous success of this attack is reflected in the previously unimaginable restrictions placed on the faithful, made by shepherds whose actions indicate that earthly death poses a greater risk than spiritual death. 

Chinese overlords vanquishing individual determination (COVID) is as much about health as this article is about Clemson football.  Leaders who promote the murder of unborn human life at every opportunity and then impose cruel limits on the population in the name of protecting human life will literally do anything for political gain.  Donald Trump understands this, but thus far, our Catholic bishops either do not or have chosen not to.  Building magic COVID-free football fields around our churches is not the answer.  When fearless clergy, who focus on faithful service, eternal life, and the sacraments, are ready to lead us, our churches will be swarmed by the faithful.  America was not founded and Jesus Christ did not die on the cross so that in the name of a virus, I would be forcibly separated from my family and denied the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

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