Secession: A Gift to the Communists

There is much loose talk about secession among conservatives. Focused as they are on the outrages of the Left – the cheating, the immorality, the welfare-state entitlement, and the rabid anti-Christian beliefs that put men in women’s bathrooms – conservatives think that these represent the fundamental existential threat to the Republic. 

They do not.

Over the horizon lies the largest, most well-funded, most well educated, communist power in the history of the earth. It is atheist, secularist, and mercantilist. It has a Navy larger than our own and air forces quickly approaching ours in size and complexity. The communists hate the United States. China is a surplus nation and the USA is a debtor nation.

Let me ask you a question. Could China prevail in a frontal assault on the USA?

The short answer is no. So long as the USA remains a united nation, with a contiguous command of its armed forces, and a more or less intact economy, there is virtually no chance the Chinese could conquer the USA in a direct assault. If they got close, 1000 nuclear warheads would rain on their heads. 

But let me ask you another question. Are they, nevertheless, always trying to take us down?

The short answer is yes. Of course they are. The Beijing government is communist. And communism’s goal is to conquer the world. There is never any other agenda in communism. 

China, then, is trying to take us down, but not using a frontal assault. What kind of assault could possibly be successful in taking down the United States?

If you were going to take down the USA, the way to do it, of course, is to divide and conquer. The goal would be to create and exacerbate internal divisions while weakening the whole as best you can. We are currently reeling from a bioweapon that was bad enough to wreck our economy, and kill many people, while emptying the Pacific of aircraft carriers, but not yet bad enough for our leadership to declare war on the perpetrator.

Compounding the bio-warfare attack, there is evidence that this same foreign power bribed our elected officials (strong evidence for Biden, deep suspicions about the Georgia Secretary of State, for example). We also have witnessed Democrat-run massive vote fraud, and DNI John Ratcliffe has confirmed Chinese interference. We have honey-traps of elected officials. The effect of combined sabotage has been to severely damage democracy and throw the country into civil strife: divide precedes conquer.

If you resist recognizing that a foreign enemy of the United States is at work in all this, God help you. In the face of this evidence of “intelligent design,” calling conservative concerns a “conspiracy theory” is weak sauce. The facts show that the goal is to split us into pieces while simultaneously weakening us. The goal is a coordinated take-down from within. 

What should we do in response? Item zero is to recognize that the only way we can be beaten is to allow ourselves to be divided. All this talk about secession plays into the enemy’s hands. Were we to split the country into multiple sub-Americas, it would be a short-lived adventure in civics, followed by a communist invasion.

Think it through. Your enemy – the CCP – is working day and night to conquer you. It has a unified command of its peer-military. Do you really think they are going to do nothing when America is politically and militarily shattered? When it is the CCP itself that created this schism through sabotage?

Suppose we end up with two or more Americas (secession could create a half dozen). Which state does the armed forces serve? How will you divide up Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines among the new sub-Americas? It’s impossible to sort that out instantly.

And suppose in the fight over secession and nuclear missile silos in Kansas, that there is a hot, shooting war between the states? The last time we did that, it cost over 600,000 lives and took years to resolve, as well as resulting in the losing party’s cities getting incinerated.

When you begin on secession, you unleash forces that will take many years and much bloodshed to locate a new equilibrium. Regardless of what you confidently predict shall be the outcome, no one can predict the length of the period of indefensible instability before that equilibrium appears.

Any schism of the USA creates a ripe opportunity for the Chinese to invade.  Consider – suppose Trump and Biden serve as Presidents of different nations.  Will nuclear missiles go to Biden? Will the army in Kansas go to Trump? No one can predict such things, but we can readily suppose that military command and control would be divided among states. And during such a period of division, suppose China lands twenty million troops on the California beaches with Gavin Newsom busy at the French laundry.

What happens then is a chaotic free for all, with some states, like Oregon and California, maybe joining the communists, and the rest of the states being willing to fight but lacking military units. California has the Pacific fleet, so imagine Kanas military units fighting the invading the communists, but San Diego Naval Air Station refusing to do so.

For those thinking of secession, recognize that doing provides a broken country to the Communist Chinese who will not thank the secessionists as they put them in the gulag or the mass grave. Secessionists will be doing the bidding of the CCP because they have engineered this schism to begin with. All of 2020 is an inside-job by the Beijing communists. Should we really divide the USA as they planned to give them what they want?

IMAGE: Created by Andrea Widburg using Cezary p’s photo of the White House, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International3.0 Unported2.5 Generic2.0 Generic, and 1.0 Generic license, and a lightning bolt clip art by Dinair.

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