Recalling Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom is a disaster.  Newsom is hypocritical, incompetent, and a non-thinker. How bad does California have to get before people will consider a candidate who has an “R” after his name? Just look at Newsom's actions over the past year.  American Thinker interviewed many who think that the governor needs to be recalled. 

Orrin Heatlie is the lead proponent of the nonpartisan recall effort.  He feels that the governor is acting as a tyrant, taking action over and over against the will of the people. He thinks, with plenty of evidence, that the governor is out of touch with reality: the bill that put independent contractors out of work, the bill to reduce penalties for certain sex crimes, the worsening of the homeless problem, mismanaging the gas tax, the high-speed rail line to nowhere, fumbling fire management, and of course his handling of the pandemic, just to name a few of his missteps. Under the state law for recalls, a hard copy of the petition must be signed in ink, rather than handling it online. Heatlie is hoping every Californian will sign the petition. The court has granted an extension until March 17th because they are halfway there but need about 900,000 more signatures.

Tom Del Beccaro is working in synch with Heatlie in an effort to recall Newsom. Del Beccaro agrees with Heatlie on all the reasons why Newsom should be recalled.  Del Beccaro told American Thinker: “Newsom is a hypocrite considering the recent guidelines issued obviously do not apply to the governor himself. Recently Newsom was caught indoors with a group from at least five or six households, without social distancing and no masks. A photo shows him sitting at the head of the table in all his glory. Oh, and did I mention he was at one of the most expensive restaurants in the country? When the story first broke, Newsom assured Californians that he and his wife, the ‘first-partner,’ ‘followed public health guidelines’ and that the event was held outdoors. The subsequently released picture, however, told a quite different story. Not to mention, the super majority of Democrats in the legislature who also don’t follow the rules. Even worse, Newsom makes his rules from his lair in northern California without visiting the various counties to see the effects of his actions.”

On December 6th Newsom ordered yet another lockdown, the harshest in the United States after COVID-19 cases spiked to record levels. Los Angeles reported there are no ICU beds left and the facts show how it is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the most infected county of the most infected state. Yet, Newsome repeats the same old “solution”: another lockdown.

California state senator Melissa Melendez (R) is a rising star to whom Californians should listen  with her commonsense approach. “I am supporting the recall because this governor is not up to the task. This is just madness between what is going on with the unemployment benefit cheating scandal, the power outages, the fires, and now the lockdowns where businesses are made to shut down, given permission to open up, and then forced to shut down again.”

What bothers her the most is that there is no rhyme or reason to the governor’s actions. “He does not put out data about the ICU beds, how many are taken up by the virus or by flu patients or by those who have cancer or surgeries. There is also no data about how many people have recovered from the virus. All we hear about are the deaths and cases. Californians should be told the whole picture. I know a lot of people are asking, ‘if lockdowns work, why is there a surge?’ Where is the science? The governor has not produced it.  Just look at the recent rulings by the judges who will allow restaurants to reopen. Peoples’ livelihoods are being affected. In addition, why do children’s playgrounds, restaurants, hair salons, and nail salons have to be closed, but Hollywood is allowed to operate? This is a busy time of year for these owners and a time where they could have made up some of the lost income.”

She also wishes he would think outside the box.  “Then there are the grocery stores and places like Target.  I am not saying they should be closed, but think about it -- most everybody goes there.  Did the governor look at the facts that maybe the spread is coming from these facilities?  He claims this is the new normal, but I strongly disagree. What is happening now is not normal and eventually it will go away.” 

Furthermore, “he is not going county by county, has not visited any, and instead is going by regions. My county, Riverside, and San Diego county is grouped with Los Angeles, the most infected. He even placed Riverside with a county that is part of northern California.  It looks like he grouped them to ensure that he could lock down the entire state.  He should allow counties to determine their own destinies. Instead, he mandates lockdowns, which appear not to be working considering we are back where we started.”

She also has some suggestions, “We hear about wearing masks, but what about also asking for people to consult their doctor about taking over-the-counter vitamins?  If the ICU beds are so bad, then why has he not asked the President for the Comfort ship to be sent back to California? The governor has not addressed how people are affected by the lockdown.  Children’s learning is getting worse because Newsom is listening to the teacher’s union.  Some children are in homes with abuse, there is an increase in suicides, depression, and substance abuse.” 

Michelle Stauder is one of those to whom Senator Melendez is referring.  Michelle told American Thinker how the lockdown has affected her personally.  “I am in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.  For me to stay sober, I need the meetings.  They were literally shut down overnight.  Everything was pushed on Zoom.  I faced loneliness and isolation.  A critical component of recovery is community and fellowship, and this was ripped away from me.  It is hard to comfort someone on Zoom.”

She went on to say, she has seen the light. “I voted for Gavin Newsom and realized that was my biggest mistake. I woke up and voted for President Trump and joined the recall movement. I hope people donate money and sign the petition to recall the governor.  I suggest even though it is torture, for people to listen to his complete press conferences. He is using the virus as an opportunity to reshape the way California is governed. It is not about saving people’s lives but about his agenda.”

Everyone interviewed wants to see the data and science behind the governor’s edicts and feels that without rhyme or reason he is disrupting life.  Senator Melendez put it best, “The more he does things while telling the rest of us we cannot, people will not take him seriously. People no longer have confidence in him and do not respect him.  The governor is not ready for prime time and does not understand what the average Californian is going through.  He needs to think outside the box to find solutions to all of California’s problems.  People are pushing back and that is what the recall is about.”

The author writes for American Thinker.  She has done book reviews and author interviews and has written a number of national security, political, and foreign policy articles.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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