Republicans Pushing Themselves Off the Cliff

During the 2012 presidential election, the far-left Agenda Project Action Fund produced a video showing vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan pushing granny off the cliff because he had the supposed audacity to propose a sensible budget, rather than the money-tree approach of Democrats. 
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Instead of becoming vice president, Ryan landed only one step behind the VP in the presidential succession as Speaker of the House. While he didn’t push granny off the cliff, he did push himself and his party off a cliff by undermining the president of his own party as often as he could.
Ryan ended up on the board of Fox News, reportedly wanting to use his position to “do something” about President Trump. It seems other fellow congressional Republicans, including Ryan’s 2012 running mate Mitt Romney, had similar aspirations.
Trump is still president, although his path to a second term is becoming narrower by the day. Establishment Republicans, particularly those of the NeverTrump variety, are eager to “move on” from the 2020 presidential contest, happily accepting the results of a crooked and stolen election, with vague promises of electoral reform and a more favorable outcome in 2024.
Only two-thirds of House Republicans joined in the Texas lawsuit, meaning the other third was happy to send Trump packing, pushing him, and their party off the cliff. If the political parties were reversed, does anyone doubt that 100 percent of Democrat House members would have backed the lawsuit?
Yet they are oblivious to the fact that this is their last stand, the last chance for the Republican Party to have any relevance or power on a national stage. Are they that clueless? I think not. Getting elected to Congress may not require raw intelligence but does reflect enough political savvy to understand the precarious spot the Republicans are in, about to be pushed off a cliff.
We are looking at numerous credible allegations of election fraud, from late-night ballot dumps to mandated observers being excluded from watching ballot counts. It was Pee Wee Herman in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson, with Pee Wee about to have his head knocked off. The arena lights suddenly went out and when they went on a minute later, Tyson is out cold with Pee Wee dancing in delight as the new champion. How plausible would that be? Yet that’s what happened on election night.
The Supreme Court took a pass over “standing” in the Texas challenge. Funny, I thought our government was based on “We the People.”. If electoral fraud in four states determines the president for all 50 states, it seems those in the other 46 states have “standing” to cry foul, that their votes were nullified. Will other cases before the high court fare any better? Will SCOTUS rule differently if a few words change in the case filing?
Where are the Republicans through this travesty? A few like Rep Jim Jordan or Senator Ted Cruz are making noise, but the rest are looking at their feet, hoping to not be called on to comment on the election, willfully ignoring the imminent demise of their political party.
If a national election can be stolen, so can a couple of Georgia Senate seats. Stacey Abrams, who has still not conceded her loss in the Georgia gubernatorial election, joins fellow Democrats calling on Trump to concede. How many ballots will she “find” on election night? Surely enough to swing the election to the two Democrat candidates.
An evenly split Senate means that a VP Harris, at least until Joe Biden is pushed off the cliff, and a new VP replaces Harris as she ascends to the Oval Office, breaks any senate vote ties in favor of Democrats. That’s when Republicans join Dementia Joe at the bottom of the cliff.
If Democrats can steal one presidential election, they can certainly steal another one, and enough Congressional elections for a permanent Democrat majority in the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government. Elections will no longer matter as the winner will be preordained by the ruling class.
Democrats can add states to the union, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and a split California, giving them a solid Senate majority. Eliminating the filibuster, as promised, will make Republican objections to any bill or nomination irrelevant.
A stacked Supreme Court, as also promised, will allow the left to rewrite the Constitution to suit Bernie, AOC, and George Soros, rather than Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison.
Medicare-for-all and the Green New Deal will soon be the law of the land, as will open borders and tens of millions of new Democrat constituents. Expect a carbon tax as we sign on to the Paris Climate Accord. Iran will be back to building nukes and China will control of most of corporate America. 
Barr can appoint all the special counsels he chooses. What’s to stop Biden from firing them all? If Trump did that it would have been obstruction of justice. If Biden does the same it will simply be to stop wasting time and money on a partisan witch hunt, the media backing Biden.
Mitt Romney and Susan Collins will have their Senate seats and Sunday morning talk show gigs where they can tut tut over Democrat policies, knowing they are powerless to stop anything. There is no view from the bottom of the cliff as ineffectual Republicans will soon learn. But the ruling class, of both parties, will retain power, profit, and control, as long as they support the deep state and foreign interests.
The next month is crucial, as options are running out for President Trump to correct an egregious wrong, one that will forever change America for the worse, from a beacon of freedom and liberty to a banana republic on the way to civil war or outright failure.
Trump knows the stakes, for him, his family, and his supporters, knowing that a Biden administration would go scorched earth on all of them, as a warning to any other outsiders daring to challenge the ruling class.
This election is about far more than Trump versus Biden. It’s about the future of America. Trump is the only thing standing between the land of the free and a takeover by globalists, including China and the United Nations, conquering America in the name of socialism and communism.
It’s now or never. Inaction is not an option, simply pushing the GOP closer to the cliff edge, ready to fall into the abyss when Joe Biden is sworn in come late January. With America not far behind.
Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a Denver-based physician and freelance writer for American Thinker, Rasmussen Reports, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, Parler, and QuodVerum. 


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